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FIFA 22: Ronaldo and Messi are still among the ideal players – but that can finish quickly

Considering that FIFA 09 either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo has the greatest ranking in FIFA and also even in the current series descendant, Messi again has the highest possible score of all players. With a total ranking of 94, the Argentine goes to the top of Lewandowksi (92 ), Ronaldo (91) and Mbappé (91 ).

A lot of FIFA players do not understand any kind of otherwise or else: Either Messi or Ronaldo is represented on top of the rankings – in addition to in FIFA 22 In the future, this might alter after years of dominance of the two super stars. .

Initial signs point to quickly downgrades and also in the community (by means of reddit) is strongly gone over a watch removal at the rating top and also why Ronaldo and Messi might no longer belong to the really finest players in FIFA 23.

Why Messi and also Ronaldo might be come across from the ranking throne

It would be well feasible that both super stars have to leave the rating throne slowly so gradually as well as need to material themselves with scores in the low 90s or in the high 80s location. Possible gamers for the rating tip in FIFA 23 can be Lewandowski, Mbappé, Salah or Benzema.

Would be warranted downgrades? Although Ronaldo and also Messi statistics are no more so impressive as in previous years, they can still be seen. As well as particularly Ronaldo is currently playing at the highest football level in the Premier Organization.

In so much 26 video games for his brand-new company, the 34-year assaulter (since March 19, 2022) only 7 objectives. For Ronaldo, which is now 37 years of ages, it looks at 18 objectives in 33 play a bit better.

Both super stars have altered their clubs at the start of the present period. Lionel Messi currently bets Paris Saint-Germain as well as Cristiano Ronaldo has actually gone back to Manchester United. It stands out that both players can no more improve past performance in their brand-new clubs. Especially Messi has a tough time.

The neighborhood is in agreement

In the area, one agrees that the current advantages of the two super stars are no much longer enough for top ratings in FIFA 23. Some FIFA gamers also believe that even ratings are even unjustified. Right here are some comments:

  • DANGEDUEDFR: “Messi and also Ronaldo will certainly not fall listed below 90. Both battles -1. “
  • HamidiateEffect: “For the top places you need to consider Salah, Lewandowski, Benzema as well as Mbappé this time around. I do not see that FIFA ratings can validate over 90 for Messi as well as Ronaldo. “

  • Haasecsgo: “Messi really does not earn 90 following year.”

Messi vs. Ronaldo DREAM TEAMS... in FIFA 22! ⭐
* Conrrhd: “90 for both would certainly be reasonable. Maybe 89 for Messi, but -5 would be an insane downgrade. “

What do you claim concerning the solutions of Ronaldo and also Messi? Should she go to the top once again in FIFA 23? Obtains us in the comments!

If you want to understand which great feature in FIFA 23 could wait on you, after that look right here:

First Leaks to FIFA 23 suggest long-awaited function – is lastly crossplay?

Lionel Messi currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain and also Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Manchester United. ** Although Ronaldo and also Messi statistics are no much longer so excellent as in previous years, they can still be seen. In the neighborhood, one agrees that the present advantages of the 2 super stars are no longer enough for leading scores in FIFA 23. Some FIFA players also believe that also ratings are even unjustified. Should she be at the top once more in FIFA 23?

Cristiano Ronaldo cares at Manchester United for Sklat

For Manchester United, in Derby against City on Sunday (1: 4), it set another severe setback. The alleged behavior of Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo gives the swatter further explosive.

As the English “Sun” reports, the attacker has fled to his Portuguese homeland before the game against the city rivals, after telling Coach Ralf Rangnick, that he would not work in the starting eleven. Other media also reported on the score.

His teammates would have reacted to the decision Ronaldos and was irritated that he was not present to moral support in the stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo co-responsible for the bad mood?

The “Sun” therefore refers to the 37-year-old as the current main driver behind the poor mood at United. Ronaldo heat the tense atmosphere even further, says.

What The Hell Is Happening To Cristiano Ronaldo At Man United?
Rangnick had not taken into account the superstar on Sunday against City in his starting eleven and as a reason given a violation of the offensive player. “Our doctor came to me on Friday morning before training and said that Cristiano can not train because of problems with his hip boss, and that on Saturday,” says the instructor.

Alleged Zoff between Ralf Rangnick and Cristiano Ronaldo

Observers, however, hold this for an advanced reason to ignore the riot in the background.

“I just do not like it if the coach speaks of the hip boss. I do not understand that. Ronaldo is a kind of machine. He is very rarely injured and then he comes and say he has problems with the hip boss. I do not buy it “United’s ex-captain Roy Keane with” Sky Ronaldos “.

The relationship between Rangnick and Cristiano Ronaldo has been the point for explosive media reports over the past few months.

Because of its controversial setting, it should be repeated to Zoff between Ronaldo and the Team Manager.

