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Want to know what your next favorite game offers? We’ll tell you what you need to do and how to do it with our newest guide.

Special Promotion from Blizzard with 30-day subscription to World of Warcraft for free

Blizzard has prepared a special promotion that almost everyone will be able to benefit from nearly because the whole thing is divided into two parts. The first concerns people who will receive an email from the company with the offer. According to it, they will obtain a free token to change factions when they invite someone to return to World of Warcraft (such a person cannot have an active account from May 31, 2022).

The second part is about people invited to return. You can send five friend requests from this email, and they will receive a 30-day subscription to World of Warcraft. Sounds great. So, where is the catch?

Not everyone will get an email with the offer, only a selected group of players. Many veterans say they missed it, but many people boast that they got something like that. If you count on free 30 days of playing WoW, you can put your Battletag on the local Reddit, and maybe someone will make you a pleasant surprise.

So far, however, no one has received a subscription yet, so it is unknown how it works. Blizzard noted that the entire process is not immediate and may take a while. In addition, you cannot have an active account from May 31, 2022, which also raises some doubts – some people indicate that this is a minimal limitation. It is enough that you did not buy a subscription to World of Warcraft in June, and theoretically, you get an invitation to return to the game.

Time will show what will come of it. Blizzard will be sending emails with the promotion until June 21, so probably more people will benefit from the free token to change factions, and even more, people will win 30 days of free play. I wonder if Blizzard accidentally boasted about the number of World of Warcraft players!

PS Of course not, but the real action will undoubtedly attract players. It’s a fair price for free!

“Fort Night” so that iOS version can be played after a long time. Cloud game service via GeForce Now

NVIDIA announced on January 14, a beta test to be provided at the company’s cloud game service GeForce Now for the iOS / Android version of Fort Knight from next week. The mobile version of this work is currently not provided in both platform app stores, but it seems to be able to play through GeForce Now.

GeForce Now is a cloud game service provided by NVIDIA. The game can be played by executing a PC game on the server side equipped with the GeForce GPU, and exchanging the operation input and the game image between the user’s PC / smartphone / tablet. GeForce Now itself is characterized in that it can work with external digital stores such as Steam and Epic Games stores and can be able to play a response PC game that users purchase and hold in their stores. In Japan, Softbank and AU operate at each plan.

As mentioned earlier, the iOS / Android version of Fort Night is not currently delivered in App Store and Google Play. Developing Source Epic Games in August 2020 was deleted from both platforms as a violation of the terms and conditions by implementing their own settlement systems in this work. EPIC Games claims that the fee for payment system provided by both platforms is too high, and the fee setting is made with each exclusive status. It develops into a trial with Apple and Google two companies, and has continued to fight.

Under such circumstances, the iOS / Android version has been offered through GeForce Now. To be precise, it is a version optimized for touch operation. As for Android version, since there is a mechanism that allows the user to install an application obtained from other than Google Play, the iOS version will be able to play after a long time since the delivery suspension described above. Fort Night has also been provided with the PC version to GeForce Now, but could not be played on iOS.

The iOS version is to access and play GeForce NOW on the web browser Safari, not via the GeForce NOW application. This is due to Apple restrictions, and the title of the title other than Fort Night is the same. Microsoft’s Cloud Game Service Xbox Cloud Gaming is also ransoming to start the iOS version by passing through Safari.

Beta test for GeForce NOW of Mobile Version Fort Night will be implemented for several weeks next week. At the moment, it can not be registered from Japan, but it is expected that it will be able to play in Japan as well as being officially provided. NVIDIA is also clarified that the GeForce Now of the GeForce Now of the game optimized for touch operation is expanded. Working with manufacturers companies, we will promote the touch operation of PC games.

