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Free Fire Announces Its First Official Championship For 2023: C.O.P.A. FF Invites 24 Teams

To start the competitive scenario of Free Fire, Battle Royale the Arena, in 2023, the C.O.P.A. Tournament.
FF will start on Feuary 25 this year.
Twenty-four teams were invited to play the main prize of $70,000 and secure the first title of the new competitive season.
The teams, which will compete for survival in the Purgatory, Bermuda, Alpine and New Earth maps, will play eight rounds.
In addition to being considered a heating for the azilian League of Free Fire, C.O.P.A.
It starts to divide with the LBFF, from this year, the sponsorship of Banco Santander.
The matches will be oadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, from 13h (asília time), through the Arena official channels on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok platforms.
The tournament will take place between Feuary 25 and March 19, 2023, with the final falls being scheduled for March 25.
Even without publicizing which teams invited to this edition, Arena reported details about the format, distribution of points by fall and the total award for this first tournament;
check out:


The tournament, which will have the starting 2023 theme, will have 4 matches divided into 6 days.
The twenty-four participating teams will be divided into 6 groups, and the twelve best will classify for the final stage.

Point Distribution

With each elimination, the player guarantees a point.
Check out the amount of points distributed for each placement:
São Paulo, January 26, 2023-Under the theme starting 2023, C.O.P.A.
FF opens the 2023 season of Free Fire’s competitive scenario.
From Feuary 25, fans will be able to follow exciting battles on Free Fire’s official YouTube channels, Twitch, and TikTok, every Saturday and Sundays at 1 pm until the final of the championship, scheduled for March 25.
In addition to the title of champion, the teams will compete in a total awards of 200 thousand reais, which will be divided into the top six.
The winner guarantees most of the prize, taking R $70,000.00 home.
The second place will have the amount of R $50,000.00, the third with R $40,000.00 and the rest of the prize will be divided as contained in the competition regulation.
A very well sponsored tournament
This year, C.O.P.A.
FF is sponsored by Santander, who is present in the daily life of Free Fire players and is also a master sponsor of the azilian League of Free Fire (LBFF) 2023.
In addition to the eSports bank, the competition will be sponsored by Kellogg’s®, which since last year has been a partner of Free Fire.
The partnership was made official with the launch of the Pringles® and Cheerio® product line specially created for the game’s fans.


Valheims Latest Mistlands Update Improves Certain Items

Latham players rejoice! The popular Viking-themed game has just received a Mist lands update with some great new features and adjustments. Get ready to explore the world of Latham with more powerful weapons and improved resources at your disposal!

The spot notes are divided into just two primary categories: one for the notable changes and another for general repairs, so they’re pretty easy to digest. You can find the spot keeps in mind in question listed below with the item changes listed towards the top and the fixes (including the optimizations) towards the bottom.

  • Mist lands armor and shield recipes rebalanced and durability increased
  • Personnel shave actually rebalanced recipes and stats
  • Ballista tweaks (Increased fire rate, sound effects added when shooting and forgetting targets, tweaked targeting behavior).
  • Ballista ammo recipes made cheaper.
  • Mist lands Candidate occasion tweaked (It will no longer activate in Meadows, Swamps, Mountains or Ocean. It will no longer spawn Applicant Soldiers and the amount of Seekers & Broods has actually been rebalanced).
  • Hunter AI fine-tunes (They must now circulate a bit and not be on the player constantly to give them some time to capture their breath).
  • Seeker Soldier and Gall spawn rate modified (Was spawning rather frequently earlier. It’s now much similar to Giant spawns in Black Forest).
  • Convenience from different carpets no longer stacks.
  • Gall will now just shoot 1 projectile at a time instead of 2.
  • Hare running speed a little reduced.
  • Tetra bait uses Fearing prize instead of UV prize.
  • Fish in mountain caves will respawn correctly, and little additional lake added.
  • Tuna likewise constantly takes ocean bait given that it is in ocean.

When strolling left with hoe or hammer geared up, Stutter repair.


  • Fixed animation issues on double knives idle and block idle.
  • Fixed a lighting concern with fog in black forest.

