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Wow Dragonflight: The dragon islands are waiting for you, the alpha is open!

In the midst of this hot summer, Blizzard officially reveals the opening date of the Dragonflight Alfa, the new World of Warcraft expansion. And the truth is that it began yesterday Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time)

To make sure your account has been (or not) selected for this alpha, restart your client and check in the version tab, if you have an option called Dragonflight Alpha **.

Content of the Dragonflight Alfa

The process of addition of Alpha content (and the posterior beta) is different from everything we have experienced in Wow in recent years. Thus, all the content offered by the next expansion is not available and will be displayed little by little after week. However, Tina Wang and Morgan Day recently revealed to us that all content will be implemented much more aggressive than before and that periodic updates will be made in this test version.

Therefore, this first test will focus on certain elements that players will find during their trip on the equally mysterious and majestic dragon islands, from one of the new areas to the riding of the dragon, going through a very anticipated version with improvements and changes made in certain classes. Of course, and not least, the new race and class, the evocator Dracthyr , is also available!

This is what you can try:

  • Players can progress from level 65 to 68
  • The entire Azur Trecho Zone
  • Some of the changes in the professions
    The Evocator Dracthyr *, the new Association of Race and Class

* A first look at the new functions that the expansion brings some of the classes, including the new talent trees. These include Knights of Death , Hunters , Druidas , Priests and rogues .

Take the time you need to discover all this content if you have the desire (and have been selected), remember to inform even the smallest errors that you find thanks to the report tool.

Have fun, and make this experience as useful as possible for Dragonflight to be the most complete when it is launched at the end of this year! Your comments are important for players to have an optimal game experience in the coming months!

And do not forget: Do not fall into fraudulent emails due to lack of patience if you have not received access to this first test session! There are many people who try to take advantage of the despair of the World of Warcraft fans.

One piece: The 10 best ships from Anime & Manga! Which is in place 1?

A pirate story without ships would be like a western without revolver or horses. That’s why the legendary anime series and manga-series One Piece also sets a lot of cool boats on which the most varied crews are rocking over the treacherous waters of the Grand Line. In more than 20 years One Piece has occurred some phenomenal designs that we want today in a top 10 gives. Which is the coolest ship in One Piece? And which of which we will see in the Netflix series zu One Piece?

Rank 10: Eoles Arche Maxim

On the last place we have a ship that is not intended for the seas. For the ARCHE Maxim of “God” enel on Skypiea is intended to defy gravity and even leaving ENEL’s electric skills to leave the earth. In small manga slippers, readers even learn that ENEL ends up on the moon – crazy, but that’s the world of One Piece. Thanks to an ingenious appearance, Maxim has still secured a 10th place. Honest, she looks at:

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Purchase tip: The Cool ship of ENEL is available as a detailed collector edition for your home!

Rank 9: The Polar Tang of Trafalgar Law

top 10 popular one piece ships. #animetop10 #onepieceships #animeships

Another unusual boat is the Polar Tang from the Room Devil Freight User Trafalgar Law. The talented surgeon and his little crew do not just rock over the seas, but also among them! Several times the submarine function has already helped to help Luffy and his straw hats in One Piece.

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Great for hobbyists and fans: The submarine of Law as a kit

Rank 8: Nostra Castello

Oh, you shine that we should approach “normal” ships? PFF. How about a moving fortress of amphibious construction?! The infamous Pirate Capone Be Be and his “Fire Tank Piratenbande” are traveling in a ship that fits perfectly with his captain. Finally, thanks to a devil fruit, Capone can turn into a castle, accordingly, his boat is a mobile castle on tank chains whose gallion figure is a tower.

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Place 7: Shikis flying island ship

Okay, we devote ourselves to a normal ship… that can fly! Ha! The legendary pirate Shiki from the One-piece movie “Strong World” (but also part of anime and manga) relies on a really cool ship with an imposing lion character on the bug, which consists of parts of an island. The flying pirate Shiki can float non-living things – and he just applied to his ship, which can thus sail through the air.

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Rank 6: Red Force – the ship of the Red Shank

While many ships from One Piece are more likely to be based on the designs of the great pirate time of our world, of course there are many outliers (as the previous points show). Rothaar Shanks sets, for example, on Scandinavian look. Because the Red Force reminds with her martial dragon head on the bug rather on Viking long ships.

