The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl, their Wide Receiver Just Smith Schuster accomplishes the very first goal and Tight End Travis Hence is the most valuable player Devon at least the rapper drake known for his preference for s betting.
Is that an excellent omen for the chiefs?
In the past, Drake was often wrong with his bets, even discussing the drake curse.


In the duel of the chiefs with the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LVII in Glendale on Monday (00:30 a.m. CET/PROSIER and DAZN), this is evaluated.

The 36-year-old placed 7 bets on the final of the Football Profiling NFL and set nearly one million dollars.
700,000 dollars of this were the pointer that the chiefs win the title with their star quarters back Patrick Mahomes.
In the semifinals, Drake had also bet on the chiefs, who then prevailed against the Cincinnati Bengals.
In basic, the world’s largest private ing event is popular with players.
The Association of the Gaming Industry (AGA) forecasted that $16 billion is embedded in the United States alone.
The video game maker EA s, understood for its FIFA series, on the other hand had the Super Bowl replay in his football simulation Madden NFL.
There, but Drake would like to hear it, the Eagles were ahead.