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Ruhnert: Our fans scene would never do that

“This is a group that takes too much out,” said Union Berlin’s Manager in the “Sport1 double pass” and committed Hertha Managing Director Fredi Bobic, which significantly condemned the much-discussed incident. After the Derbynage, which already third parties this season, followers had asked the Hertha professionals on Saturday before the curve to take off their jerseys, which some did.

“Our fans scene would never do that,” Is Ruhnert. Nobody has “to say the right, you have to do that, otherwise so and so”. There it go “in the personal”.

And he also sees possible negative consequences for players and club in the middle of the relegation fight, in which these actually needed support: “How do you want to keep the focus for the last five games, if you feel afraid? This is certainly the very worst guide.”

Robert De Niro
While Hertha remains at a relegation place due to the 1: 4 dysbnow position, Union may continue to hope for the qualification for the European Cup as a table sifting.

Beakers throw in Bochum: Thats how it works

According to the Bochum mug, the health status of referee assistant Christian Ggerman (Gauersheim) has now improved.

“He still has a bit of a headache,” said referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich on Sunday in the Sport1 double pass.

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The Bundesliga pair between the VfL and Borussia Mönchengladbach was broken off on Friday in the 70th minute at 0: 2 of Referee Benjamin Cortus (Röthenbach), after his assistant Gittelmann (Gauersheim) had been hit by a filled beverage cup at the back of the head.

In the immediate examination in the hospital, Gittenmann has examined a skull impeller and a whiplash.

Cheerful demanded a hard penalty for the perpetrator after being wanted. “We have to act individually, who act irritated, rigorously sanction, not to burden the overall system,” said cheerfully.

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