Stone keeper – a great subject for late game in Lost Ark. You can use it to improve all gear except weapons. Usually they are issued as a reward for the dungeons of chaos, the main quests and bonuses for logging into the system. It is recommended that the players keep them until the end of Shushir when they need to increase their level of equipment.

Fragments of the keeper stone is another form of keeper stones. You can sharpen low-level equipment with fragments, but for high-level equipment requires whole stone crystals. It is good to save as much as possible a keeper stone fragments before completing Shushir, because the next quest requires you to increase the level of your equipment up to 460.

How to Get a Keeper Stone Fragments

How to get some easy Destruction and Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark! [Simple Guide]

Going to the dungeon of chaos or in the guarancy raid, you are more likely to find the keeper stone fragments. Repeat raids and dungeons give very little, but every time you will definitely get something. Several dungeons and raids are blocked depending on the level of the equipment, so you will need to repeat somewhat before you can do something. The icons of the raids of the guardians and the dungeons of chaos are shown below.

As a reward for the daily entry into the system, you will receive many keeper stones and fragments of keepers. In addition, you can get crystals that can be used to buy additional fragments of the keeper stone.

Over time and patience, you will be able to farm them only through the dungeons of Chaos and the Guardian raids, but do not expect that you get a lot for your troubles.

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