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How to unlock and play insurance fraud in Saints Row

When it comes to the Saints Row series, you know that in addition to the criminal activities that will face several gangs, there are many other parallel activities that can occupy your time. Whether the time goes by firing with thugs after leaving a bad criticism or stealing things with a helicopter, it is always a lot of fun. For the most interested in enjoying Insurance Fraud in Saints Row Let us send it on your way.

Unlock insurance fraud in Saints Row

Before getting access to this classic, you must have completed the main mission, take me to the Church, which then unlocks the gang headquarters. This will unlock access to Empire Table, which allows players to open several businesses in the city to extend their influence.

Open Shady Oaks will open the option to enjoy insurance fraud.

How to play insurance fraud in Saints Row

With Shady Oaks in the business, new insurance fraud icons will appear on the map. Simply go to any of these icons to participate in the activity, with different levels of progression with each 1. When completing the objectives, you can earn better rewards and money as you advance.

Finding busy intersections is always key, which allows you to pass from one vehicle to another. Keeping in the air will help extend your combo, so be sure to aim high and get multiple blows to accumulate points.

Now that you are aware of How to unlock and play insurance fraud in Saints Row , put on working to earn those dollars. To get more help on the game, be sure to consult our other guides on how to heal yourself, how to save your game or how to travel fast. For everything else, look for criminal activities.

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FIFA 22: a lot of positive feedback for the DFB

Last weekend, the DFB epocal went across the stage in FIFA 22. While FC St. Pauli finally rewarded after several second places with a tournament victory, the feedback of the community also fell out positively.

Over 900 different teams occurred to qualify for the final round in the DFB epocal. In the context of three selection rounds, eight teams finally secured a ticket for the big final.

Especially the footballer north was among the best players in FIFA 22 wide represented. In addition to the FC St. Pauli, the Hamburger SV succeeded, Bremen and Hannover 96 will participate in the past online again.

FIFA 22: First title for FC St. Pauli

While the FOKUS clan was also FIFA World Champion Mohammed “Mooba” Harcous was also part of the party, the reigning champion of the Virtual Bundesliga, RB Leipzig, could not qualify for the final.

Finally, FC St. Pauli was only allowed to celebrate the first major virtual title win of club history for one week after defeat in the final of the VBL.

Fans were able to track the event on the TV station ProSieben Maxx, the online platform and the official Twitch channel of the DFB.

Up to 14,000 spectators switched on to the online offer at the same time to pursue the high-class duels in FIFA 22.

VBL soon back in front of spectators

A colorful moderated supporting program, numerous interviews as well as barely existing technical breakdowns made for many positive comments in the social media.

While FIFA fans in the past repeatedly complained about poorly organized tournaments, the organizers seem to have put a successful event this year to their legs.

FIFA 21 PS5 - France vs Germany - World Cup 2022 FINAL
In the course of the nationwide of Corona restrictions, the DFL also decided to have the individual five of the Virtual Bundesliga again to take place in front of spectators.

With Kamal “Kamal” Kamboj and Mustafa “Musti” Cankal fight at the beginning of June among other things two freshly baked epocal winners around the title in the VBL Grand Final.

The duration of the game of Elden Ring is revealed

FromSoftware and the Banzai NAMC editor have revealed how long it should take to finish Anglo de Elden. In the past, many of the other Software titles have been largely linear, which means that everyone has taken approximately the same time at ending (depending on their skill level). With Anglo de Elder However, the open world format of the game has led many fans to wonder how long it would take to see the credits. Now, it seems that we have our answer, although it will only depend on your own style of play.


In a new video released by Banzai NAMC to coincide with Taipei Game Show, it was said Anglo de Elder Searching the main line should take about 30 hours to complete. This will differ significantly according to the player, but in terms of objectives established during development, the idea is that the main route should be able to be completed in about 30 hours, explained the producer Bashir Vital in the video. However, this estimate of time was given with the warning that there is a lot to explore in Anglo de Elder, which could easily inflate the total time of the game. The game as a whole is quite massive and contains many dozen more hours of play, but if we are talking only about the main route, I should not take much longer than that, Vital continued.

When it comes to those who really want to see everything that can be found in Anglo de elder, it seems that the game will require several plays. Vital also revealed that the end of the game sees multiple bifurcation points, which means that certain things can not be seen unless you take a specific path. With titles such as Alma’s 3, Transmitted by blood and Senior: Shadows die twice also working in this way, it is not a surprise to see that Anglo de Elden will also have multiple endings.

For those who are no longer counting the days until Anglo de Elden, the game is ready to be launched in approximately one month, on February 25. It will also reach the PlayStation 5 platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC when it arrives.

Will you be picking up Anglo de Elden for you next month? And if so, how will you end up playing the game? Will you try to give you a main line, or will you take your time to explore the world? Let me know in the comments, or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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