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The survival game This War of Mine appears reports on the Xbox Game Pass

This War of Mine Final Cut appears in the Microsoft Store with a publication date on May 10, triggers speculation and reports that it will be one of the free Xbox Game Pass May games.

The strategy play game of 11 bit studios is already present on consoles, with an expansion package called this War of Mine the Little Ones, which will be released on last generation consoles in 2016. Final Cut – which can already be played on the PC – contains all the content and DLCs of the game in one package. An entry for This War of Mine Final Cut was discovered in the Xbox Store today, with users to see an Xbox Game Pass symbol next to the game name in some countries. It now seems that this symbol has been removed from all store pages.

NEW SERIES!!! THIS WAR OF MINE // Maximum Difficulty // Support Ukraine // Survival // - #01
Also listed in the Xbox Store is the this War of Mine Complete Edition, which, although it currently costs more, apparently contains all previous content packages and DLC, just like Final Cut. Both versions have the same publication date, May 10th, and both descriptions claim that the game for the Xbox Series X | S and not for the Xbox One.

Apart from the above-mentioned The Little Ones expansion, no offers for any version of this War of Mine in the PlayStation Store are currently appearing, which could indicate that this will be a pure Xbox console version.

Potential leak:

This War of Mine: Final Cut shows a game pass discount on some shop fronts

Is currently not displayed in the US Microsoft Store and is to be published in the USA on May 9, 2002: //

-Game Pass counter (@GamePasscounter) 26. April 2022

Although it is not yet confirmed whether this War of Mine will reach the Xbox Game Pass if it starts in Series X | s next month, the evidence seems to indicate that this will most likely be the case.

If it is added to the service, it will come across other day-one supplements such as Sniper Elite 5 and Trek to Yomi in the MAI list.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft $ 14.99 $ 1.00 (first month) now earns Network n earns commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and others Programs.

Robert Pattinson enthuses Final Fantasy 7 and his first great love Aerith

Glitzervampir, magic student and meanwhile even Batman: The actor Robert Pattinson has already undertaken to many characters on the canvas. For some of them, he is loved by his fans until today, others are more likely to worry about stitches. In recent years he was also seen in some more serious roles. Behind the fa├žade of the successful star, however, he also hides a nerdite side, which now came to light.

In an interview, Pattinson expressed itself to his favorite Final Fantasy 7 and his two characters Aerith and Tifa, who left him exceptionally emotionally. His views of the two characters can surely understand many fans.
ATTENTION, SPOILER: The actor speaks, among other things, from a specific event in the game that will make you a lot of anticipate if you have not finished it so far. Refracts in this case later and do not let the surprise spoil.

Robert Pattinson’s love for Aerith and Tifa

In the interview, Pattinson prize gave that a certain scene from Final Fantasy 7 has brought him to cry. And that seems to be extraordinary as his statement finished tears after only a few occasions in his life: the speech is of Aerith’s death.

He even goes a step further and calls the lovable flower girl his first love. No wonder that the farewell from the fictitious figure then hit him very much. In a side rate he also mentions the confusion about their name: In a version, it is called Aeris, ie with a slightly changed spelling. This should be due to another reading during translation.

Today he can laugh about the situation, his affection for the game and the two female main characters remains remains. Also for Tifa he has a few warm words left. Namely, this is a classic love triangle, as you know it from many other works.

So there is the good-hearted Aerith, which can heal other people with their power. Their opposite is the attractive TIFA, which exercises another appeal as a thief in scarce clothes. How should one decide about it? Anyway, Robert Pattinson can not do that and has a place in his heart for both characters.

Robert Pattinson talks about Final Fantasy VII and his love for Aerith & Tifa [SPOILERS] #TheBatman

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FFXIV apartment lottery explained: How to buy a house after patch 6.1

_ Final Fantasy XIV _ has implemented a new feature for those who try to involve houses and land in the experience. This is followed by the publication of the 6.1 patch, which offers players a wealth of new possibilities. In addition to the supplements, however, there were also changes to existing functions such as the housing system, which is now in the form of a residential lottery to get them. This guide article guides you through everything you need about the knowledge FFXIV residential lottery and how to buys a house.

How to buy a house via the FFXIV-Wohnlottesterystem

FFXIV - A how-to Guide to Housing Lottery (Patch 6.1)
To buy a house, you must first find a free house / property you want to acquire. From this point you can choose the poster located near the property. If you do this, you will see a button with the inscription “Participate in lottery” and you should select this option if you want to have the chance to get this particular property. In addition, information is displayed until when the property is accepted entries.

The lottery lasts 9 days and after 5 days after the start of the lottery, the entries are ended and the remaining days are used for the results of the lottery. If you win in the lottery, you get the property / house. To participate in a lottery, you must have Level 50 for a class and also ‘Second Lieutenant’ or a higher rank for one of the Grand Companies. If you buy / participate in the lottery on behalf of your free company, you have to be a member for at least 30 days. Now you can continue with this information and even try to participate in the lottery for some houses in Empyreum if you want these houses!

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