According to “Manchester Evening News”, the former coach and Ronaldos director of RB Leipzig slowly the patience for the attitude of fivefold world footballers.

Outstanding de Bruyne shoots Manchester City Zum derby victory

Without the struck Cristiano Ronaldo, the “father of the counterpressing”, as Guardiola had called Rangnick in advance, at the leader of Liverpool almost captured towers. And at first it made United in the Etihad really good. Although De Bruyne City’s initial attack had embarrassed (5.), the Red Devils also held in terms of ball possession. They were also dangerous, Fred missed compensation (8.).

When Sancho finally succeeded in the 1: 1 per 17-meter Schlenzer after a counterattack (22nd), but the power relations had already shifted. The home owners put a tooth and dominated the derby into typical dynamic manner, at the end of a triple chance, double packer de Bruyne produced the old distance again early (28.). Mahrez missed the third hits before the break (45.).

No United degree in the second half – CL in danger

City’s superiority continued after the break. McTominay and Co. threw each other in several degrees – to their own did not come. Bernardo Silva (49.) and Mahrez (57.) Tasted for basically better home owners on 3: 1 and thus preliminary decision. She still had to wait.

Due to the scarce score, United long time had the opportunity to compensate for again – just actual possibilities could not earn the guests. The master was too strong and finally turned on the winning road when Mahrez a de-bruyne corner – still slightly faked – from the back space into the stitches Drosch (68.). Whatever the preliminary decision was already the preliminary decision, because United could not record a single degree in the second section. On the occasion of the substitute Gündogan, Mahrez still put again afterwards (90. + 3).

Kevin De Bruyne Interview After Manchester Derby Win | Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United

While Primus City’s pursuer Liverpool (three points before the matchday) could hold a distance, the air for United in the race becomes four more and more thinner. Arsenal passed the Red Devil – and has three games in the hindquarters.

UFL, the football game Free-to

We have already spoken to you on some occasion of UFL, a new soccer game developed by Strikerz Inc, which comes to compete with FIFA and to fill the gap that, at the moment, has left Konami with Efootball . After several months of advances and six years of development, we have seen the first trailer with small doses of Gameplay, with Cristiano Ronaldo as bearer of the project .

The video can see it next and, on the one hand, highlights the atmosphere of encounters and realism when it comes to recreating the face of the best players in the world, as we see it with * CR7, Lukaku, firmino or Bruyne * .

As soon as the gameplay is difficult to take conclusions without having had it in our hand, but it does not paint anything wrong; Although some animation can still be polished. UFL will have several game modes , including support for 2V2 and 3V3 matches.

They also mention the “** _flagship _ mode”, which is a kind of global league in which we will have to take our team to the highest through a division competition connected by several seasons, where players will have teams created by themselves Same, Ultimate Team style. At the end, there will be a champion.

The game, which we remember is F2P, insists that it will be “Just to play” , in a direct message to FIFA that has already repeated on more than one occasion. If everything continues as planned, UFL will arrive this year Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5.

Premier League Guardiola about Ronaldo He will also shoot goals with 75

Before the Manchester Derby between Many and United (Saturday, 1.30 pm) City Manager Pep Guardiola has praised the opposing attacker Cristiano Ronaldo in the highest sounds. Although Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees the Red Devils further in front of the rivals.

He will shoot goals for his life, said Guardiola at SKY Sports About CR7, who was changed to United in the summer transfer window of Juventus and there were several games with his hits. He will be 75 years old, maybe in pension, but even then he will play football at his own barbecue and do goals.

Guardiola compared the Portuguese in this regard with his long-standing rival Lionel Messi: What they have done in the last decade in world football, with so many goals and titles, that speaks for themselves. It is good for the Premier League that [Ronaldo] It s back. It fits, as well as in the past.

That Ronaldo was almost changing to the Citizens before closing the transfer window before he did not want to comment for United decision, Guardiola did not want to comment. You have to ask [Ronaldo and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer], he said. Do you think that both sides are happy to have each other? Only that counts.

'He will be scoring goals at 75!' - Pep Guardiola on Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the Manchester Derby
Ronaldo has been returning to nine goals in eleven missions, including five hits in the Champions League.

Solskjaer about rivalry in Manchester: United still number one

In terms of sports success, City has expired the long-standing Premier League-Dominator United in recent years. For Solskjaer, the inner-city order is still unique. You have to respect your achievements in the last ten years, maybe even more your dominance in England and Europe in the last four, five years, he said at the press conference before the game on Friday.

But we are Manchester United, we always come back. In my eyes we are the number one club in Manchester and thus probably worldwide, emphasized the Norwegian.

Articles and videos about the topic
How a lamination put the city of Manchester on the head
English Cup Competitions and Championship Live on DAZN. Register now!

In fact, City and the League have not been able to win against United since April 2019. Four of the last seven duels in all competitions United was able to deny victorious.