  • Repaired an error while viewing a character in the main menu that has a fish in its inventory.
  • Fixed a concern that might cause the Mist lands employer to escape (Sorry, Your Grace).
  • Spawned skeletons will uncommon properly after rejoining a network video game.
  • Discover console command shows absolute position rather than balanced out.
  • Breeding hens no longer sound like boars.
  • Right effects will now be revealed when placing marble bench and table.
    When continuous music is turned off, Music will fade out correctly for dungeons and areas.
  • Some areas that had looping music will now just be played as soon as.
  • Numerous networking modifications to fix connection issues when using cross play.
  • Sounds, music, animations and textures have actually been optimized to conserve around 485 Mb of RAM and to reduce the download size of Latham by around 420 Mb.

Latham got another of its ongoing Mist lands updates this week with this newest one consisting of some handy adjustments for a number of various weapons and other resources in the game. Precise values weren’t shared, however we can see that a few changes are clear improvements for particular products such as increased sturdiness for Mist lands armors. This very same upgrade also decreased the general impact Latham will have on one’s system by optimizing different properties.

Fixes & Improvements.

Balancing & Tweaks

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Reach Agreement, Reset Trial

Although the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard concluded a couple of months ago, there was still an issue at the table, and it was the defamation quota of each actor.
Now, it was recently revealed that the two actors have reached an agreement, with which, now, an end point has been put to this case.
Through his social networks, Amber Heard shared a message where he pointed out that he was not willing to cross by another trial in the United States.
In this regard, he pointed out that the first case was treated as an event for the media.


This was what he commented:

In the United States (…) I exhausted almost all my resources before and during a trial in which I underwent a room in which abundant direct evidence was excluded that corroborated my testimony and in which popularity and power imported more than
The reason and due process.

For too many years I have been caged in an arduous and expensive legal process, which has been unable to protect me and my right to freedom of expression.

I can’t afford to take a risk to an impossible invoice, one that is not only financial, but also psychological, physical and emotional.
Women should not have to face abuse or bankruptcy for telling their truth, but unfortunately it is not uncommon.

I want to thank all those who have supported me and direct my attention to the growing support that I felt and saw publicly in the months after trial, and the efforts that have been made to show solidarity with my story.
Any survivor knows that the ability to tell their story often feels like the only relief.
I can’t find enough words to tell you the hope that inspires your belief in me.
Not only for me, but for all of you.
For their part, Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez, representatives of Johnny Depp, revealed that Heard agreed to pay the actor a million dollars in damages, which puts an end to the trial.
This was what they said:
We are pleased to formally close the door to this painful chapter for Mr. Depp, who made it clear throughout this process that his priority was to bring to light the truth.
The unanimous decision of the jury and the resulting ruling in favor of Mr. Depp against Mrs. Heard are still valid.
The payment of $1 million, which Mr. Depp is promising and (actually) will donate to beneficial organizations, reinforces the recognition of Mrs. Heard of the conclusion of the rigorous search for justice by the legal system.
On related issues, a film about this trial is already in development.
Similarly, Johnny Depp re-play Jack Sparrow.

Editor’s note:
As much as Amber Heard was satanized during his judgment, it is a pity that all his statements were used as jokes in social networks, and the idea that a film of these facts is in development is something that surely affected his spirit.

Final Fantasy 7 And 8 Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch

It has been a while since the release of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 on PC, so it came as a shock to everyone when Nintendo revealed that these games would be available on their new console this winter. Square Enix explained in an official press release that both games were remastered for the PC, which may have led to some confusion about the Nintendo Switch version.

A year earlier, almost to the day, we learned that a Final Dream 7 and 8 Twin Pack would get here on the Nintendo Change in Asia.