For Shanks fans: Get his cool ship Red Force for your home!

Overall, the detailed boat is a real eye-catcher thanks to its otherwise classical appearance. And very nice to hear: The Red Force will also be seen in the Netflix series, there are already photos of the set that reveal the magnificent construction of the iconic ship.

On the next page it’s about the five best ships from One Piece. Which is probably in place 1? There are also honorable mentions for boats that do not quite fit into our list but just still have to be highlighted. Which are that? Experienced this on page 2!

Page 1 One Piece: The places 10-5 of the best ships – anything but classic

Page 2 One Piece: The top 5 of the best ships and honorable mentions

Page 3 picture gallery zu One Piece: The top 10 of the best ships – which is in place 1?

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Pokemon legend Celebi would be the perfect Arceus successor – fan

Pokémon legends: Arceus came very well with many fans. That’s why they want more of the good fabric and hope for a successor in the form of Pokémon legends: Celebi. Although the game was not announced at all and there are no corresponding rumors, but that does not stop the fans from swarming. One of them even has already made a really professional trailer thereafter, which works amazingly real and very impressive.

Pokémon legend Celebi: That’s how an Arceus-Squel could look like

There is really that? No, we have to disappoint you unfortunately. So far, there are no evidence that Game Freak, Niantic or Nintendo work on an Arceus sequel named Pokémon legends: Celebi. So if you have seen the following trailers so far without context – he is not a real game, but is only a homemade fake or fan trailer.

Look at the trailer:

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Link to YouTube content

The trailer for Pokémon legends: Celebi comes from 3D artist Yassir (more on Instagram) and so far only represents a concept. However, the look of Arceus would really fit the Johto region.

That’s why it would be perfect: Not only this trailer makes it clear how cool a sequel to Pokémon legends: Arceus would be. There are otherwise many good arguments for a Pokémon legend: Celebi.

  • The region: The Johto region is extremely popular with Pokémon fans and is one of the gold and silver editions. These are the perhaps best Pokémon titles that many coaches really would like to explore again in a new way.
  • Nostalgia : As with Arceus, a Pokémon legend: Celebi could fully put on the nostalgia rail and focus on an older audience. With new story in a well-known region, older protagonist * inside and higher difficulty.
  • Lore : Even with regard to history, a comeback of the Johto region should come across much counter-love. After all, the three legendary Pokémon beasts Raikou, dei and Suicune were revived by Ho-OH.
  • Celebi : After Arceus, Celebi would make sense as a title hero, because in addition to MEW is the most famous mysterious Pokémon.

Pokémon Karmesin and Purple: If you should be sad now, because you also want to get to the game, we can at least offer a small consolation patch. The next main game of the series Pokémon Karmesin or Pokémon Purple will appear and directly introduce a completely new, ninth generation and a real, seamless Open World.

How do you like the idea behind Pokémon legends: Celebi? What do you say to the trailer?

Lost Ark: DEVs about Argos, Skins, Roadmap, Bots, PVP

Although Amazon Games and SmileGate with Lost Ark (in the test) make a lot right, most of all, various construction sites were the focus of the community. The new Omen Skins did not get any good everywhere, the early implemented Argos raid tightened the Pay2Win debate, bots and goldsellers are a problem and all of them got all sorts of smaller errors, for example in the appointment displays of the countless Events ( The hotfix comes today ** on 17 March 2022).

Message of SmileGate and Amazon Games

The responsible persons of Amazon Games and Smilegate continues to seek open communication and has now been expressed in detail on the official website of the online role-playing game to all these topics. In the following, we summarize you the most important statements of the developers to the different topics.

