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SEGA discloses the duration of the Sonic Frontiers campaign as well as its ace in the hole for success

Sonic Frontiers intended to be just one of the correct names of this June. The new and ambitious set of the hedgehog of SEGA has been shown in various gameplays that, although initially they did not obtain all the assistance of the neighborhood, in the last it seems that the speech can be changing training course.

They insist on their open world as a secret weapon Our Open Zone is a Mapamundi, just that we have actually made it entirely playable, he explains. A usable Mapamundi that consists of aspects by levels is something that has never ever been done so far, so we had to locate a brand-new name, he claims, referring to the open world as the trump card ** of Sonic Frontiers.


The big issue that followers point is the open world of Sonic, which is both as sensible as a character for a character accustomed to animated environments. In a meeting with IGN, supervisor Morio Kishimoto has revealed that they call Open Zone to the open world , as well as take into consideration the primary axis.

A comprehensive period

Furthermore, Kishimoto has been asked about the approximate duration of the game campaign, which points once again to new standards for the saga. The Sonic Frontiers campaign will take us in between 20 as well as 30 hrs generally , although he promises that those who intend to complete everything will increase this number.

If the wager is ultimately well Collection X | S and also NINDO BUTTON, to inspect. Despite the issues of some fans , for the minute a hold-up is ruled out, so we ought to proceed waiting on this year.

Frontiers intended DISCOR

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Join the Frontiers intended discord

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What happens if you fail with the severe open world “Elex 2”? “The second life” full of mistakes

An open world game that can be fallen to a vast world and can be aware of it. Some works where you can enjoy the relationship with the NPC characters, and that experience can be called “second life” that tastes only in time? “ELEX II” is also a work that can be experienced. It is an open world game that changes the impression from people and the relationship with the forces through the player’s decision. However, in this work, the eight way beauty is not useless. She allies to whom and who will give priority? Be sure to associate the action. It is a work that can taste the acid of the relationship with people.

This time, THQ NORDIC JAPAN Co., Ltd. had an opportunity to jump into the world of “ELEX II (Elex 2)”. This work is PS4 · PS5 package version / PS4 · PS5 download version / XBOX ONE · Xbox Series X | S Download version / STeam version is on sale. The authors act in the STEAM version, act as their intuition and desire, and challenged the “second life” to send in the world where human relationships are intertwined. Somehow I feel that failure and regret, I will tell you a play experience that feels the distinct size of this work.

# “ELEX II” introduction

I would like to introduce “Elex II” before the experiences. This work is the sequel to the open world game “ELEX”. Development is responsible for Piranha Bytes known in the Risen series and “Gothic” series. It is a game system that can be an action RPG of the third person perspective and exploring the vast world freely, and enjoys exchanges with people with a variety of culture.

The stage of this work is the planet “Malalan” where the meteorites collide and the civilization collapsed. The view of the world has a post-apocalypse, SF and fantasy fused aspects. Some of the power to manipulate advanced technologies and energy weapons, and there are people who rely on nature and magic. In this work, five factions with such various ideologies appear. There is no government that governs Malalan, and basically each is the situation where each is alerts each other.

The main character of the player who is a player who is a “jack” is a man called “jack”. He was the main character in the previous work “Elex” and showed a remarkable success. On the other hand, in this work, I live in a places where it is a town, and will come out on an adventure trip in response to the arrival of “Sky and”, which is a new invader. Jacks are a mission that works on five factions to save Malalan from new threats. However, it does not go to one stroller to put together different factions of the way of thinking. Player selection also affects the relationship between characters and factions, and it is also spread to the development of the story. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to understand and carefully make people.

# “ELEX II” can be enjoyed in “Self” or

Therefore, I was decided to try to play honestly for my feelings at “Elex II” where cautious is required. That’s why it is a type that is always thinking that is a normal author and a colletrior and “I don’t want to be hated by anyone if possible.” If it is, I want to behave in my own mind without thinking about people in the game. In addition, there is also an intention to make sure that “Elex II”, which is required to be able to returning if it fails, or whether it can be enjoyed even if you play easily. As a result, this work provided “Fails to enjoy” a newborn game play.

