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Author: Sue C Que

How to get toothpicks in scarlet and purple Pokemon

The picnics are a new part of the Pokémon experience in Scarlet and Purple, and there is a lot of food and other supplies that you will need to optimize your experience. Toothpicks are important to prepare the best sandwiches and get the right food powers at the right time, so here you will find everything you need to know about getting toothpicks in scarlet and purple Pokémon.


Where do you find toothpicks in scarlet and purple?

Image source: The Pokémon Company through

When you first learn about the picnics, you get 10 beautiful red peaks to use with your sandwiches, but you should buy some chopsticks in Pale bakeries, so you don’t stay without them. The bakeries of the following cities have sticks for sale:

  • Cascara fa
  • Mendoza
  • Born
  • Short
  • Advance
  • Area
  • Marinade Puerto

There is a wide variety of toothpicks (see the previous screen capture) and can affect your sandwiches differently. Read the descriptions carefully before wearing toothpicks, so that the wrong Power does not realize. If you don’t know what sandwich you want to do, feel free to experience; Remember, you don’t really have to eat them.

If you are following standard sandwiches recipes, then the stick does not make much difference. I made two chin sandwiches, one with a red beak and another with a silver beak, and I obtained exactly the same food powers. The Silver Picks are the cheapest, so if you need money to cure articles and poke balls, just go with them.

That is all we have to find toothpicks in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Check out some of our other Scarlet and Purple contents, such as where to get your Master Ball and if Portion and Myrmidon are brilliantly blocked.

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Riot Games (League of Legends) acquires shares in the Arcane

The Netlix series Arcane is known to be the best thing that has ever been made in the field of animation series. Contradiction is futile (or so). At least the enormous success of the first season gives us right. But even if the series turns around the Runeterra Universe from League of Legends, there is not only developer Riot Games behind the implementation. In fact, the French Animation Studio Fortiche Production is responsible for Arcane.

Intensive partnership for the future

Forteen Production and Riot Games work together on projects for many years. The beginning of 2013 was the music video “Get Jinxed”. Later, productions like Warriors and Enemy followed. Currently, both companies work together at the second season of Arcane and otherwise not announced projects.

In the future you want to intensify the previous cooperation. It also fits that Riot Games recently acquired a minority share of festivals and then take a consultation role in the Supervisory Board.

_ “Collaboration with Riot Games in general and Arcane in particular has made progress production to a new major company in the international animation scene. Riot Games gave us the possibilities of achieving our common goals through his trust, and shown that one can make new content accessible to a broader audience. In 2023 our cooperation for the tenth time is present: There is no better way to illustrate the trust and ambitions of our two companies than through this partnership! “_, say Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combue and Arnaud Delord, the founders of forticles.

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

The successes of Arcane

The Animation Series Arcane landed at Netflix in November 2021 worldwide on the charts worldwide and was able to defend this position for three weeks, it managed in over 52 countries in the top 10 and got from Rotten Tomatoes one of the rarest reviews: 100%.

In addition, the series recently received nine nominations for the 49nd Annie Awards and is thus the TV series with most nominations of the year, including “Best TV / Media General Audience”, “Best Character Design” and “Best Writing”. “Enemy”, the single of the Imagine Dragons of the original soundtrack was streamed over 1 billion times and has reached the Billboard rock charts.

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