Take-Two Interactive: Zynga taken for over $ 12 billion

Golf is an accuracy sporting activity playing outdoors, which includes sending out a bullet into a hole utilizing clubs. The objective of the game is to execute, on a specified training course, the least shots possible. Precision, Endurance, Formality, Concentration are primordial qualities for this task.
Licensed in Scotland in 1754 by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews, this sport has numerous origins including the game of email. It was therefore imported from the Netherlands where it was practiced under the name COLD from the 13th century.
Golf takes its rise only in the 2nd part of the nineteenth century with the arrival of professionalism and also exclusive clubs in Scotland and afterwards in England, where the first British Open is set up by experts; Then at the start of the twentieth century. Golf occasions are dipped into the Paris 1900 Olympics and again in 1904 in Saint-Louis, sporting activity goes away from the program for 112 years. Golf returns in 2016 at the Rio Olympics.
Golf advancement proceeds at the First Globe Battle, which sees the globe’s hierarchy redefine, Americans reaching completion to the hegemony of the British. After the 2nd World War, golf sees the arrival of various other nations such as South Africa, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan or Australia as well as globalize at the end of the With century. It would be about 82 million even more or less routine professionals in 2010.
This sporting activity is less exercised by females and has uneven media and also economic therapy. In the administration of the Federation: Thus, in 2005, in the Equal rights of Gender in Sporting Activity, the IGF (International Golf Federation) mentioned to the Olympic Committee Compensation that its Executive Board (or its equivalent) consisted of 14 men and also 4 women. On October 9, 2009, Golf became an Olympic sport in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Gaming program.

Both companies have produced and broadened franchise business that will develop with each other among the largest and also varied profiles in copyright in the market.

Take-Two Interactive CEO on decision to buy mobile gaming company Zynga

Take-Two Interactive and Zynga today announced that they have actually made a last arrangement after taking TAKE-TWO all outstanding shares of Zynga in a cash money as well as share transaction with a worth of $9.861 per conga share (based upon the Stock Exchange of January 7, 2022) and also acquire a total business worth of concerning 12.7 billion United States bucks.

Zynga’s profile consists of recognized tracks such as CSR Competing, Empires & Puzzles, Farmville, Golf Rival, Hair Difficulty, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, Pumps!, Merge Dragons!, Too Blast, Toy Blast, Words with Buddies, and Zynga Poker.

This transformative merging incorporates both companies in the interactive amusement market and also established Take-Two as one of the biggest and also most diversified mobile video game authors in the industry with a pro forma internet sales of $6.1 billion for the last twelve months up until September 30, 2022.

The brands of Take-Two are the house of series such as Grand Theft Car, Red Dead Redemption, Twelve O’clock At Night Club, NBA 2K, Bios hock, Borderlands, Human Being, Mafia and Verbal Area Program

FIFA 22 Totw 17: prediction of the team of the week in Ultimate Team, with Theo, Vinicius JR and more

FIFA 22 Tow 17

The official list will be recognized, as we claim, on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Schedule) but we will attempt to make guested with our wonderful sphere and guess what gamers will be, depending upon their performances last weekend in Genuine football.




It begins a new week as well as, as always, first, prior to even taking the coffee, is to review the prediction of gamers that can go into the team of the week at Ultimate Team of FIFA 22. Tow 17 Faithful Wednesday will certainly come to your appointment, and also these are the feasible prospects.

With numerous ballots to lead the group is Vinicius Jr. the Brazilian is in the season of the consecration of him as well as racked up 2 objectives before Valencia. Various other gamers who can appear are Oyarzabal, Milinkovic-Savic or Muriel. We leave the prospects.

FIFA 22 TOTW 17 Predictions | Team of the Week 17 | Full TOTW 17 Prediction Fifa 22

Vinicius Jr.


BVB gold plated late catching hunting – Hoffenheim third

3: 2 After 0: 2: Dortmund shortens behind Bavaria

Borussia Dortmund has combined a table space 2 and also reduces the residue on leader FC Bayern on six factors. In a stunning Saturday evening, Eintracht Frankfurt appeared like this as if the black and also yellow are entirely empty. In the first passage, the BVB was totally entirely from the function, the SGE led by a double pack of Bore (15th, 24th) quite deserves with 2: 0. After the side change, however, Russia laid a substantial boost in efficiency. The replacement Risk lastly brought the table secs to the scoreboard, marriage Bellingham by head (86.) and Aloud by a wonderful Schooner (89th) the game with a double cram in the last mins still entirely transformed.

