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Primera Division: Real Madrid with a winning victory against the bottom of Levante

Real Madrid is also in goal mood after winning the 35th championship in Spain.
Against the bottom and Levante, the Champions League finalist effortlessly won 6-0 (4-0) on Thursday evening.
Ferland Mendy (13th), Karim Benzema (19th), Rodrygo (34th) and Vinicius Junior (45th, 68th, 83rd) gave the team of coach Carlo Ancelotti the peat festival.
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6 GOALS for Real Madrid! Vinicius scores 3 and Benzema makes history | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

In the race for international business, Real Sociedad San Sebastian scored 3-0 (1-0) against FC Cadiz and FC Villarreal with a 5: 1 (4: 1) at Rayo Vallecano.

Premier League | Kai Hanctz shoots Chelsea for the last minute

Kai Havertz has brought a home win to the Turbulenzen FC Chelsea with a late gateway in the Premier League. The German football international met in the 89th minute to the hard-working 1: 0 (0: 0) against Newcastle United.

The Champions League winner and Clubweltmaster supervised by the German coach Thomas Tuchel remains third in the English football championship, ten points behind leader Manchester City, which plays only on this Monday, and seven behind the table-second FC Liverpool.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is affected by sanctions of the British government, which also affect the club. It is possible that power carriers like Antonio Rüdiger will be at the end of the season. Tuchel set inner-defending rüdiger as well as the initial formation as the German national team colleagues Hvertz and Timo Werner.

An attacker Werner had to place after a good hour for the Belgian goalkeeper Romelu Lukaku. The hit then succeeded HAVERTZ, who had almost achieved the 2-0 in the detention time. For the Newcastle, which was once deeds deep in the relegation battle, it was the first defeat this year in the league.

Bet on the ESPORTS: All advantages

???? ESPORT BETTING - Is It Profitable - Worth it? ( Esports Betting Guide )
In the first half of last year, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez announced the creation of Europa Super League (the followers were already waiting anxious to make their bets on Match.Center), a Tournament that included the most important teams of Europe to detach from the UEFA Champions League . The goal of this creation was that the great teams of the old continent face without the need to play other games against smaller equipment, however, this brought a lot of controversy that almost ends with the de-affiliation of various teams of the FIFA and the impossibility that your players will dispute tournaments with their selections, which made this invention in nothing.

Another one of the reasons why they wanted to do e.s.l. , was to attract young people, since according to Pérez These preferred to look at youtubers and streamers rather than watching a football game. While today the boys prefer to see their YouTubers play videogames, this does not mean that football is losing spectators, much less. Currently, the visualizations that the streamers have are very low compared to the visualizations that have the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup , however, electronic sports are increasingly stronger and most seen. In the last year, the number of views of the final esports has been almost the same as those of Super Bowl.

And although it looks like a lie, many betting pages offer the possibility of betting on electronic sports or esports . Fans make their bets on FIFA, League of Legends, Fortnite and Counter Strike tournament, These work in the same way as bets on “common” sports, we should only make sure that this page complies with all the Requirements and be reliable.

These bets can be very easy to hit, since it is enough to find out a bit on the Internet to know what are the strongest teams and which are the most recommended electronic sports.

Another advantage to bet is that you can find forecasts, made by specialist in these esports , which will make you make a great play. But this is not all, the algorithm is much more precise than in the case of traditional sports and with this we can have detailed information about the departure that is playing, in real time. For example, in case we want to bet on a game of Counter Strike: Go , this will give in detail the possibility of each team to be able to win, based on the map that is playing, the points that have the Equipment and skills that players have.

Electronic sports are on their way to becoming a new Olympic sport and apparently this will be within very little, since the coi is evaluating the possibility of including them in the Olympic Games of 2024. It is only waiting to know how they go. To evolve these sports and see if they will eventually obverse themselves.

Olmo and Nkunku Let RB Leipzig dream of Europe

RB Leipzig may seriously dream of the Champions League. At the victory against the 1st FC Cologne, Christopher Nkunku and Dani Olmo focused on – not only because of their hits.

Dani Olmo and Christopher Nkunku hopped cheerfully before the curve up and down, the 15,000 fans sang loudly “Europapokal, RB Leipzig International”. After leaping on a Champions League Square, even the free kick was forgotten from the two noble technicians at lightning speed, Leipzig hovered in the sense of happiness. But coach Domenico Tedesco started promising euphoria immediately.

What a fourth place, on which RB was climbed on Friday evening for the first time this season, is worth this time at this time? “Nothing, nothing. The three points are worth today,” said Tedesco after the 3-1 (1: 0) victory against the 1st FC Cologne on the “ARD” microphone: “Whether we are now fifth, sixth, Seventh, I can only emphasize it, first does not matter. Important is that we have the imagination to win such games. “

And such a creative power dwells the RB squad on the paper. Against Cologne, the Nkunku and Olmo, which has been shiny, has been holdings, which has been holdings brilliantly, which has been a bit of the moment in the spotlight.

