The second day of clashes within MXR6 begins with very intense duels where the squads show a different facet from the previous day, the Mexican league operators want to demonstrate all their strength within this contest and some seek revenge of the previous day, the action is It turns very intense for this date, but only the teams will have the last word of what happens.

The first duel would be Team Cruelty against Peek Gaming with a team of cruelty that proposes early aggression from the beginning to take the early advantage in the game, but Peek also responds in a very good way to extend the game a little more, the reaction TC would wait to be able to settle the match and take the first victory of the night.

During the second game we have Even Esports before Six Karma with the green wave team starting to win rounds to in their favor that allows them The right places to get the points in their favor to settle the encounter with 7-5 that assures them the victory on this date.

In the third meeting overnight faces Felix where we would see Victory taking control of the casualties with their precision to punish the opponents, the squad of the birds of fire shows their potential to leave things In their favor and leave the rivals poorly stopped, the advantage they take makes faith ends the game in their favor with a 7-3 that gives important points to their score.

For some technical problems the gameskull crack r before alpha And that he seeks to stay there but Phoenix * has a chance that at any time he can take the place, now it remains to see what happens in the following days because this is just beginning.