Lengthy to majority: Leipzig defeats Mainz clearly

RB Leipzig is begun with a 4: 1 over Mainz 05 shiny in the 2nd fifty percent. The having fun scene took place in the 20th min: Hack brought off a Silva shot with his arm quickly before the objective line and saw the red card, Silva turned the fine charge to the 1-0 for RB (21. ). In order, the Saxons were plainly superior, increased soon after reboot by a great conclusion of Szoboszlai (47th). Mainz managed by LEES connection hit (57th) momentarily hope — however Leipzig defeated straight as well as twice back: the replacement Skunk (58.) and Silva with his second gate (61) offered clear conditions.

TAH conserves Leverkusen a factor versus Union

Soon after the rest, the midfield guy even tied the double pack and also placed the game a little on the head at this time (49. ). Leverkusen struggled in the episode, yet repetitively fallen short at the heavily launched Union-locked Luther, before TAH still headed the 2: 2 last rating (84. ). In the final minutes, Union smelled once again on the success, Ocarina’s shot in uploading time yet only jumped on the posts (90.

Logs surprised Uphold: Freiburg Playful 2: 0

A lovely direct acceptance of Haber er made early for the management of the Brasher (6th), which additionally had everything under control in the episode as well as captured a lightning begin once more in the 2nd round: Along headed a few seconds after restarts 2: 0 (46. ). For Bielefeld, very little spoke, however Tokugawa brought back the Ostwestfalen (60th). The very long time sovereign Freiburg was coming from the wastes and also in fact began also the late harmonizing by plasma (87th), in which SF replacement keeper Uphold did not look excellent at all.

Cofferdam transforms video game against Augsburg and also is 3rd

Incredible Comeback | Eintracht Frankfurt - Borussia Dortmund 2-3 | All Goals |MD18–Bundesliga 21/22

The huge winner of the match day is called TSG Cofferdam. The Kraichgauer pressed themselves through a 3: 1 about the FC Augsburg on table area 3. In 1899, a flash start caught, however DABBERS GO Rafter less than 60 secs did not matter because of a hand piece of the demonstrator disclosed by VAR. Instead, just a brief time later, Augsburg led by a header of Gregoritsch (5th). Quickly before the break, however, the homes in the person of Bebop beat back, which with a double strike within six mins the video game shot also (38., 44.). On the pages of the FCA debuted in the 2nd round document purchasing PPI, yet he too can not alter the defeat. Instead, room (90. + 3) generated the last score in the detention time.

Kalajdzic’s comeback does not help: Stuttgart is offensively disappointed in Fürth

With the return of NASA Kalajdzic (very first video game given that the 2nd match day), the VfB Stuttgart had actually really hoped for more failure pressure in the attack, however in the final light from Fürth, the Swabia functioned offensively enormously challenging. All-time low of the table from Franconia had also the finest opportunity of the match (22nd), Stuttgart once more came to the end of the video game, however no more to the gate. Because of the Augsburg er loss, the CFB still pushes in location in position.

In the very first flow, the BVB was completely entirely from the duty, the SGE led by a double pack of Bore (15th, 24th) quite deserves with 2: 0. Quickly after the rest, the midfield guy even laced the double pack as well as put the game a little on the head at this time (49. ). Leverkusen had a hard time in the episode, however consistently fallen short at the greatly launched Union-locked Luther, before TAH still headed the 2: 2 final rating (84. ). A beautiful straight acceptance of Haber er made very early for the management of the Brasher (Sixth), which additionally had everything under control in the episode as well as caught a lightning start once again in the 2nd round: Along headed a couple of seconds after restarts 2: 0 (46. ). Shortly prior to the break, nonetheless, the homes in the individual of Bebop defeated back, which with a dual strike within six minutes the game shot also (38., 44.).