We understand that it would be special to Asian countries, but we hoped that this would come in the West.
All this hope may have paid due to the fact that there are rumors of a Western outing for this Twin Load.
On a few various websites such as The Console Club (to which I would not rely on an online purchase) and Walmart (which I hardly trust to purchase bird seeds), it appeared.
Hopefully these are genuine tasks for Western variations and not only for imports.
As discussed the last time, the Twin Pack special to Asia might merely have tested the water and examine the request.
The double or twin packs are progressively typical for the variations of Nintendo Change.
There have actually been some double Sonic packs that have actually been released recently, then Nintendo could think about these packs to further boost sales.
However, it is just speculation at this phase.
It has been about a year since the news of a lot of Final Fantasy games would get here on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which have all come out because, so if you had to buy them, you would most likely already have it.
Possibly Nintendo missed its window with a double pack on the switch.
If this Twin Load really comes out in the West, we will put this theory to the test.
Last Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered are now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Will you get a double pack of Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered if he headed out on the Switch?
Let us understand in the comments listed below.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Summon Materia

In the custom of the series, gamers can find powerful summons in Last Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion, which they can utilize in fights.
While your call is still related to the traditional material system, the lectures in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion are not all quickly accessible.
If you want to utilize all sorts of necromancer in the video game, you are precisely ideal with us.
We have prepared this guide, which discusses Last Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Summon Material and where they can be found.
If you think about collecting everyone as a goal, it is up to you to fulfill all the prerequisites.
However, as soon as you have made the problem to discover every product, powerful creatures are available that are provided with updated cutscenes for your border crossing.
You will find the list where you can find them if you now want to deal with the obstacle of finding all materials so that you have all the lectures offered.

Final Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion Summon Material

The complete list of the Last Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Summon Material and its places to find them is as follows:
IFrit-Materia: Complete the M8-1-1: Retirement with Fit mission to receive the Material as a reward.
Requirement: reach chapter 2.
Bahamas matter: Total the M8-1-4: Retirement with Bahamas objective to receive the Material as a benefit.
Requirement: reach chapter 3.
Odin’s Material: Complete the M8-1-6: Mystery Material mission to receive the Material as a reward.
Requirement: Complete the M8-1-5: Escape from Hobos Labor.
Bahamas Fury Material: Total the M8-5-6: Schatzinfo 6 mission to receive the Material as a reward.
Requirement: Complete the M8-5-5: Schatzinfo 5 mission.
Phoenix-Materia: It is in the water tank in front of Nibelheim’s inn.
You can find it while going through the mission seven miracles of Nibelheim, which you will receive a tip from a young boy near the inn.
Prerequisite: reach chapter 8.
Chicago spring: Total the M8-4-1: suspicious post 1 mission to receive the Material as a benefit.
Requirement: reach chapter 4.
Cactus Born: Complete the objective M10-1-3: Actor found? To get the product as a reward.
Prerequisite: Defeated Actual in Mission M3-1-3: ruin the copies and conclude objective M10-1-2: Actual?.
Ton berry’s knife: Total the M10-2-3: Master Ton berry objective in order to get the item as a reward.
Requirement: Eliminate Ton berry in Objective M6-1-5: Buried in the Caverns and concluded objective M10-2-2: Ton berries All Over.

  • WAIT SITES Megaphone: Complete the M8-4-3: suspicious post 3 objective in order to get the item as a reward.
    Requirement: Total the M8-4-2: suspicious post 2 mission.
  • GOOGLES AMULET: Total the M8-4-4: suspect Post 4 objective to get the product as a benefit.
    Requirement: Supplement mission M9-4-3: suspicious post 3.
  • Magic pot tricks: Find Magic Pot in one of the random encounters throughout the mission M2-2-6: World of Monsters and utilize Foreign, Lizard, Thunder and Gravity, as required to complete the fight and the
    To receive item as a reward.
    Prerequisite: You must bring out the exact attacks in the order requested by the Magic Pot.
    A few of them might be easy to discover, others are hidden behind the history of the video game or require that they go through a list of the essential missions.
    In Last Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion, a Summon Material is the things you need to have in the inventory to summon one of these creatures.
    While you do not need to equip this material in any of the six readily available product slots, you require the corresponding material to a summon to call it up.
    Another crucial element of how Summon Material works in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is that you can not activate it straight.
    As we describe in our guide to summon in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion, summoning is associated with the DMW system from Last Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion.


For instance, if you have Odin’s summoning material, you just have the option of calling it up when the DMW is in summoning mode.
With this list you are all set to get every location from Last Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Summon Material.
If you desire to discover more about the video game, make certain to read our guidelines for all speakers and professions of Last Dream 7 Crisis Core Reunion to see who plays the characters that you know so well.

