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Author: Z-Saber

All Choppa locations in Fortnite (Chapter 3, Season 2)

Choppa is a deadly vehicle in Fortnite. This is an ideal place to escape from storm or approaching enemies, as well as a great advantage for defeating goals on the hill below. Five players, one driver and four passengers can accommodate this car. Although he has no towers or guns, like a combat bus or tanks, he can still ram obstacles and allow passengers to bring fire to the sky.

How to get a chopp in Fortnite

Choppa has not yet returned to the island, but several players’ donations appeared. As soon as the Choppes return, we will correspond to the information about their whereabouts accordingly. Meanwhile, these Boards for donations allow the players Fund Return Chopp to the game. If this total amount is reached, this is only a matter of time when players can again raise their battles in the sky. So do not forget to go on the board and make a donation!

sacrifice golden bricks

As soon as you find a board indicated by the icon of the cash bag on your map and compass, you can click on it to see this menu. He will show the current amount of financing and indicate how much it is still necessary to fill out a filled strip. You will also see how much gold bricks you must make a donation right under this, and you can click a on the Xbox controller, X on the PlayStation or e on PC to sacrifice. Every time you press the button, you get 50 gold.

How to finance Choppas in Fortnite

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There are several different places where you can finance Choppas. Each of them seems to be in seven outposts on the map. It can also be a place where Choppa can potentially appear when they return. This is where you can sacrifice:

  • Seven outposts II
  • Seven outposts v
  • Seven outposts I
  • Seven outposts IV
  • Seven outposts III

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Highrise City Building in advance access on March 24

Last updated there is February 18, 2022

It’s time to get the City Sims to the modern era. The model building simulation of the developer FourExo, Highrise City, will be reached forward in March. In addition, a press release gives players more details about the game and how it aims to advance the kind of city simulation games. In addition, the version speaks of the important features that separate Highrise City from other cities simulations.

Highrise City gives players control of their own metropolis. With up to a million inhabitants, your city can become an animated turntable in no time. It is in this type of hub position that the difference in features comes into play. In addition to simply building your city, the player controls the economy and resource management of the city. It is in this mixture of city simulation and Gameplay RTS that brings the uniqueness to Highrise City. You can make sure your city becomes an expansive metropolis.

In addition, players can have a good glimpse of the Gameplay of Highrise City in the anticipated access trailer. The trailer shows the style, a look at a city and part of the gameplay itself.

The game offers players the tools and possibilities they need to make their city a success. However, you will have to deal with the challenges related to the management of a city. A fake no resource and you can face a disaster.

Highrise City enters early access on March 24th. It will be available on Steam on GOC for $ 24.99. In addition, players can try the free demo that will arrive at the Steam Next Fest from 21 to 28 February. So what kind of city will you create?

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