The last rode of Regular Season – 49ers and Steelers trembling, colts with top

Young appealing sportsperson in two sporting activities, American football as well as baseball, Brady door in the American college ranks the colors of the Wolverines of the University of Michigan. Helped by the arrival of Randy Moss, Tom Brady defeats Touchdowns document marked at the pass prior to being designated the finest player of the period. Brady understands brand-new disappointments with a major injury from the very first quarter of the next period then a new reconvene against the Giants at the Super Dish CLVI, four years after the.
Regardless of several bargained agreements below its sports worth, Tom Brady is one of the most paid American football gamers in history.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., stated Tom Brady, birthed on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California, is an American Football player evolving at the Quarterback for the Buccaneers of Tampa Fl Bay. With seven Super Bowls won (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, LIX, LI, III and also LV), He is one of the most labelled player in the history of the National Football Organization.
Young encouraging sportsman in two sporting activities, American football as well as baseball, Brady door in the American college places the shades of the Wolverines of the College of Michigan. Replacing behind Drew Bedsore At the start of his expert job, he came to be holder after the last injury at the start of the season 2001 and capturing his luck, leading the assault of the Patriots in their trip to the Sacred at Super Bowl XXXVI regardless of a Controversial victory versus Oakland Raiders in the snow.
His 2007 season is historical. Assisted by the arrival of Randy Moss, Tom Brady beats Touchdowns document noted at the pass prior to being assigned the very best gamer of the season. It adds to the nearly perfect period of the Patriots that win all the conferences of the routine season before holding on to the Giants of New York during the Super Bowl CLII. Brady understands new dissatisfaction with a severe injury from the initial quarter of the next season then a brand-new reconvene against the Giants at the Super Dish CLVI, four years after the initial.
The one that is nicknamed TB12 multiplies the documents and acres under the orders of Bill Belching, including three brand-new champ rings during the Super Dish LIX, Li as well as Iii. In 2020, Brady ends his 20-year background with the Patriots to take up a brand-new obstacle with Tampa Bay Bay Buccaneers. From his very first season under his brand-new shades, Brady wins his 7th Super Bowl at the age of 43, strengthening his status as best quarterback of his generation.
Tom Brady holds the very best evaluation in playoff meetings with 34 success for 10 defeats. Separately, he was chosen The Finest Super Bowl gamer 5 times (2001, 2003, 2014, 2016 and 2020). He was additionally assigned three times the best player of the regular period in 2007, 2010 and also 2017, as well as was chosen at Fourteen Pro Bowls.
His job is all the extra irregular as he has only been selected really late by a franchise, as well as that his degree of play has proved only after his professionalization. In spite of a number of bargained agreements listed below its sports value, Tom Brady is just one of the most paid Football gamers in history. Married to the popular Brazilian Mannequin Gisele Bündchen, his prestige goes beyond the middle of American football.

Stay to Adam Titan: 7. 7 NFL teams wished with their last appearance still a ticket for the week complying with week when it goes with the Wild Card Round (a total amount of 6 whole lots).

Most of the total amount of 14 play-off participants are already commemorated, extra precisely eleven teams have actually certified too soon for the excellent spectacle in K. O. format over the previous couple of weeks. On the other pages are already 14 teams, which already has climbed.

Also, for the currently risk-free in the last teams, it is still regarding something — specifically for the leading Seed of the AFC.

The introduction: What large decisions are still?

While it also opts for the already certified teams regarding protecting champion Rovers, Rams, Cowboys, Cardinals or Eagles still around the exact last positioning for the wild card games, the struggle for the last seventh play-off-site provides the best tension in The NFC. There are just 2 events — the 49ers (9: 7) and the Saints (8: 8).

NFC (National Football Seminar).

In the clear text: Siegen the Titans away from the secreted Houston Texans (4:12) next Sunday (19 clock CET), go to the race with a oral and Stet em home right. K.C. To Patrick Mahomes only has a possibility if beside a triumph in Denver (7: 9) already handed down Saturday (22.30 CET) even a fault Tennessee.

Generally, more stress is provided in the AFC, particularly because below the front-runner is forgiven. Presently, the Tennessee Titans (AFC South) with 11: 5 Siegen Inner, yet the Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West) also hide with 11: 5 tight behind it.

The bill in this respect is straightforward: win the Miners from San Francisco their difficult away game at the L.a. Rams, they are most definitely in the last round. In any kind of instance, New Orleans have to wish for a defeat of the 49er’s currently surpassed Atlanta Falcons (7: 9), only after that the Saints stand there with a play-off ticket in the hand.

Behind the 2 leading teams from the AFC, for the currently certified teams from Cincinnati (10: 6, champion AFC North), Buffalo as well as New England still around the placements — and also for both latter (each 10: 6) still To the title in the AFC East.