Before Nkunku (25th) a free kick from 18 meters beautifully zirated to the lead into the net, Olmo had also claimed the execution and after a short dispute finally admittedly annoyed. After the game, the Spaniard was laughing again.

“I motivated him,” Olmo said in a joke at “Dazn”: “We are ambitious, if he ends up, this is the most important thing,” said Olmo, who hit by a long-distance shot (54th) and 3-0 by Angelino (57.). Tedesco did not want to overvalate the situation later and said with a smile: “I did not notice it and I’m glad that Christ has shot.” Basically, there are several free-kick candidates, so the coach: “The rest should make them out of them.”

How long Nkunku, who now comes to eleven league goals and nine templates, still conjures balls for Leipzig in the angle, meanwhile open. The interested parties are likely to be snake in the summer, the contract is still running until 2024 and managing director Oliver Mintzlaff declared a weekly period at SKY90, he deals from a whereabout of the French.

RB Leipzig is “Back on Track”

The RB-Boss also said Tedesco so. “I find it good that he has the opinion,” said the coach, “because every coach wants to contribute his successful team.”

Successfully, RB is in fact under Tedesco. After the 17th matchday, there were still six points behind fourth place, most recently, the runner-champion won five out of six compulsory matches.

RB Leipzig vs FC Koln 3-1Christopher Nkunku, Daniel Olmo & Angelino score in win Match recap
“We have the quality for the first four,” said Emil Forsberg. And even in Europe League and DFB Cup, everything is still in it. “It was a sub-optimal first round and now we’re slowly back where we go back,” said defensive chief Willi Orban: “It’s just a snapshot, but we’re ‘back on track’.

Roman B ?rki Change in the second start

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It has become quiet around Roman Burke. In the first round of the former Dortmund Timekeeper hardly focused on, not of a sporting point of view. A few isolated inquiries from journalists here, a tight statement there that he could not sit on the bench because of an ankle violation in the quasi-meaning last Champions League group game, if he had done it fit at all.

Because the first half of the current season consisted of the Swiss keeper from a sporting point of view only from training sessions, for the match day sad he was not nominated once — not even as a goalkeeper number 3 in the royal class. This was not surprising, after the transfer of Landsman Gregor Nobel and the previous contract renewal of Martin Hit stood tribal force and substitute early, the longtime finals Burke for sale.

However, despite some requests, the 31-year-old remained in Dortmund, including a possible change to FC Basel, whose interest in the summer owner David Degen confirmed did not come about. Finally, Burke had only renewed his contract until 2023 early in June 2020 — at that time still to regular keeper conditions.

Transfer window opens — Special situation Burke

Borussia Dortmund - Bayer 04 Leverkusen | 3-1 | Highlights | Matchday 34 – Bundesliga 2020/21

Now the transfer window opens again — and Burke is still on the market. His coach Marco Rose had recently given his Keeper to his birthday in mid-November, some words on the way. I wish him, and I told him that he gets the role again for whom he is created, says Rose: That he finds a sporting way for himself, where he can stand in the gate and do that What he likes to do; where he succeeds. Because I find that he deserves that.

Of course, the coach knows that a possible transfer Burks would also mean more scope on the winter transfer market. At the same time Rose emphasized the attitude of the final man: I have to say how novel behaves here in his situation, is exceptionally strong. He is there for the team, is ready, trains well. He creates a working atmosphere that is good. If we are, You would need it, then he would be there.

In the first round that was not the case and in the further course of the season would have to happen a lot, so Burke is in demand again. So the club continues to be interested in finding a customer, even if sports director Michael Zorn last emphasized that winter is not our transfer window. Burke is a special situation, SO ZORN: If there is something there, we will deal with it.

Chelsea in the crisis Thomas Tuchel with appeal

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A Champions League game in this form not won and thus have a whopping victory premium left, is already annoying. But if you like the FC Chelsea on Wednesday in St. Petersburg (or on Saturday at West Ham) two guides, in the screening time the 3: 3 conceded and thereby gives away the group victory, something goes wrong.

Chelsea Under Thomas Tuchel ???? Chelsea will win the Premier League - Ian Wright HD

And on Monday, the draw of the eighth-finished finish could be quite evil: Chelsey’s possible opponents are suddenly called Bavaria, Lille, Real Madrid or Ajax.

We forget why we were the better team.


