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Elden Ring: The trade with illegal items grows

The immense success of Elden Ring also has a bitter aftertaste. More and more dodgy websites are selling items and weapons for the game. This is not only illegal, but can also lead to a spell. Sometimes it even affects innocent players.

the easiest way is not always the best way

Elden Ring is a most work and regularly ensures headlines and conversation material in the community. Most of the time, these are harmless stories: a creative mod, an unusual boss strategy or an elaborate fan species.

Today, however, we report on the dark sides of success and that when dubious companies are trying to earn the hype of Elden Ring. The reports of players who have come across websites who offer the strongest weapons of the game for real money have recently been increasing.

Elden Ring himself has an online multiplayer, but there is no in-game shop. So you have to earn all content. Since Elden Ring is a very challenging role play, it is sometimes easier to say than d1. And this is exactly where the websites are used by simply selling you the best weapons of the game for real money **.

Worst ways to die in ELDEN RING Randomizer
_Wenn you want to know instead how you become stronger in Elden Ring in a quick and legal way, then you might be interested in the following guide: _

innocent players are also affected by illegal trade

It may be tempting to respond to such an offer, especially if you get your teeth on a boss several times, but we can only advise you to take advantage of the services of such websites. **

The server from Elden Ring are able to recognize questionable items and weapons , which can lead to an exclusion from the game online community.

Particularly nasty: Troll has already taken advantage of this fact to get innocent players into difficulties.

The joke bolds distributed a certain NPC underpants in the game world, which was then unwittingly lifted by other users. The Elden Ring system then recognized the dubious item in the inventory of the players and then banished them.

We also processed the whole story in a separate article:

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: Action

Fantasy RPG with elden ring bonds? Nonsense. Thanks to a cool trailer asterigos suddenly gets attention. But the action adventure is reminiscent of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Recently, a (worth seeing) Fresh game scene trailer for Asterigos: Curse of the stars in the YT channel of PlayStation and Xbox, the title will be playable at the Fair Pax East and also the steam presence of the game was revoloured. Understanding so that suddenly there is a great interest in the title, whose makers have been using the advertising drum on their Twitter channel since June 2021. Look at there quietly, if you want to learn more about the development or is on Concept-Artwork-Kram…

If we take a step back: Asterigos: Curse of the stars seems to have cool, struggling fighting with sword, spear, magic & Co. on offer and of course it’s also against thicker chunks – we hold on the internet parallel to elden ring but little. Otherwise every passive action adventure since Anno Dunnemal would somehow such a kind of elden ring…

Much evident are the parallels to Ubisoft’s Grand Breath of the Wild Copy Immortals: Fenyx Rising, especially the comic look of the game and its characters are reminiscent of it. And who has gambled the Surprise Hit Kena: Bridge of Spirits last year, who likes one or the other flashback. See yourself – we have installed him at the bottom!

What’s in the game? Hilda, a “brave warrior of the Northwind Legion” wants to find her missing father and goes to the search in the mythical city of Aphes. In the gameplay, it enters the secrets of the city and find out how it came to their rise and case; In addition, she will of course shape the fate of the entire kingdom with its decisions. Asterigos relies on three pillars:

Asterigos Looks like a Really Solid Action RPG - C4G Preview

  • Exploration of Apes, the fallen city of the stars: dive into his story and bring him back to his former glory.
  • Challenge: Scared beasts Scute the rich, armish yourself with the power of the gods to defeat them.
  • History: Become part of the legend – Hilda’s decisions will shape the fate of the Empire.

For information about figures like Minerva, Harold and Eumenides, we recommend a look at the picture gallery. Six weapons, with which Hilda moves to their enemies, were already revealed:

  • Sword and Shield: For a good balance of damage and defense
  • Dagk: Fast attack sequences and raft evasive steps
  • Spear: It needed good reflexes to parry enemy attacks
  • Hammer: heavy and powerful, can break enemy blocks
  • Magic wand: The bar allows remote attacks and holds enemies at a distance
  • Bracelets: Can Place Magic Mines and Create Deadly Traps

Elden Ring: New Update 1.03.2 fixes Quest

Update, 12:18 clock : After downloading and install from the spot, the web servers appear to function once again on Vapor. The revealed main statement still does not have. Whether the web servers service PS4 and PS5 once more and also the spot is readily available for download there, we can not currently verify.

According to site, the “one of the most vital points of the current upgrade” are.

Spot 1.03.2 by Elden Ring comes just 6 days after the big spot 1.03. Reasonably tiny is also the listing of patch notes from the newest update.

Update, 12:13 clock : The patch can now be downloaded and install through Steam. The download dimension is 111.2 MEGABYTES.

Because these were referred to as “most important factors” in the upgrade, it is presently uncertain whether there are undamaged improvements, stabilizing adjustments as well as optimizations, as well as the last spot.

** After Inelden Ring today, in the morning of March 23, 2022, the servers down were, a new spot has actually now been released. Update 1.03.2 fixes beside smaller sized bugs, specifically a huge trouble with a quest.