NFL Playoff Picture: NFC & AFC Clinching Scenarios, Wild Card Race, Standings Before SNF Week 17
AFC (American Football Meeting).

In the NFC, the Leading Seed is currently granted to the Eco-friendly Bay Packers (NFC North), which in the rest of the same team have actually lost no residence game as the only team this period. An excellent omen, especially as The Pack in the Wild Card Round, many thanks to the top positioning will be complimentary as well as after all of both other rounds (championships and also divisional) home rights appreciates home civil liberties — if it is always won.

Colts, Chargers, Raiders, Steelers or Ravens?

the Pittsburgh Steelers (8: 7: 1) and the Baltimore Ravens (8: 8) stand in a straight AFC-North battle on Sunday (19 clocks CET) — and have Only outsider chances each. Ravens celebrates just when himself is acquired, the colts lose the battery chargers empty against the Raiders vacant as well as still shed the already secreted Miami Dolphins (8: 8) against the New England Patriots (10: 6) or play Remix.

The costs in this respect is straightforward: win the Miners from San Francisco their difficult away video game at the L.a. Rams, they are absolutely in the last round. In any kind of situation, New Orleans need to hope for a defeat of the 49er’s already exceeded Atlanta Falcons (7: 9), only after that the Saints stand there with a play-off ticket in the hand.

Diplomatic immunity: The Steelers around their most likely after this period in pension Celebrity quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (39) need to additionally be out of a curious scenario. For when Pittsburgh himself wins and additionally shed the Colts at the Jaguars, Chargers as well as Raiders might concur on a draw in the Sunday Night Game — since after that the Steelers would certainly also be out and also at the same time Chargers as well as Raiders at the very same time.

The largest stress field on this last Week-18 game day is absolutely the major battle around the last 2 AFC play off tickets, five teams are still arguing below.

The beginning placement:.

Is possibly in pension: Ben Roethlisberger. Imago images/ UPI picture.

The Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders (9: 7 each) Account at the end of this Week 18 the last Sunday Night Game (2.20 clock me). The victor of this video game is definitely in the play-offs, the loser is absolutely out.

The Indianapolis Colts (9: 7) have the most effective cards, are definitely in the last round with a victory with the really weak Jacksonville Jaguars (2:14).

the Pittsburgh Steelers (8: 7: 1) as well as the Baltimore Ravens (8: 8) stand in a direct AFC-North battle on Sunday (19 clocks CET) — and also have Only outsider chances each. Ravens celebrates just when himself is acquired, the colts lose the chargers vacant against the Raiders empty and still lose the already eliminated Miami Dolphins (8: 8) versus the New England Patriots (10: 6) or play Remix. All in all: Baltimore has only a three-percentage possibility of the final round, these are the worst potential customers of all troops.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: Over 4.5 million units sold

New Details for Content in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The Japanese developer CyberConnect2 announces that Dragon Ball Z: Apart, since the publication has been sold almost exactly two years ago, 4.5 million units. The announcement was made during a live stream of CEO Hiroshi Matsuda, while he also turned to the sales figures of their other anime-based action matches. Demon Slayer: Times No Yield — The Hindokami Chronicles of 2021 was able to sell over 1.32 million times and Naruto Shipped: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 from 2016 changed over 8.7 million times the owner. Here you can see the LiveStream of CyberConnect2:

Arcade1up announces new cabinets Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat and more

Arcade1Up has announced as part of CES 2022 that has sold almost 3 million recreational machines in less than three years, and as part of a celebration for that fact, it revealed an expansion of its LEGACY EDITION line, as well as the new product line Series. The new Legacy Edition machines include Pac-Man Edition, Mortal Kombat 30th Edition and Centipede Edition, while the PRO series marks the larger arcade1up machines so far with a Killer Instinct cabinet being the first revealed with updates in all areas of the Other company cabinets..

