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A developer who works in PlayStation was mocked that the editor will have some “Bangers” that will be launched later in 2022. At this time, the rest of the PlayStation alignment for the rest of the year is still unclear. Outside of Inos of the War: Ragnarok that is probably the most expected PlayStation title for many fans, Sony has not reported much of what it is scheduled for 2022. Fortunately, according to this developer’s comment, it seems that there are still some surprises..

In recent weeks, a PlayStation animator with the name of Robert Morrison has been making fun that the company still has some projects not announced in process that should be launched this year. Morrison (obviously) has not given any clue on which ones could be these titles, but has indicated that the projects in question have been in process during “[Three to Five] years” in total. ¬ęPlayStation has some successes that will come out this year,” Morrison said in a previous Tit.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Morrison’s teasing is that he has already specified that the game in which he is working at this moment is not the one of the war: Ragnarok_. However, he has said that what he is developing is “just as a pimp”. The reason why this is remarkable is because he tells us that Morrison is not only promoting the launch of ragnarok, which is something that fans are already waiting anxiously. Knowing that PlayStation could launch another massive game later this year to coincide with the Inos of war The sequel is definitely worth mentioning.

At this time, the most likely projects in which Morrison could be working could include the Last of US Franchise of Naughty Dog. Although it is not known that he is working on a third main delivery of the series at this time, it is confirmed that a multiplayer title is developed within this world. In addition, a new version of the original. The last of us has also been reported during the last year. While Morrison could definitely be working on something completely different, it seems possible that Naughty Dog can have some massive ads to share later in the year.

What games do you think Sony could be planning to launch on PS5 or PS4 as it continues this year? Let me know your best assumption in the comments or communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.