Life on your desert island animal Crossing: New Horizons is doomed to be very fun, with tons of activities to do, an incredible amount of personalization for your home and the surroundings, and the possibility of having a friendly relationship with all The actors of your designated island.

We Found a GHOST in Animal Crossing!

However, you will have to seek more because there are new dangers in the game in the form of ghosts and shipwrecked.

Revealed during Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct, the presentation confirmed that during the night on the island, it is possible to contact extraterrestrials in the form of ghosts. When you meet the specters, you can go to them and talk to them to scare them. Although the presentation has not shown more than one interaction with ghosts, it is likely that you have more than one type of interaction with them, so if you think it is worth scaring them, it depends from you.

There is also a chance that the mornings can throw shipwrecked on the beach in the form of animals lost at sea. From here, you must find and comfort them until they are able to recover their Rounds, then help them with complete recovery.

New options with ghosts and shipwrecked are an appropriate addition to the series and add to the fun and relaxed nature of the action you can expect on the island.