The PRO series is basically a premium version than Arcade1up had been launching earlier with larger screens of 19 «, joysticks and improved Sushant buttons, better speakers and more. While the announcement indicates that several Cabinets of the PRO series will be launched in 2022, everything starts with Killer Instinct in the summer of 2022 with online game enabled for Wi-Fi. You can see how you see the cabinet of the Killer Instinct Pro series for yourself below:

The Legacy Edition machines mentioned above, PAC-Mania Edition, Mortal Kombat 30th Edition and Centipede Edition, are configured to include 14 games each and feature Wi-Fi to play online and updates, as well as classification tables. Arcade1up points out that Mortal Kombat 30th Edition brand the first time a Midway home recreational machine presents an online game. The three cabinets will be launched in the spring of 2022.

As previously pointed out, the Arcade1Up Pro series begins at the end of this year with a Killer Instinct cabinet in the summer of 2022. The additions of the Legacy Edition of the Pac-Man edition, the 30th edition of Mort emo Combat and the Centipede edition are Scheduled to launch in the spring of 2022. Accurate price details or games included for any of the previous ones were not announced. You can consult all our previous coverage of the various Arcade1Up offers here.

Arcade1Up CES 2022 Reveals PRO SERIES Killer Instinct

What do you think of the new Arcade1Up cabinets that have just been announced? Are you looking forward to getting any of them yourself? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to the games.

Spider-Gwen Great cosplay transforms Gwen Stacy in Venom

While Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently running successfully in the cinema, the Cosplay Community is allowed to look forward to Reddit on a new project of user Molina, which in the costume a popular heroine from the Spider-Man Universe is hatched.

Cosplay of Spider-Gwen has a special twist

Fans get a special variant of Spider-Gwen to see the evil side of Gwen Stacy in the form of Venom slowly takes control. The photo at Reddit shows Molina in the well-known white suit of the superhero — including the first traces of Genome. Even with the make-up, the cosplayer has adapted to the costume. She has not chosen a matching background. However, Molina wanted to present the community only her outfit with a selfie.


Gwen om was already a topic in the Marvel Universe

Little surprising is Gwen om a mix of Spider-Gwen and Venom — of course already in the comic universe of Marvel surfaced. In the year 2017 celebrated the figure in Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2) 25 your debut. Gwen Stacy opens the dark side when Rhino seriously injured her father on behalf of Kingpin.

In the film world of Marvel, both figures currently — in and outside the MCU — their appearance. So we got Venom (played by Tom Hardy ) to see in two single films. Gwen Stacy is currently at Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verses. Long ago, Gwen Stacy was embodied in the films of The Amazing Spider-Man from Emma Stone.

Many more Cosplay of Molina

Only three months ago we reported on a project of Molina. At that time, the cosplayer is hatched into the outfit of Giovanna from Guilty Gear: Strive. On the Instagram profile — where it occurs as Caytiecosplay — are also numerous more pictures of different outfits. Among them 2b of Near Automata, Chung from Street Fighter or Civil from League of Legends.

From Dominik Wingman
03.01.2022 at 15:55



1 2 Spider-Gwen: Great cosplay transforms Gwen Stacy in Venom Imaging Gallery to Spider-Gwen: Great Cosplay transforms Gwen Stacy in Venom

New PC Mobile Mobile

What do you play this month? Video, a new collection to see with the table
[News] in January]

▶ 1/12 Wear West WEIRD
Steam / GOG / PS4 / HBO
Korean language support

▶ 1/13 Buck up and drive! Buck Up and Drive!
Korean Unknown

▶ 1/13 Monster Hunter Rise MONSTER HUNTER RISE
Steam ( NSW )
Korean language support

▶ 1/13 Super UFO Fighter Super UFO Fighter

How to add language to android – install language without root
Korean Unknown

▶ 1/13 Stronger Stronger
NSW ( Steam / PS4 / HBO released)
Korean language support

▶ 1/13 Unidensembly DECEMBER
Steam / AOS / iOS
Korean language support

▶ Do not forget 1/13, even if you become an adult.
Korean language support

▶ 1/14 rescue masterpiece: Live! RESCUE PARTY: LIVE!

Korean language support

▶ 1/15 Gad of War God of War
Steam ( PS4 released)
Korean language support

▶ Deep Rock Glacial Deep Rock Galactic in January
PS4 / PS5 ( Steam / HBO / CSX ]
Korean language support

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