Com2uS (CEO Jae-Joon Song, Lee Joo-hwan) announced on the 30th that ‘Com2uS Pro Baseball V22’ (hereinafter referred to as Comlja V22) has launched a large-scale content update including ‘home run race’.

The home run race is a new mode that can be obtained by feeling the thrill of the home run and the reward according to the grades. The user selects one of his own players and runs a home run race, and the higher the home run, the higher the score and the reward.

Aaron Judge smacks a solo homer vs the Rays | Home Run Leader, 18th of the season

Com2us plans to provide the opportunity to check the batting skills according to the play record in the home run race mode and the fun of competition through the ranking system reflected in real time. In addition, this update has changed the design card design significantly, especially the special card has given special effects to add the beauty of the card collection.

In addition, the company has updated various contents such as improving the UI (user interface) such as safe and out determination, adding game directing, latest modeling of resignation baseball field modeling, and adding support.

Com2us will hold a special event for four weeks to commemorate the addition of the comamps V22 home run race. If you achieve a mission related to the home run race, such as achieving 150 meters of home run flights every week, the main game goods ‘Star’ will be paid as a reward. More information about this update can be found in the official complex v22 community.

Meanwhile, Comlja V22 is a new work that contains 20 years of operating know-how of baseball game Myeongga Com2us, with high reality and casual game characteristics. The highest level of graphic quality, convenient operation, and in-depth growth systems have received great response from users.