Wow: Even the boring fishing is really good in Dragon Flight. Meinmmo-Demon Cortyn is

With the release of WoW: Dragon flight, fishing has also been added to the game. But what does this have to do with meinmmo-Demon Corbyn?

Meinmmo-Demon Corbyn is even enthusiastic about fishing in WoW: Dragon Flight.
Due to the fact that Blizzard really developed a lot of things.
Fishing is not precisely one of the most interesting jobs in World of Warcraft-but that shouldn’t be.
It is typically a little meditative and gradually decrease the rush from dungeon to dungeon.
Numerous gamers frequently fish for hours for a variety of factors.
To find a little rest, drive up the Angel ability, collect cooking materials or hope for particularly uncommon drops.
However, in Wow Dragon flight, fishing has actually become often times better.

Since there are numerous little things that you do not see initially glance and for which you need to deal more intensely with the system.
We want to introduce some covert highlights to you here.
It is very important to know that most of the brand-new fishing features are related to the Tusk arr from ISARA in one method or another.
When you reach popularity level there, you often unlock new fishing functions that are primarily used in Dragon Flight.
This consists of:
New fishing alternatives (ice fishing, highland fishing, lava fishing).
A harpoon to capture Os chis.
Fish webs that instantly catch fish for you.
Fish that replace products such as herbs or ores.
Bonus boxes that consist of fish and a great deal of gold.
In addition, there are just a handful of recipes by means of the Angel system, given that you can in some cases discover bottles with dishes.
If you don’t need it yourself, you can provide away or make them gold in the auction home.

fish that replace other professions.

Among the most likely coolest more unidentified features from the Dragon Flight fishing is that you can partially change other collecting professions with the fishing.
As an example, we take my priestess, she is a tailor and jewel grinder (and for that reason always has an extremely complete inventory).
This suggests that for the jewel grinding, it actually depends on the truth that she gets ores from other players-so I would need to buy them in the auction home.
However, with Dragon Flight this is not essential, since I can fish a particular variety fish (magmadrecher) that can be probed-just like ores.
From this you get gems and other materials, even of quite high quality.
Once, this made it possible for me to increase my task up to ability level 90 without even having to purchase ores.
The drawback is, obviously, that you only get a fish for around every 15 seconds when fishing, while you get substantially more from ore deposits.
A skilled miner will make significantly more ores in the exact same time.
The advantages need to also not be ignored.
At the fishing occasions on Lava lakes, I can completely remain in the same place and empty the consistently appearing swarms, so I do not need to move.
If you wish to see a series by the method, you can make it a lot more relaxed when fishing (especially thanks to the new communicate button) than when flying through the world.
The matching fish are also from rarer ( blue) quality, which indicates that I often get excellent gems.


Tusk arr from Iskaara-cool rewards and fantastic gold win.

If you wish to fish, you can’t prevent the Tusk arr from ISARA in Dragon Flight.
It is for that reason worthwhile to take part in the soup cooking to gather calls to the Tusk arr.
Nevertheless, you can merely fish the call at the faction-and have a clear lead.
Since while, you rise the fame level of the Tusk arr, you not just unlock networks and harp uni, but can also update them so that there are more fish in the nets or that these networks are filled faster.
The emphasis is that you can fish the necessary upgrade products from the unique fishing points-this is exposed in the description of the item.
You actually have to utilize the first products for upgrades, however you can exchange all the following for call!

fame level 27-wealth without end.

It gets actually interesting with the Tusk arr from popularity level 27. After that you can find Tusk arr tackle boxes in the video game world.
These are primarily dispersed in large amounts in a few locations, so that you can discover 10-15 boxes close together.
The boxes not only contain various fish and mussels, but likewise a lot of gray dealership tool.
Depending on the box, this has a value of 3 gold approximately 500 gold.
On average, this is around 220 gold.
If you are searching for a nice gain, you can merely farm these boxes at night and find several 10s of countless gold in a short time and still find a lot of fish.

Oschis-big fish and unusual generates.

