The DC-FLOP SUICIDE SQUAD is now six years old, but still unpublished pictures and scenes of the film appear on the Internet. The so-called “Ayer-cut” , the Director’s Cut von Suicide Squad, named after his director David Ayer. However, the very own vision of Ayer has neither the cinema nor one of the many Streaming services made.

Ayer already pleads for a publication of his suicide squad version and also Joker performers Jared Leto has pronounced himself last year. While fans continue to dream with the director from a release of the “Ayer-Cuts”, they can throw some exciting glances behind the scenes.

New picture to Suicide Squad: Would Harley Quinn should marry?

New Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Image and Ayer Cut Info - Film Junkee Shots
Namely, a brand new image has appeared on which Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) is visible, in a very special wedding dress . The previously unpublished picture comes from Owen Thornton, who has worked as a supervisor for military costumes to Suicide Squad (Buy Now 14.99 €).

The view behind the scenes he shared on Instagram, where he writes: _ “Harlequin was played by the only true Margot Robbie. Harley wore this wedding dress during filming in Los Angeles and it was fun to bring the traditional colors red and blue. “_

Who has seen Suicide Squad, knows that the costume did not make in the movie: Harley Quinn has not married there, not the worn Joker . In the so-called “Ayer-Cut”, the scene is contained according to Thornton: _ “Of course Suicide Squad stops in the Ayer-Cut still hiding many secrets… this is one of them.” _

If you have not been interested in “Ayer-Cut” due to the most moderately recorded suicide squad movie, could certainly become curious about this picture and the corresponding scene. This indicates that the version of the director deviates significantly more from the cinema film than previously thought.

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