And again, as already on Saturday or the extremely poor performance at promoted Watford (2: 1), Tunnel counted on the subsequent press conference several reasons why his team suddenly shaken almost permanently. After a very good kick-off quarter, in which Man of the Match Time Werner had launched the blues, his team stopped doing things we’ve done in the first 15 minutes, and the feeling developed That we could smile; the feeling was that it’s okay, what we do, as we have the lead and are the better team.

But: We forgot why we were the better team, namely because the concentration and physical use were high enough to be the better team. As soon as it just decreases by ten percent as soon as we start managing results and To change our behavior due to the result, we will be punished. This happened to us at West Ham, and that happened to us today.

In the past three games Chelsea conceded so many goals (seven) as in all previous lots together (six). Tunnel recognizes with his team, which is currently missing two pillars with Mateo Kovacs and N’Gold Kane, a recruitment problem: We start to attack no longer with the same aggressiveness and the same hunger as before, and we were punished twice. The challenge is to close the door to minimize this opportunity, and that’s very simple — you have to have a higher level of sprints, a higher level of intensity and a higher level of concentration. His haunting appeal: The basics must be lifted back to a higher level.

And as soon as possible. In the league, the table management is gone, in the premier class of group victory. Chelsea also gets problems on Saturday against Leeds (4 pm, live! With Real Madrid), the headwind should increase. Not only from, but also for Tunnel.

Prank and the Champions League Complete nonsense

Lobhudeli like Freiburg s coach Christian stretch not — not after a defeat.

When Christian prank was addressed to a possible participation in the Champions League, the success trainer of the SC Freiburg annoyed the eyes annoyed. That s the third time that I get this week this question. I find this question of complete nonsense, said the 56-year-old at Sky. That was before the 1: 2 (0: 1) in the top game of the Football Bundesliga near Bavaria Munich.

After that, the mood was not much better in prank. I deal with zero comma zero with any forecasts and anywhere else stuff. The players went through valleys and have continuously developed very well. This whole talk of the Champions League I hold away from the team. You can not put pressure on the tranquil Freiburg. I ve always driven well. Period.

Only do not arouse too high expectations, although the strong Brasher could again demonstrate their qualities despite the defeat in the record champion.

Even Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke after scarce success with respect of a direct competitor who has asked us much. Thanks to prank, the people can inspire. But he has not liked it for ten years if too much is discussed his SC.

Prank: Let our boys rest

This was also clear when he was addressed to his striker Lucas Hole, Sky expert Dietmar Haman sees in the national team. It was not so long ago, countered prank, that Lucas was extremely tackled into the social media. And now national team? Take care of Bavaria, Dortmund and the others, said pricking, and let our guys rest in peace, then maybe even better.

Frank Lampard: Drogba was headbutting walls before Champions League final  | All To Play For S02 E04

It s his project. That he lies Freiburg one day is not impossible, said prank in the current sports studio in IDF, but it is very difficult to imagine that I go somewhere else.

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Stretch criticizes Premier League and Newcastle

In addition, prank criticized the development in football that large investors interfere. Clubs should not belong to individuals, but the people who love the club, he said, and started at Newcastle United. The Magpies were adopted by a Saudi Arabian consortium, which is under the influence of Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman.

Prank referenced the acquisition as shameful for the English football combined and the Premier League and led: There are always things in football that have exceeded any degree.

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The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now!

With a view of Newcastle, which now has the richest owner, he said: In this case, that s unbelievable, who is there everything in this consortium. Finally, it is known that the Saudis be entangled in severe human rights violations.

Chelseas N Golo Edge Falls with Corona for Game against Juventus

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The Princess Royal executes official obligations and also interactions on behalf of her mom. She holds patronage in over 300 organisations, including WISE, Riders for Health And Wellness, and Carers Trust fund. Her charity job revolves around sport, sciences, people with handicaps, as well as health and wellness in developing countries. She has been associated with Conserve the Children for over fifty years and has gone to a variety of their tasks; her work resulted in her election for the Nobel Tranquility Reward in 1990.
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Retals and I went against the Best Player in the World and This Happened... | Most Insane Saves!

Trainer Thomas Tuchel from the Champions League defending champion FC Chelsea can not rely on the Royal Class on Wednesday (21.00 pm / Dazn) at Juventus Turin on the French world champion N Golo edge. The midfielder was tested positive on Corona. The 30-year-old is quarantined and lacked training on Tuesday, so cliff. Due to the British Corona Regulation, edge can not contribute against the FC Southampton in the Premier League on Saturday. Articles and videos about the topic Attention, City! Here comes England Shreis Messi Experience the Champions League live on Dazn. Get your free month! Tuchel left if the player is vaccinated or not. Generally, the Chelsea coach said: The players are adults and must make their own decision. He himself was vaccinated, but he would not be able to give recommendations, according to the former Dortmund and Mainz coach.

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