# Book your home by first

The beginning of this work starts with a scene where the jacks that have put the prey return to his residence. I thought that the authors thought to be a calm atmosphere, and I thought that “I will remember the operation in a slow-life part and I wonder if the story will be developed”, but that kind of shop is not good. A calm home is not a non-sense, and it will be shattered by a suddenly flying meteorite. I will not wait for an adventure, I will come from the other way. Moreover, from the meteorites, dangerous products such as purple beacons have a purple bubble begins. Jacks with a blowout and a blow are falling from the cliff and fainting.

The character who helped the jacks that regained his consciousness is an adam character. He is a threat of Malalan, a new aggresser Sky and an anti-beaker. The establishment of the 6th power of humanity for that, he proposed a jack of the former hero. Then, I left the jet pack in the jacks and left and left “I’m waiting at the base of the north.” Immediately, I felt a jet pack in the room, as a matter of course, I was going to be a gorigori on the ceiling.

The author that came out was headed south for the time being. Some of the adventive appearance of Adam did not like it. He also tried to try a jet pack that he got a lot. Jetpack can be activated at any time during search, and it reaches a considerable height at a great speed. If you get over the south rock wall and overcome swiland, the Sky and Sky Administration was waiting. When I was scolded by just revenge, I got more than half of his physical strength in a light blow like a cat punch. I flew away with my body, one night for my strength recovery in a small cabin. Although it can act freely from the beginning, it is a system with a certain risk.

# Minimum father

An author who reflect on the other side of the wandering wandering to the north of Adam. However, there are dotted ruins and the like in the way. If you try to explore, it is often an item that the item exists, and it has become crazy about the dwelling road using the jet pack. Also, if you fall out of the high off, you will hit his knees or hit damage and eat damage. He might have been “when he comes” because he was 3 nights for Adam for recovery.

If you go to the north again, you encounter the jacks’ spouse Kaja. She seems to be at a considerable position in the power “Berserker” that believes in magic and nature. It should be a couple, but if you talk to talk, it is a bit sowing, and it seems that the jack has a very good feeling. As a result of consultation, it became a flow to protect the dex of two sons.

Deex is successfully joined and joining him to a journey to aim at the north. However, his father’s figure of his father where Dex Deix was witnessed, the ruins were, if you were bad, they were spoiled by the person who lived by people. When encountering a strong monster, it is the end of the authors, that is, his father to be ridiculously. This is that jacks can not be helped by Casa. Although it is not hated by the same NPC in stealing, son that his father steals the figure that does not have the slippery son is quite surreal. In addition, in conversation events, the accompanying person may have a mouth according to the character, and various situations will be more interesting.

# Good Adam

While I was in a journey and search, I was allowed to wait for Adam close to one week in the game time. I thought that he wanted to wait. When he joins him, a quest that “negotiating five powers”, which is the axis of the story, appeared. After the way, the story of this work starts. Also, while searching, the aforementioned Kasa is a fellow who is scared. The parent-child trip has been traveled, but what you do is theft that invades the private house as usual. It is a thief family.

It is a casual that is not good friends with jacks, but his companion will work great. She is a wizard, but she will help her with high thermal magic. Rather, in the early stages, Kasa has several more fighting skills, and basically it will only run away with her. It is natural to be hated. Also, there is also a cajila. She was disliked at a stretch when he intended the gatekeeper of the visited Berserker base. Besides that, it is one of the many words of the authors and the secret is getting worse and more. On the other hand, she is slightly hated and it will come to the journey as it is. The couple is complicated.

In addition, in this work, people other than Kasa are also an impression that there are many cold responses. If the civilization is collapsed, it is natural if it is natural if the faction is misclassified, but it is still when it comes to coming and threats. Every time, although there is a decrease in sensitivity and penalty that I think “Oh, I failed”, the impact on the game progression is not too tight. However, I felt a good balance that feels a good balance of the causal report, such as being refused in the scene that should be cooperated.

Also, although it is an experience in the game, it is fresh to put it as it is. It is also a sufficiently allowed system to play to act as being hated by your heart. In addition to the manual save in addition to the auto save function in this work, it will be an ant in the scene where you do not want to fail. During the person’s play, the reason worked just before the belly guard worked, and there was a scene that did not lose progress thanks to the save. Hard soldiers were stronger.

