All AWESOME New NPC Quest Rewards - Nepheli Loux & Jar Bairn Story Guide - Elden Ring 1.03 Update!
The Elden Ring patch 1.03.02 is already available both on PC and consoles, and arrange some of the failures that were placing the multiplayer in recent weeks. Fundamentally, the error by which players could telektop other users to non-designated map places for it. In addition, the failures are eliminated with the Nepheli Loux mission, which made some players not to progress within them. The ash of war “endure”, which did not work, can already be used normally. Finally, some aspects of performance have been improved. Even so, it is a patch much smaller than the previous one, which was remarkable to add the possibility of adding markers to the map to remember the location of the NPC. You can read our Elden Ring analysis on this link, in which we gave an essential seal.