Although the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard concluded a couple of months ago, there was still an issue at the table, and it was the defamation quota of each actor.
Now, it was recently revealed that the two actors have reached an agreement, with which, now, an end point has been put to this case.
Through his social networks, Amber Heard shared a message where he pointed out that he was not willing to cross by another trial in the United States.
In this regard, he pointed out that the first case was treated as an event for the media.


This was what he commented:

In the United States (…) I exhausted almost all my resources before and during a trial in which I underwent a room in which abundant direct evidence was excluded that corroborated my testimony and in which popularity and power imported more than
The reason and due process.

For too many years I have been caged in an arduous and expensive legal process, which has been unable to protect me and my right to freedom of expression.

I can’t afford to take a risk to an impossible invoice, one that is not only financial, but also psychological, physical and emotional.
Women should not have to face abuse or bankruptcy for telling their truth, but unfortunately it is not uncommon.

I want to thank all those who have supported me and direct my attention to the growing support that I felt and saw publicly in the months after trial, and the efforts that have been made to show solidarity with my story.
Any survivor knows that the ability to tell their story often feels like the only relief.
I can’t find enough words to tell you the hope that inspires your belief in me.
Not only for me, but for all of you.
For their part, Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez, representatives of Johnny Depp, revealed that Heard agreed to pay the actor a million dollars in damages, which puts an end to the trial.
This was what they said:
We are pleased to formally close the door to this painful chapter for Mr. Depp, who made it clear throughout this process that his priority was to bring to light the truth.
The unanimous decision of the jury and the resulting ruling in favor of Mr. Depp against Mrs. Heard are still valid.
The payment of $1 million, which Mr. Depp is promising and (actually) will donate to beneficial organizations, reinforces the recognition of Mrs. Heard of the conclusion of the rigorous search for justice by the legal system.
On related issues, a film about this trial is already in development.
Similarly, Johnny Depp re-play Jack Sparrow.

Editor’s note:
As much as Amber Heard was satanized during his judgment, it is a pity that all his statements were used as jokes in social networks, and the idea that a film of these facts is in development is something that surely affected his spirit.