FIFA 22 Cristiano Ronaldo receives dynamic OTW

The 2021– 22 period is Liverpool Football Club’s 130th period out there and the club’s 60th successive season in the leading flight of English football. In enhancement to the Premier Organization, Liverpool are joining this season’s versions of the FA Mug, the EFL Cup, and also the UEFA Champions Organization.

The content-reveal is gradually riding: just before the Icon Class of 22 was revealed on Saturday, the developer had already placed four Ones to Watch (OTW) cards.

The Premier League Quartet is Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku from FC Chelsea, Jack Greaseh of Manchester City and Ibrahima Konaté of FC Liverpool – you are the respective royal transfers of your new employer.

Previously, only David Alaba, who had been announced in the summer after more than a decade of FC Bayern Munich, was announced the Royal by Real Madrid.

As well as the Austrians, CR7 & Co. have no ratings, but as OTW objects but the opportunity to get through the preservation of inform cards in FUT 22. Especially at Ronaldo and Lukaku, the likelihood is high that at least two or three Team of the Week (TOTW) nominations can be retracted across the season.


Everything about FIFA 22

on the subject

FIFA 22. Rumors, Infos, Leaks, Publications of EA: All you find here.

FIFA 22: Cristiano Ronaldo receives dynamic OTW card

FIFA 22: Cafus, Casillas and Van Persie as new icons

Ronaldo before rating downgrade?

Assigned Reading | Side Case | The Sinking City

However, if the latest Leaks believe, Ronaldos should reduce card compared to the predecessor title: Portuguese are forecast from various typically well-informed sources only 91 points as a overall rating – in FIFA 21 it had been 92. Nonetheless, the Routinian is likely to take a place among the three or five best rated players in FIFA 22 and thus also enormously interest as a OTW card.

Lukakus card, however, is allegedly upgrading an upgrade, the Belgian itself and several fans were unvermenting with its 85 points last fall. Between 86 and 88 meters, according to the strong season of the Belgian including series A-championship title with Inter Milan everything should be possible.

Jack Greaseh and Ibrahima Konaté are likely to be provided with upholstery after their shifts to two heavyweights: Greaseh’s rating could rise from 80 to 82 or 83 points, Konaté card reaches 78 meters in FIFA 21 probably the 80s border.

WINS TO WATCH for further additional point

In addition to the classic upgrade possibility of collecting power-based informal objects, EA Sports in FIFA 22 opens up another option of improvement: The brand new Wins to Watch mechanics intervenes if the associated club opens at least five of the first ten league games after the Official release on October 1 wins. Individual performance does not flow in progress, a point can be added to the overall rating via Wins to Watch .

Where is my favorite player now?

The most crassest transfers for FIFA 22

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WEADER GAMING News ? And everything from the world of ESPORT is available on earlygame .

Do not listen yet Cristiano Ronaldo breaks world record

Sure, the nostalgic factory. A nice story, the return of the lost son. But doubt about whether a 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United can really do better again, at one or the other place also loud.

He could not sprint anymore, dribbling anyway, and so on and so on. Lurking in the penalty area, calling for balls, turning penalty and headball gates – that’s what’s left of CR7 in the fall of his career.

Bruno or Cristiano? The missed penalty

The first game that the Portuguese played back to the island after the announcement of his change was back to the national team in the World Cup qualification against Ireland. When his future club camad Bruno Fernandes in the penalty area was brought after a quarter of an hour – this question will now be in Manchester – Cristiano Ronaldo took a penalty – and missed.

The experienced EM Goal Scorer had lost a little the nerves, had struck to Dara O’shea, because the Irish spent the ball from the point. He had not met. It followed – against the 19-year-old Gavin Bazunu from the English third division Portsmouth – an inaccurate penalty, untypical for CR7. Also five world footballers are not immune to wear.

But free to Sepp Herberger, every game took 90 minutes and Cristiano Ronaldo would not be Cristiano Ronaldo, if he did not show it somehow to his critics. If not by penalty, then just with his head. Because nobody still does not rise as high as CR7, which set to 1: 1 in the 89th minute and this time did not turn into any ordinary goalkeeper. trainer voice

Santos about Ronaldo record: Was only question of time

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Iraner Ali Daei shaken

110 international players has not shot in the long history of football, the record breaker – previously with the Iraner Ali daei at 109 hits – knew that, of course, exactly. I do not listen to counting for a long time, Kristiano Ronaldo threatened to his social channels, after all, his goals moments of unity and joy for millions of Portuguese around the world.

This record is at the top of those successes located, which make me really proud, the Portuguese, who luckily broke a few has , was almost sentimental. So sentimental that he expanded his most recent top in the detention time with the 2: 1 final score immediately. Of course by head. Because what’s still left of Cristiano Ronaldo is still enough.

Most country players: Cristiano Ronaldo breaks the world record

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