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Robert Pattinson enthuses Final Fantasy 7 and his first great love Aerith

Glitzervampir, magic student and meanwhile even Batman: The actor Robert Pattinson has already undertaken to many characters on the canvas. For some of them, he is loved by his fans until today, others are more likely to worry about stitches. In recent years he was also seen in some more serious roles. Behind the façade of the successful star, however, he also hides a nerdite side, which now came to light.

In an interview, Pattinson expressed itself to his favorite Final Fantasy 7 and his two characters Aerith and Tifa, who left him exceptionally emotionally. His views of the two characters can surely understand many fans.
ATTENTION, SPOILER: The actor speaks, among other things, from a specific event in the game that will make you a lot of anticipate if you have not finished it so far. Refracts in this case later and do not let the surprise spoil.

Robert Pattinson’s love for Aerith and Tifa

In the interview, Pattinson prize gave that a certain scene from Final Fantasy 7 has brought him to cry. And that seems to be extraordinary as his statement finished tears after only a few occasions in his life: the speech is of Aerith’s death.

He even goes a step further and calls the lovable flower girl his first love. No wonder that the farewell from the fictitious figure then hit him very much. In a side rate he also mentions the confusion about their name: In a version, it is called Aeris, ie with a slightly changed spelling. This should be due to another reading during translation.

Today he can laugh about the situation, his affection for the game and the two female main characters remains remains. Also for Tifa he has a few warm words left. Namely, this is a classic love triangle, as you know it from many other works.

So there is the good-hearted Aerith, which can heal other people with their power. Their opposite is the attractive TIFA, which exercises another appeal as a thief in scarce clothes. How should one decide about it? Anyway, Robert Pattinson can not do that and has a place in his heart for both characters.

Robert Pattinson talks about Final Fantasy VII and his love for Aerith & Tifa [SPOILERS] #TheBatman

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The Batman has the strangest post-credit

Since the 3. March vibrates Robert Pattinson as Batman not only by Gotham City to defeat nasty villains, but also on the cinema wall. Even in advance, the film was happy about a positive media echo and also in our criticism we found reason for praise \ – if not exclusively.

ATTENTION SPOILER! The following article deals with the story of The Batman (Buy Now 32.99 €) and the post-credit scene. If you have not looked the movie yet, you should stop reading here!

Now where the film has been officially appeared, fans hatch in the role of the detective and determine which hints have hidden in The Batman . One of the most burning questions: Does the movie provide an indication of the Joker? But the Mysterious Post-Credit Scene also indicates in the sign of the Riddler’s puzzles.

What has it with the Post-Credit Scene of The Batman?

First of all: call the post-credit event as a scene, maybe something exaggerated. Instead, it is more a message , the fans should provide an indication. After the credits, the letters “Good Bye”, ie “goodbye” on the canvas, followed in green, followed by a question mark.

The Batman Ending: Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs, Cameo Scene and Things You Missed
Thus, the film clearly indicates the possible return of the Riddler. The smart lover is the main peasant’s weight of the film and makes Batman pretty much trouble. At the end of the movie, however, he lands as usual in a cell in the Arkham asylum , where he hits a new friend, where it probably could act around the Joker . Maybe the two of them already forge a common complip?

Because actually the message at the end of the film is not the only thing that happens after the credits. After the questionable farewell, another text frame flashes for a short time, which can only be identified by stopping the film as a website. It is the website

What is behind the website rataalada?

Anyone who has already tracked the marketing around the latest adventure of the bat, this website will be familiar with this website: it was used as part of a Augmented Reality Games to apply The Batman. Originally there were some smaller puzzles, but the page has been adapted.

If you bring a little patience and let the page perform your “process” where you allegedly load some files, you will end up the message “Click for Reward”, so “Click for price”. When you familiarize the site, you get to a picture with some enigmatic characters. Particularly interesting is the filename of the picture: He is “it’s not over yet”, which means “it is not over yet”. The Riddler seems to prepare for his return.

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