Lastly, there is the Os chis in Dragon Flight again.
These are particularly thick fish that look like the actual mob in the game world.
Instead of simply fighting them, you need to pull them ashore with a special harpoon (a kind of small video game) to get the opportunity of some bonus loot.
This is also an intriguing joint job, given that other players can support with their harrows.
Os chis always appear when you robbed a threatening shell- which is normally the case when fishing.
You must not continue fishing right away if you have actually received such a mussel.
If you wait, your character automatically looks the ability to try to find Os chi.
An Os chi appears there that you can get ashore with the Harping if you are near deep waters.
You can then utilize 5 of the mussels at particular fishing stations to summon an especially large Os chi, for which it needs several gamers with Harping.
Often this especially big Os chi is likewise an uncommon mob that not only drops actually strong prey, however likewise lets upgrade items drop for your harpoon.
Because Os chis himself can drop ominous mussel once again, there can be a boundless cycle of summonable unusual mobs and big Os chis, which increasingly more players participate in at several gamers on website.
I essentially like to angry in WoW while I wait on anything else-but in Dragon Flight I typically eliminate an hour since it is simply worth it and is remarkably fun.
You must attempt it.

Gloria Victis Is An With A Difference

In Gloria Victim, combat is never a single-player affair. If you want to craft or mine, you’ll need to take a break and kill some monsters – sorry! The days of feeling like an all-powerful God is over.

Gloria Victim has actually reached another milestone on its way to a 1.0 launch. The current upgrade has actually remodeled the video game world, presenting more PVP chances and less stagnancy around castles. There’s likewise a vacation occasion and more happening to see out the year.


The group made the entire external ring of the map into a non-loot z1. What they found was that having the whole map be a loot zone was discouraging going out and trying sieges or PVP in favor of protective play. These modifications feature the hope that taking some pressure off will cause more prepared to venture out and PVP in both the lower threat non loot zones and into the center.

Gloria Victim has been developing for a while, and with the team at Black Eye Games working to stabilize the availability of features, and to avoid a feeling of things getting stagnant. The group will leave the State of War active rather of turning it off throughout the annual holiday grace period they’ve held in the past.

The brand-new PVP options are now in result, along with a couple of Christmas events and activities, with benefits along with the opportunity to get yourself a Santa suit.

For more, head to Gloria Victim.

The group also guarantees that guild castles are not dead, and they will be back in a brand-new kind.

This is planned to achieve a number of things, to stop stagnancy beyond those State of War periods, because guilds that held these castles could hold them and remain there to wait up until action approached them. This developed a holding pattern of sorts, and this is meant to shake things up and stop lack of exercise on the map where individuals are just sitting around.

The latest update has remodeled the video game world, introducing more PVP chances and less stagnation around castles. The castles in the middle of the map are now nation-controlled castles, and they will have the same benefits of the guild castles as they were except that you’ll be able to introduce a siege and capture these castles at anytime. They come with bonus offers too, with some of the finest workshops, the highest quality farms and yields, and new buffs that broaden as your country controls more castles.

The castles in the middle of the map are now nation-controlled castles, and they will have the very same advantages of the guild castles as they were other than that you’ll be able to release a siege and catch these castles at anytime. This will improve the middle of the map and hopefully add more constant action. They feature benefits too, with a few of the finest workshops, the highest quality farms and yields, and brand-new enthusiasts that expand as your country manages more castles.

Ready For Mythic Quest?

Mythic Quest is a new show, and it’s not like anything you’ve seen before. It’s created by Rob McElhenney, the creator of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and co-creator of Minecraft: Story Mode. The show follows the development studio behind the MMO that changed the world. Mythic Quest is one of Apple TV+’s first original series, and it’s a great way to be introduced to the platform.


At the beginning of 2020, Apple television+ initiated the broadcast of the first season of Mythic Quest, series signed by Rob McElhenney and easily inspired by life (busy) of the development studio of the biggest MMORPG of HISTORY (a fictitious MMORPG) and its
The series thus follows the throes of development in the Industry of the Game, in specific affected by the players.
The broadcast of the third season of Mythic Quest started last month, a fourth season is currently confirmed and at the same time, Apple has actually simply ordered a derivative series (a spin-off), entitled Mere Mortals.

