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Author: deelux

Pokemon legend Celebi would be the perfect Arceus successor – fan

Pokémon legends: Arceus came very well with many fans. That’s why they want more of the good fabric and hope for a successor in the form of Pokémon legends: Celebi. Although the game was not announced at all and there are no corresponding rumors, but that does not stop the fans from swarming. One of them even has already made a really professional trailer thereafter, which works amazingly real and very impressive.

Pokémon legend Celebi: That’s how an Arceus-Squel could look like

There is really that? No, we have to disappoint you unfortunately. So far, there are no evidence that Game Freak, Niantic or Nintendo work on an Arceus sequel named Pokémon legends: Celebi. So if you have seen the following trailers so far without context – he is not a real game, but is only a homemade fake or fan trailer.

Look at the trailer:

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The trailer for Pokémon legends: Celebi comes from 3D artist Yassir (more on Instagram) and so far only represents a concept. However, the look of Arceus would really fit the Johto region.

That’s why it would be perfect: Not only this trailer makes it clear how cool a sequel to Pokémon legends: Arceus would be. There are otherwise many good arguments for a Pokémon legend: Celebi.

  • The region: The Johto region is extremely popular with Pokémon fans and is one of the gold and silver editions. These are the perhaps best Pokémon titles that many coaches really would like to explore again in a new way.
  • Nostalgia : As with Arceus, a Pokémon legend: Celebi could fully put on the nostalgia rail and focus on an older audience. With new story in a well-known region, older protagonist * inside and higher difficulty.
  • Lore : Even with regard to history, a comeback of the Johto region should come across much counter-love. After all, the three legendary Pokémon beasts Raikou, dei and Suicune were revived by Ho-OH.
  • Celebi : After Arceus, Celebi would make sense as a title hero, because in addition to MEW is the most famous mysterious Pokémon.

Pokémon Karmesin and Purple: If you should be sad now, because you also want to get to the game, we can at least offer a small consolation patch. The next main game of the series Pokémon Karmesin or Pokémon Purple will appear and directly introduce a completely new, ninth generation and a real, seamless Open World.

How do you like the idea behind Pokémon legends: Celebi? What do you say to the trailer?

Outstanding de Bruyne shoots Manchester City Zum derby victory

Without the struck Cristiano Ronaldo, the “father of the counterpressing”, as Guardiola had called Rangnick in advance, at the leader of Liverpool almost captured towers. And at first it made United in the Etihad really good. Although De Bruyne City’s initial attack had embarrassed (5.), the Red Devils also held in terms of ball possession. They were also dangerous, Fred missed compensation (8.).

When Sancho finally succeeded in the 1: 1 per 17-meter Schlenzer after a counterattack (22nd), but the power relations had already shifted. The home owners put a tooth and dominated the derby into typical dynamic manner, at the end of a triple chance, double packer de Bruyne produced the old distance again early (28.). Mahrez missed the third hits before the break (45.).

No United degree in the second half – CL in danger

City’s superiority continued after the break. McTominay and Co. threw each other in several degrees – to their own did not come. Bernardo Silva (49.) and Mahrez (57.) Tasted for basically better home owners on 3: 1 and thus preliminary decision. She still had to wait.

Due to the scarce score, United long time had the opportunity to compensate for again – just actual possibilities could not earn the guests. The master was too strong and finally turned on the winning road when Mahrez a de-bruyne corner – still slightly faked – from the back space into the stitches Drosch (68.). Whatever the preliminary decision was already the preliminary decision, because United could not record a single degree in the second section. On the occasion of the substitute Gündogan, Mahrez still put again afterwards (90. + 3).

Kevin De Bruyne Interview After Manchester Derby Win | Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United

While Primus City’s pursuer Liverpool (three points before the matchday) could hold a distance, the air for United in the race becomes four more and more thinner. Arsenal passed the Red Devil – and has three games in the hindquarters.

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