Progression, Argos Raid, Roadmap, Skins

  • It was a conscious decision from developers to make the launch not only the Animal 1 and Tier-2 contents, but even many of the animal 3 content available. The first two content areas should serve as a way to get to know many systems of Lost Ark to prepare you as a kind of midgame prologue on the actual endgame in Tier 3.
  • The goal of the developer was that you play with your own speed through the content. Currently, most players are in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 area. Some have already reached animal 3.
  • In fact, the developers had thought about making the Argos Raid already available to the launch. However, this content is an important progression bridge between the previous content and the endgame challenges that are still missing in the EU version of Lost Ark. Therefore, they then decided to bring this milestone slightly later in separate form on the servers.
  • It was never the goal of developers to give the players the feeling that they absolutely need to achieve ITemlevel 1,370 as quickly as possible to play the Argos raid immediately to the release. In retrospect, the DEVs underestimated how much time would spend many players with the horizontal content (exploration, collections, quests) and how much bots and gold sellers would affect the availability of evaluation materials for the Tier 3 area. That was a mistake.
  • In the next update, it is therefore important to give the players better ways to experience Lost Ark without pressure at their own pace and simultaneously prepare themselves optimally to the upcoming endgame content. New content such as the Legion raids, new classes, other skins, islands and more will come, but only when this first goal is reached.
  • A detailed roadmap for April and May should follow in the near future.

Soon there’s more evaluation materials!

  • The appreciation of the equipment of the main character can be frustrating. Many players still have no twinks that obtain further evaluation materials for the main character. In addition, bots ensure that prices on the marketplace are very high, especially for animal-3 materials.
  • With the last spanned shaft and some adjustments in early gold sources you could put a heavy blow to the bot users. The bot activity has declined and there is less gold sharmed by bots. Nevertheless, the fight against bots remains a constant topic and it has the highest priority to make the use of bots as inefficient as possible.
  • With the update next week, the developers will make us players facilitate access to enabling materials: with additional rewards at the Grand Prix Event, a new casual guard RAID event (should run one month) and the first season for the evaluated PVP “Proving Grounds”.

Gifts for all on March 21 2022!

In the coming days, all players from Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) a gift package. When exactly? On March 21, 2022, after weekly maintenance. The gift pack contains:

  • New Animal Skin Selection Chest
  • Moccokon Pet Selection Chest
  • MOKO-Board Mount Selection Chest

* Appearance Change Ticket
* Pheon X132
* Menelik’s Tome X5
* Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest X2
* Jukebox Songs That Will Be Provided When Jukebox Content is released in The Future.

What do you think about the statements and plans of the developers? Are you looking forward to the adjustments of the coming week, the start of the first PVP season and the gift pack? Do you think it’s okay that the next endgame content should come a little later? Which construction sites should the developers still be tackled? Betray us in the comments!

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Are you ready to fly?! Muorijin 3 Starting the formal service

Webzen, Muorijin, started its official service at 11:00 am on the 23rd.

Webzen has completed the launch of the dictionary downloaded on the 22nd. If you have already downloaded a game, anyone can access it immediately.

Muorini 3 is the latest in the Mobile MMORPG Muorin Series, boasts a graphics that is tangled with the first unreal engine 4 introduced in the series, and introduces a flight system and explore the game where the game is fed and finding hidden quests and treasures It is characteristic.

The core content of the game is the World Content ‘Assobe Battle’. Abyss battlefield is a subdivided space with server-specific duties and separate dispute areas beyond the simple space gathering. Here is a strategic competition for each other’s permanent and to obtain compensation.

Singapore Allows Quarantine Free Travel

In addition, there are various guild content, including ‘guild quiz’ and ‘guild ball’, guild boss, and guild support system is also strengthened than previous work. Guildmen also emphasized the fun to grow with the guild to provide more rewards when enjoying each other and enjoying various contents.

Muorini 3 Related More information can be found through the official community.

Diablo 2 shortly before release Why should you play that The short check

Charles Lee Chucky Ray is a fictional personality and also the main antagonist of the Youngster s Play slasher movie franchise. Chucky is portrayed as a vicious serial killer that, as he hemorrhages out from a gunshot wound, transfers his soul right into a Hero doll as well as continually attempts to move to a body. The personality has come to be one of one of the most well-known horror symbols and has been referenced countless times in preferred society. In 1999, the Chucky character was chosen for the MTV Motion Picture Honor for Best Villain for the film Bride of Chucky. He was produced by writer-director Don Mancini and also is represented by Brad Dourif in both online action and also voice over. For the 2019 remake of the very same name, Mark Hamill voiced Chucky, having formerly voiced the Charles Lee Ray variation of the character in an episode of Robotic Hen.

