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How To Trigger The Mystery Of The Byway Murders Achievement In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There are many contracts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but not everyone gives you a trophy/achievement once the smoke has dissipated.
The Mystery of the Byways Murders is one of the few who does it, and requires that you deal with some suspicious people, dangerous Ghouls and a mysterious beast of darkness.
Here is how to beat Sarcastic in The Witcher 3.
The recommended level for this contract is 22 and for a good reason.
We do not suggest that you try if you are below level 19 (and that is whether you are skilled).

The mystery of the Byways murder contract guide

When you go to the city that is full of mysterious deaths, Gerald will discover that he has been invaded by Ghouls.
These are not particularly difficult to defeat, especially because you have been fighting them since the beginning of the game.
Use Agni, remember to avoid (because they are incredibly fast) and you will be fine.
After defeating those little vicious demons, he talks to the townspeople.
They will thank you and tell you that you have saved them all.
But, things do not seem to be finished, and it is quite obvious that the villagers hide something.
Continue to press the issue and the contract will not end.
Instead, Gerald will continue to search while trying to reach the bottom of this mystery of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
Your efforts will finally discover a closed door, press the villagers once again, and they will clarify what they are really killing all people in the city.
It turns out that they have a problem with vampires, a quite powerful.
When the Niilfgardian soldiers arrived in the city, the Skimmer (one of the types of vampires in the game) woke up, and although the villagers tried to crush the soldiers along with the beast, they were not successful.

How to beat Sarcastic at The Witcher 3

Go home, find the way to the basement and marvel at all the bodies stored to feed them, the dead animals and the horrors of a true vampire.
Sarcastic, the powerful vampire in question, will come out and face Gerald.


If you have never fought a vampire, the fight with Sarcastic can be quite complicated.
The things that must be taken into account are the fact that they can cause bleeding (damage over time), they can become invisible, they can be cured and are incredibly fast.
His weakness, like most monsters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is fire.

When the fight begins, he throws on yourself to avoid a fierce attack of the stealthy salami.
Arden will help to get the Sarcastic out of the invisibility, as well as reduce it to a manageable speed.
At this point, you can change Agni to cause some burns damage and reduce your defense, or you can use a pump to keep your resistance for an emergency Queen.
We suggest the last, since a bomb can cause much more damage and, as stated, reserve its resistance is a good play.
While you can keep Sarcastic in the sights, the battle is quite easy.
Avoid its sharp claws and claim victory in a short time.
There you have it, everything you need to know how to overcome Sarcastic in The Witcher 3. To get more guides, tips, tricks and information about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, be sure to consult our wiki.
We have many other tutorials of contracts and chief guides to help you in your adventure.
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