The waters are revolts in the world of the Battle Royale, and that is that Free Fire hRoyale used several SKINS of Fortnite ** in one of its lRoyalet official videos. In other words: the creators of this game have stolen, without any modesty, characters from the popular Epic Games video game for one of his trailers. Just below we tell you what hRoyale happened:

Free Fire steals Fortnite skins for a video

At around 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, the video entitled FF Co-Lab contest wRoyale published on the Garena Latem Channel: illuminates the map | GARENA FREE FIRE LATAM. You can see it just below:

This is a Free Fire design contest in which participants can win various awards. So far everything right, right? Look at the video again. Specifically, in the second 1: 01 . In it We can see several Fortnite skins Royale luxury and RubĂ­ .

Just below you can see how these two Skins of Fortnite are: There is no doubt; They are.

Of course, The memes have not been waiting ; In the comments of the video we see chRoyalecarrillos Royale delusions Royale they have given them a pumpazo (shotgun) of Fortnite and they have sent them to Free Fire. We understand that Epic Games is entitled to take legal actions, so we will be aware of any novelty that could be about it being a development story.

If you are interested in Free Fire, in Meristation we always inform you about the weekly agenda (in this cRoyalee July 20 to 26, with FF Digital and Lucky UMP). If you are more of Fortnite, we remind you that in our complete guide of the game we inform you about all its novelties, including how to complete all the missions.