Currently, Garena Free Fire has about 45 unique characters that players can unlock for use in each match. Some of these characters are inspired by the cult figures from all over the world, and players need to know which one is best to use to stay ahead in the current mete. Each update changes certain aspects of certain characters, and this facilitates a new meter in the game. The following five characters are currently best used in Garena Free Fire:


Chrono – traveling hunter for heads of parallel universe, equipped with a power field. The design of this character was inspired by a cult football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

His Time Turner Shield can withstand up to 600 units of damage, and the speed of the character’s movement increases by 10% with a 50-second recovery time. Chrono, perhaps, the best character in Free Fire is right now because of its unique ability to protect teammates from damage.


Clod is just known as a modern private detective in the game, and its abilities allow the players to schedule the location of opponents for a while. SPECIALLY CLUITS TO SURVICE Step tracking and it detects enemies that are not in position lying or squatting within a radius of 50 m.

The 75-second time to restore its ability gives the team of club enough time to choose the battle after scanning the area for the presence of enemies. Players can use clubs, united with other reconnaissance characters to get the most out of reconnaissance.


Alvaro is a demolition expert in Free Fire and the best choice for players who love grenades, grenade launchers and explosives. Alvaro’s ability to increase explosive damage by 10%, and the damage range increases by 7%.

Top 5 Best characters Skill Combo For All Players In Free Fire | Tips And Tricks

His special survival skill, The art of demolition is considered one of the strongest abilities in the team gameplay. Players can increase Alvaro’s abilities, collecting memories fragments, like all other characters in FREE Fire.


If you are looking for a character that restores HP after damage to opponents, then Jota is perfect. Its Sustainable raid Special ability to survive allows players to restore a small amount of HP after a shot into the enemy.

This ability becomes too powerful, especially when players are less. In fact, you can isolate 1 to 1 and get health, knocking down opponents from the legs. It will force the opposing detachments to revive or be treated, giving the players enough time to move or finish them.


Kelly – speedster Garena Free Fire, and its abilities allow players to always be one step ahead. Players can increase their run speed by 6%, having collected all the fragments of Kelly’s memory and improving its special ability to survive. Rice up to level 6.

This character is designed to quickly enter and leave the shootout, which gives her team time in order to take a strategic position. Although Kelly is a brilliant offensive character, she needs other support and intelligence characters to keep track of her attacks.

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