# RPG’s Best “Ability Enhancement” Failed

By enjoying human relationships, they are fun to be able to enjoy the ability of the protagonist. In this work, the use of levels and items allows “AP” to strengthen various statuses of the protagonist and “LP” that can be used to enhance abilities and enhancing jet packs. The status has five types of “muscle strength”, “physical”, “nobility”, “wisdom” and “”, giving various effects to the game. Specifically, agility requires the equipment for long-distance weapons, and the equipment of heavy weapons is required, and both must have a constant strength. This also affects the ability to acquire, for example, to get hacking skills, and greatly affect the gameplay, such as prominent quickness and.

There is an element that mads the judgment of the authors in the ability value distribution that is required for such a caution. It is a jet pack. The jet pack of this work is good. If you take off with one button, you basically leave the safety area. Hazardous situations are served as a trump card that can be used at any time. In addition, frequently used in movement and search. Honestly, the good sensitivity from the author as a journey is about the jet pack than Kaja. Therefore, the authors have brought points to “wisdom” necessary for strengthening the jet pack in the first half.

Then, the status is not enough and can not be equipped with a new weapon. In other words, although there are also wists, the battle has finished the poor jacks. On the other hand, regret did not last long. The required jet pack function was worthwhile to sacrifice combat power. Sprint booster that allows the horizontal flight of the fadious speed, which gained at the expense of physical, also helped to make the enemy in addition to a comfortable search. The status allocation to regret it for a moment, and it is a mechanism that helps adventure in any way if you make use of the strengths firmly.

I can not get back with a failure.

If you play this work, many events will happen. The decision in the quest, who was completely irrelevant, and the decision in the quest that was completely irrelevant is different. As an example, there was a manager who was kept by the child just being kind to the child, and there was a two-chairing behavior. Although he tried to cut off and cut, I remembered the strength of the guard and paid the sword. However, there is a weight for nothing and the point that gives a later unexpected effect, as it looks like life and fun.

In addition, selective choices will bring significant results. One day jacks and his line visited the subway stations that go to the destination. However, there was a liveliers from factions. At first, although it was an ex-feder who touched me friendly, I converted with their leader. Attitudes. If you want to go through, it means that you sell guest quest companions.

At that time, the guest character that I accounted was honest and a bad man. However, a man who threatens and threatens with Nico Nico is not good. I was completely brushed to my head, “Well, it’s good, I’m going around,” I immediately refused. However, while continuing the conversation, the clouds are getting more and more suspicious, and the sense of tension with piri. The author who could withstand tensions, despite the other options, despite the choice of my kick, I cut the weapons and chose the entire war.

Corps of an attacker to attack. The person who has cut the war and the authors flew away with all power. It’s because I’m dead. After screaming and sword flicker stopped, the corpse of the exemplators was lying at a time. Fortunately, I got a victory by the struggle of my friends. However, many elevencers who lived at the subway station have died all without leaving. In the miserable that many lives were lost, I felt the feelings of strong pity and I muttered “Why. I am because I was killed. However, if it is a successful name of his injury, it is a letter because it has been brought about the belongings and supplies of the exemplit.

# Life Taste

The author has had a lot of mistakes in “Elex II”. On the other hand, there were times when a bullish attitude is successful. Also, it is rare to be such as so-called “stuffing”. His life as a jacking will continue to be hated by his spouse.

A number of failures and pronounces that the author, jacks have become a cure if it happens in reality. However, if it is the world of the game, it can be accepted and can be a laugh. “ELEX II” experienced the fun of a colletrior, and he experienced the fun and its risks. It is a work that can enjoy the taste of “second life”, which is also sweet and sweet.

In addition, there was a difficulty degree selection in this work, and I was played in normal mode. Easy and story mode are available as easier difficulty levels and can be changed at every time. Even if you are not good at fighting, you will be able to enjoy life as a jack. If you are a careful type that you do not want to fail, you should also live the world of “Elex II” in the way of enjoying the intuitive way. You are just waiting for your adventure or a story in a rare way.

“Elex II” is PS4 · PS5 package version / PS4 · PS5 download version / XBOX ONE · XBOX Series X | S Download / STeam version is currently on sale.

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