[CEO Park Ye -jin reporter] Smilegate Stove (CEO Han Young -woon) announced on the 11th that it has officially launched ‘Wild Draw’ in its platform ‘Stove’.

The mobile hunting action role performance game (RPG), developed by Rock Square (CEO Sung -Hwan Cho), is a game that hunts giant monsters that explore each region in the game. It is implemented in the mobile environment for possible.

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The game offers multiplayer real -time multiplayer to provide strategic combat play through roles and offers neglected growth.

In particular, the game is characterized by fierce battle for life by developing hunting skills and developing viability in the masterpiece of unknown planets with unique environments such as jungle, grasslands, snow mountains, tropical rainforests, and deserts. am. There are seven characteristic weapons, and you can choose the most suitable weapons according to the monster and the combat style to play strategic battles, and you can enjoy the ‘Huru Tool’ and the adventure that can be combined and explored.

Stov provides large -scale benefits to all game users as well as 200,000 pre -bookers. This event lasts until the 6th of next month, and for the first time, all users are SR rated hortul (sharp Isabella), SR rating armor box, R grade weapon selection box, gold 10,000, 500 gems and actions, production materials In large -scale rewards such as production tokens and skillbooks.

Stove plans to start the platform business in earnest with the official launch of Wildborne, which ranked second in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Stove has been focusing on Smilegate’s own intellectual property (IP) and domestic and overseas indie developers, and will actively enter the growth and external IPs and provide more game experiences to stove users. Stove is also prepared to launch new works in a series of wild bones.

Han Young -woon, CEO of Smilegate Stove, said, “Wildborne is a store of external IP that has been a long time in the stove.”.