Madden 23 is the latest part of the popular NFL franchise released EA. Although the game has several new and improved functions, it also has religious functions of celebration and demonstration, as in its predecessors. Here is a guide on how to celebrate and mock Madden 23.

How to tease and celebrate in Madden 23

Management elements for celebration and demonstration were changed in Madden 23 to the following:

PlayStation *: L2 + R2 + X Controller
Controller Xbox : Lt + RT + A
Keyboard and mouse : Left mouse button + left Ctrl

Performing these holiday movements, you can also use your analog joystick to maintain the movement of your character and change his direction. Celebrate with caution, as the movements make you slower, and you would not want you to be seized while you look cool. In addition, before reaching the final zone, you can hold Square on the PlayStation and X on Xbox to make a festive immersion.

Players also have the opportunity to celebrate landing or achieving the final z1. As soon as the invitation of the festive dance appears on your screen, you can use the right joystick of your controller to choose one of the four options: signature, spike, dance and team.

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