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How to lure opponents in a trap in IMC Armories in Apex Legends

IMC weapons have recently been presented in the 13th season of APEX Legends, and they are designed to provide players with the best possible production options after the successful destruction of ghost waves. The rapid destruction of robots will bring better prey in smart drawers, but the teams are always vulnerable to third parties inside these cells. We have improved the game since these weapons IMCs appeared, and these are some tips and techniques that players should use to easily destroy opponents.

The weapons chamber IMK gates close as soon as the player launches the computer inside. If the warring team fights with spectra inside, then it is best to take a position at the top of the IMC arms chamber. Positioning at the top of the weapon will allow your team to be quite easy to preemptively shoot opponents inside. The only drawback of this trick is that opponents may have a chance to use a jump area and move. Legends such as Gibraltar, Watson, Fewz, Valkyrie, Horizon and Mad Maggie are ideal for this situation, since players can spark abilities when the IMC arms chamber opens. Remember, the battle inside the arsenal lasts 60 seconds, so it is better to fulfill the plans of third parties secretly.

IMC Armory Wraith Portal Glitch | Apex Legends Season 13

How to close the IMC Armory jumping platform and catch opponents in an APEX Legends?

There is another method with which players can lure enemies into a trap inside the IMC arms chamber, and you will need trident so that it works. To do this, the trick is all you need to do is control the trident and place it on the top of the IMC weapon chamber in order to prevent opponents from using a special catapulting function for moving.

Although Trident does not have a vertical upsurge, players can build these machines with stones and other designs on the map to accurately place them over the IMC weapon. Eat a stone that gives the car a small vertical edge, and use the acceleration function to accelerate to the trident. This will automatically move it to the top of the IMC weapon, where you can place the vehicle to lock the way out, leaving the opponents vulnerable inside.

We tried this trick several times in the rating of the royal battle, and it works great while players can build a trident on top of the IMC arms. Make sure your teammates are watching the main gates of the arms chamber, as this will be a viable option for the exit of opponents. Spam-granates and other explosives inside to quickly destroy enemies. This method will allow players to receive smart prey without the need to defeat the waves of ghosts.

Do you want to know how to get the best prey from IMC Armories? Find out how the battles and IMC Armory Specter battles work in APEX Legends in the game manuals for professionals.

All amplification, weakening of weapons and changes in APEX Legends Season 13: Saviors

In the 13th season, the Apex Legends there is no new weapon, but this does not mean that the weapons that we know and love (or hate) will not undergo changes. The most powerful and weakest weapon in the game undergoes changes, as well as some changes in medium -level weapons. Some of these changes change the rules of the game, others are not so much. Let’s take a look.

All buffs, nerves and changes in weapons

Here are all the changes made to the weapon in the 13th season, except LMG. Due to the degree of weakening LMG as a class, a separate article was given. Please go there for any lmg nerves. This leadership will cover all other changes in the weapon.

Kraber.50-Cal sniper

  • [Nerf ↓] The multiplier of the shot in the head is now only 2.0 (earlier 3.0)
  • [Nerf ↓] Damage for a bullet now only 140 (earlier 145)


  • [Buff ↑] The damage damage is now 1.0 (previously 0.8).


  • [Buff ↑] The damage damage is now 1.0 (previously 0.8).

destructive rifle

  • [Buff ↑] Improved recoil at the beginning of the pattern

double shell

  • [Removal] Dual Shell Hop-Up was removed from ground production and craft sets.

Mastifa gun

  • [Buff ↑] Explosion explosion scheme
  • [Nerf ↓] ammunition now only 4 (earlier 6)
  • [Change ↔] The ammunition of the built -in box for weapons is 28 rounds.
  • [Buff ↑] The damage for the pellet is now 14 (earlier 11).

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Full
* [Buff ↑] the size of the granules was increased
* [Buff ↑] The rate of fire is increased to 1.2 (previously 1.1).

Please note that the main reason for the mastiff buff is that he returns to the supply point.

To learn more about the content of APEX Legends, read weapons rotation in boxes for supply/assistance sets in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors in the game guides for professionals.

“Apex Legends” LAN event travel expenses are only paid to half a team, and the player dissatisfies the player-EA decides to turn over, and the full travel expense burden

Apex JUST said THIS about April Fools Event (he was wrong)
By the owner of the E-sports team “Full Squad Gaming”, regarding “ Apex Legends ” Sweden held by Electronic Arts in Sweden. Some Jake Lucky leaked dissatisfaction with travel expenses to the team and became a topic.

Lucky revealed that “1 million Dollars of Apex Legends” held in Sweden has been a $ 40 team that passed the qualifying 10 teams that can only be traveled from EA…. ” And comments. Since small teams are also an event that participates, there is also a concern that there are also teams that can not exploit travel expenses to Sweden.

About 6 hours after this tweet, the “Apex Legends” e-sport official account is “decided to bear the travel expenses for all starting players participating in live events,” We have announced the burden of travel expenses.

“YEAR 2 Algs Split 2 Playoffs” will be held from April 29 to May 1 of Overseas.

Apex Legends PS5 DualSense

The Next Gene Upgrade from Apex Legends for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S should not be too far away. Apart from the fact that Respawn will gradually introduce new functions every season, and not in a strike, is very little known about which accurate improvements players will receive. This includes whether those on the PS5 can use the functions of the dualSense controller while they play Apex Legends.

Best Gaming Controller Guide: Apex Legends (PS4, Xbox One, PC) | How to SCUF

In a detailed interview with The PC Player 24 over the past, present and future of Apex Legends, Game Director Steve Ferreira suggests that such dualSense features will arrive sometime in Battle Royale.

“As I have already mentioned in earlier interviews, we plan to continuously add new features to our next-generation platforms,” ​​says Ferreira. “Although I can not confirm today when DUALSENSE features will come to Apex, I can say yes, it’s one of the nuclear features that really contributes to the sense of fun and is a bit very core for all Respawn games. Things that improve the feeling of our nuclear game are something we are looking forward to seeing. “

About the decision of Respawn, in the context of seasonal updates during the year, step-by-step new features of the current generation introduce, Ferreira simply describes it as “as we [ResPawn] gladly to make games and a natural part of our development process.”

It seems that Respawn itself with typically concrete functions that make up the most next-generation upgrades, still wants to tinker with the help of the community feedback as soon as they are live, as is the case with other aspects of Apex Legends.

Stay it for more insights from Ferreira and Senior Design Director Evan Nikolich during this week on The PC Player 24.

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