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Conquer the world with a monster Evil corporate management strategy Kaiju Commander announcement trailer released

Poland’s Developer Amharic announced the strategy Kiev Commander on November 26 and released the trailer.

This game runs a single-play work that operates evil companies that succeeded in breeding monsters in the sacrifice of many scientists and aiming to rule the world using monsters.

The game content is introduced to the seabed as the front stage of the world control. Earn resources according to the location of the base and enhance equipment. Upgrade while giving genetic manipulation and equipment to the monster and control the ground. Furthermore, it is said that the next base is installed, and the power will be expanding while making resource exchange between the base.

A unique Kiev Commander that can be enjoyed on the bad guys will be released in the future for PC (Steam). The release date is undecided, and the Steam Store page is currently expected to comply with Japanese.

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The most common veterinary management challenge
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High Quality Personal Production FPS Bright Memory Infinite starts delivery with Japanese subtitles and speech responses

Kenji Sudan (津田 健次郎, Sudan Kenji, June 11, 1971) is a Japanese star, voice actor, storyteller, as well as movie director. He works at ASTIR. Some of his functions as a voice star: Set Kaaba in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sahara Inuit in Shin Tennis no Fujiyama, Mazama Chicago in Fukuoka, Rough from Steel Battle Bey blade, Minot Such and GUI Enjoy in K Job, Fire Symbol in Tiger & Rabbit, Hannes in Strike on Titan, Nicolas Brown in Gangsta, Doug Howbeit in Juushinki Pandora, Atomic Samurai in One-Punch Man, Overhaul in My Hero Academia, Manitoba Key in Police Officer Craft, Hero RO in Tower of God, Short Chinese in Tokugawa, Niño in CCA, Auto Lunar in Moussaka, Retry!, Akihito Narihisago/Sakai do in ID: INVADED, Tsuchigomori in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, Kanji in Eugen no Justin, Jigen/Dashiki Otsutsuki in Boru to: Naruto Next Generations, Joker in Fire Pressure, Panama Kenton in Jujitsu Kaiser, Tats in The Way of the Househusband, Mainstay in Gen shin Effect, and The Beholder in To Your Eternity.

PLAY ISM has started delivery of the FPS action game BRIGHT MEMORY: Infinite that the individual developer FYQD-STUDIO works.

The stage in 2036 is a book that combines guns and swords, and various skills and abilities to find out the cause of unusual causes areas around the world. The high quality graphics that became a topic that are also the predecessor Bright Memory are also evolving, and it is necessary to see it eliminated.

Bright Memory: Infinite corresponding to Japanese subtitles and audio is in STEAM delivery for 1,980 yen. LCS ​​containing character costumes and weapon skins are also delivered for each 100 to 200 yen (some skins can be unlocked in the gameplay).

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Bright Memory Infinite | Best Graphics Ever? China FYQD Studio is VOODOO MAGIC



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