Little information are interacted at this hour, but according to Range, Lecture de Mere Mortals is turned over to the trio of the original series, Ashley Burch, John Howell Harris and Katie McElhenney, and the creators of Mythic Quest, Megan Gang, Rob McElhenney and
Charlie Day, will officer as executive producers of the spin-off.
In eight episodes, Mere Mortals owes special episodes of Mythic Quest-especially in confinement and Ever light in season 1 which evoked the consequences of the pandemic of COVVI-19 on particular characters, then background in season 2 on the starts
Literary by C.W. Long bottom.
Simple Mortals therefore intends to explore the lives of gamers, workers and fans whose life has actually been affected by the game which works as a structure for the main series.
Production does not say a lot more for the minute and the date of broadcast of the Mortals series Mortals is not yet revealed, however the derivative series will be available on Apple television+.

LOL: To the surprise of absolutely no one, healing systems are too strong, again. The League of Legends community understands that

League of Legends has a number of complicated mechanics, but certainly one of which can unite all the community’s hatred for Riot Games: healing.


This aspect of the game has been criticized by players, and it seems that the developer simply cannot balance him correctly, without leaving very strong specific champions.
To the surprise of virtually no one, the cure is very strong in MOB today and Riot is already aware of this problem.

More changes in healing come there…

In a Reddit post in which the community discussed the changes that will come with updates 12.23b and 13.1, Rioter Axes was asked about the state of healing in the game and promptly answered what everyone already knows, it is really too strong.
She is not in good condition, there is too much healing in the game. We are already working on painful wound items and probably will also make some changes in the cure values, replied the rioter.
Remember that besides Matrix and Yuri have dominated the Worlds 2022 with strong champions when it comes to cure, with the two most chosen characters in the World Championship, Riot invested an update and entire explanations for healing, the famous Patch 12.10,
also known with the durability patch.

In it, all healing and shield effects were reduced by 10%, in addition to painful wound values, they were reduced from 60% to 50% in closed items and from 40% to 30% in construction items.
According to Axes, Riot has plans to increase the percentage of painful wounds in building items, rather than increasing the statistics of the already complete items to make purchases more efficient.
Still, the developer is not absolutely sure of when this possible change will come to the game, although we are likely to see her early in season 13.

The Last of Us 3 is now in development and printmans next game, says well -known leaker. The rough

The Last people Component 2 undoubtedly obtains a sequel.
The truth that a sequel appears has been likely.
We are dealing with such an effective franchise business that there is even an HBO series.
The tale for a Last people 3 has additionally been representing a while, Naughty Dog said that over a year back.
Yet it likewise stated that the game was not in development
That is exactly what has transformed according to a leak.

The Last people Component 3 is said to be currently in development.

What is truly particular until now?
In April 2021, The Last people Supervisor Neil Luckmann stated that there was already a tale overview for the third The Last people component.
With Each Other with Co-Writer Halley Gross, the basic structure had actually currently been produced.
In the very same breath it was stressed that the game has actually not yet been developed:
57 5
much more on the subject
The Last people Part 3: The tale is currently standing and also that’s why it might function
This is what the brand-new leak says: Twitter user Viewer anon has actually received a tweet that The Last of Us Part 3 has the following game of Dr.
Luckmann (= Neil Luckmann) must be.
On top of that, it is also in manufacturing at the Naughty Pet developer workshop.
That would mean that the scenario would have transformed so that work with the sequel has now been started and also that it really comes.
This fits the statement with a number of titles that remain in Naughty Dog in the Aachen.
After the Last of United States Component 1 remake was released, the work on Thou 3 might have been recorded.
How major is that?
At least the leaker is classified by other media such as game rant as a really dependable source.
What is since he was already appropriate with other scoops.
He knew in advancement that Ashley Johnson symbolizes Anna from the video game in the series.
Below you can see the most recent trailer for the HBO movie:
There are even more The Last of Us in these Gamer write-ups:
I composes Plot from The Last people 3, and it sounds like a gaudy Telenovela
The Last people series in Germany: Sender as well as Streaming Solution
The Last people series from HBO: Begin, Cast, Storyteller known information
The multiplayer is main: Besides the leaks as well as rumors concerning a third The Last of US part, there is of course likewise the main statement on the multiplayer title.
It should end up being a standalone descendant as well as there is already a very first idea art photo.
What do you wish for from a third component?
What do you really feel like: on the multiplayer or a sequel?

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