Today, on September 23, 2021, SiAblo 2: Resurrected. The Remaster of the popular ARPG classic has already taken care of a lot of joy in advance and one or the other discussion. Meinmmo raises a last look at why you should ever look at the 21 year old game.

What is Diablo 2 Resurrected? With Resurrected Diablo 2 gets a Remaster from 2000. The developer team of Vicarious Visions specializes in such projects and has now made the ARPG of Blizzard.

The Remaster comes with modern graphics therefore with also completely revised cinematics. However, content is identical to the classic of 21 years ago – or more accurately 20 years ago. Because the extension Lord of Destruction is also included. This will provide you with all 7 classes from earlier.

When is the Remaster? On Thursday, September 23, the servers open at 5:00 pm. Resurrected can then be played on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Also a novelty, because on consoles the ARPG was not yet. You read more in our hub:

Diablo 2: RESURRECTED as REMASTER – Everything you need to know about the release

Old game, new features – what is there in it?

Why should I see Diablo 2? Diablo 2 is considered one of the best, if not the best Hack n Slay and as a milestone of the genre. The Remaster should capture the spirit of the game and thus modernize that it runs easily on all common platforms.

The series and especially Diablo 2 are known for their dark, depressing atmosphere and the gloomy story as well as the rather hard entry into a few tutorials. A look into the game is worthwhile if you do not want to be taken on the hand as in modern games.

Incidentally, Path of Exile serves as a good comparison. Who likes to play the more modern ARPG – or who is something too complex – it should take a look at Diablo 2. This was considered a model for Path of Exile.

Anyone who stands for looses and levels should gamble Diablo 2 alone because of the replayability. You can sink hundreds of hours here to get that an item that will improve you. A hardcore fan has even fished for 4 years after the Holy Grail .

With the revision, Diablo 2 looks significantly more modern. Although the graphics of Diablo 3 or newer games are not yet approaching, but it is still visually much more appealing than the UR version. So the entry is a bit easier.

By the way: The control is new. You can play resurrected on all platforms with controllers, which fixes an annoying problem. This ensures a new fame, even if it is considered to be controversial among purists.

Incidentally, veterans can take over their offline scores from earlier and watch their beloved characters in the new light. Nostalgia can also serve here as a drive. CrossSplay will not give it for the time being, but you can transfer online characters via cross-project on different platforms.

Also for newcomers – but not if you are looking for something new

Worth Diablo 2, if I do not know it yet? In any case. Especially for newcomers, a look maybe even more likely than for veterans. Because some of the new details do not disturb your nostalgic views of the game.

Little things like the automatic picking up of gold can feel unfamiliar or disturbing. Resurrected has made a number of changes to Diablo 2, but some of which can also be switched off – such as graphics or mentioned picking up gold.

Nevertheless, hardcore fans and purists could interfere with small changes. Neuties do not know it any other way and you can immerse anywhere in Resurrected.

More about Diablo 2 Resurrected on MeinmMo:

Players already train hard for the big race in Diablo 2 Resurrected
Diablo 2 resurrected kicks ultrawide support again because it is fully common for the monsters
Blizzard gives the biggest desire of the fans a basket

When should not you play it? Despite revised graphics you can see Diablo 2 his age. It is not a newly created game, but is still based on the basis of 2000. Who stands on absolute top graphic, should be considered twice if he wants to play.

If you expect a completely new Diablo with Resurrected, you will also be disappointed. It is no longer and no less than the Remaster of a 21-year-old game. The developers have made it clear that RESURRECTED is not a remake. Meinmo editor Gerd Schuhmann is also not convinced as a veteran from Remake:

Diablo 2 is not a new iteration of the series. Therefore, do not expect absolutely new features or more content than those known for years. However, there are some promises for the future.

More content coming, new content not excluded

This is how it works: Actually, the story is completed by Diablo 2 and goes on with Diablo 3. However, the developers have already indicated that new content is not excluded. Also discussed through new features is discussed.

For example, in conversation is to take over the Loot feature from Diablo 3. Whether and when that comes, however, is not fixed yet. Surely we already know that the ladder follows – quasi the Seasons of Diablo 2. They will be submitted after the release.

Have you already decided whether your Diablo will play 2? Write us a comment! And if the answer is yes , only the choice of the right class remains. Our quiz helps you:

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Which class suits you? Join in our quiz

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