  • Elimination of an error, the gamer in some cases prevented from advertising the mission line of NPC Nepheli Loux
    When attempting to come down from one factor near the Bestial Sanctum, * Removal of a blunder that led to the usable character died

  • Removes a mistake that stopped the war ashing “Endure” reliable
  • Get rid of a mistake in multiplayer mode, which allowed players to teleport various other gamers to false map coordinates

Update, 12:23 am: The Official Twitter account of Elden Ring validates that the web servers work with Vapor once again. Players on PS4 and also PS5 seem to need to wait better.

Glitches, like the flying equine, are most likely still in the game. An essential solution for the performance issues lacks at the very least according to official patch notes:

Elden Ring: Server Down on PS4, PS5, Steam & Patch Notes for 1.03.2

Stand currently, 10:23 am, the web servers on Vapor, PS4 and PS5 are still down. On the main Twitter account of Elden Ring Steam and also PlayStation players are asked for even more persistence:

In the major food selection of Elden Ring in the corner to the bottom right as variation number 1.03.2 are presented once the upgrade is successful. Until after that you have to wait on a thing on Steam and also PlayStation.

Update: The web server upkeep for PlayStation/ Steam is expanded. We apologize for the inconvenience, we will inform you in this string when maintenance ends. We thank you for your persistence.

The Official Account of Elden Ring on Twitter

We will certainly also update this write-up as quickly as there are news.

In the meantime you can enjoy which tools in Elden Ring dominate us in the Animal Listing, as well as which have actually fallen short. We have actually listed all 309 tools in the ready you for your stamina:

After Inelden Ring today, in the morning of March 23, 2022, the servers down were, a new spot has actually now been released. Update 1.03.2 repairs next to smaller sized bugs, specifically a huge trouble with a mission. Update, 12:18 clock **: After downloading and install from the patch, the servers seem to work again on Steam. Whether the web servers function on PS4 and PS5 again and the spot is offered for download there, we can not currently validate.

Update: The web server maintenance for PlayStation/ Steam is extended.

Elden Ring Pet List – All 309 weapons in the ranking to Spot 1.03

The patch 1.03.2 of Elden Ring arrange several problems with the multiplayer

All AWESOME New NPC Quest Rewards - Nepheli Loux & Jar Bairn Story Guide - Elden Ring 1.03 Update!
The Elden Ring patch 1.03.02 is already available both on PC and consoles, and arrange some of the failures that were placing the multiplayer in recent weeks. Fundamentally, the error by which players could telektop other users to non-designated map places for it. In addition, the failures are eliminated with the Nepheli Loux mission, which made some players not to progress within them. The ash of war “endure”, which did not work, can already be used normally. Finally, some aspects of performance have been improved. Even so, it is a patch much smaller than the previous one, which was remarkable to add the possibility of adding markers to the map to remember the location of the NPC. You can read our Elden Ring analysis on this link, in which we gave an essential seal.

Elden Ring: Player makes short process with hated NPC fans are excited

Elden Ring offers you numerous opponents who can make life for hell. The greater the greater the likelihood when a proper annoying NPC is removed in a few seconds – as a bizarre reddit post is now impressive.

The Elden Ring Community on Reddit celebrates a post in which a player shows his fight with the preceptor Miriam . While many players are likely to have bad memories of this encounter because of the high difficulty, the video proves that sometimes it is simply in a fromSoftware game.

ELDEN RING: Player defeated preceptor Miriam in record time

Preceptorin Miriam lurks you in Elden Ring in the Carian Cureau in the west of Liurnia. With Miriam is not good cherries at all, Her sheet holders can hurt you neatly , she can teleport, deal with a considerable sword and is still pretty hard in taking. If you have brought you to despair with these features like many players others, you might take care of Reddit User DNZ618.

In the short video, the user shows how he finished with Miriam. Instead of getting involved in a long battle with her, he receives them directly on a staircase, uses his shield for the damage limitation and promotes the preceptor then with a humourless heavy slot short-handed over the railing.

FromSoftware: Community celebrates reddit video

Elden Ring - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players
The community on Reddit reacts excited about the video – because many players already had to suffer from Miriam’s treacherous attacks. The video has already received over 24,000 upvotes and the commentators including their suffering as well as their admiration for the clip.

  • “Has me often killed as Margit.” ( Reddit User OK-SKY9108 )
  • “Where were you last week when I spent 2 hours with this B… in the New Game + Miriam is finished, so much is clear.” ( Reddit User lc_reddit )

  • “Has even killed me more often than Malenia… not sure if I should be proud or sad.” ( Reddit User Sir_rethor )
  • “To see so satisfactory… she made me so much trouble!” ( Reddit User GrecianGoddess )

In our video we show you all the important information about the FROM software hit Elden Ring:

Elden Ring: The very best construct in spot 1.03 – so you play it

Considering that patch 1.03 there are some innovations in Elden Ring, consisting of new NPCs, missions and map attributes. Yet even in regards to stabilizing there was a whole lot to report. The popular impersonator splits has actually caught it in addition to the extremely great sword of the fire as well as the evening.

Elden Ring - ALL MAJOR CHANGES IN-GAME! (1.03 Update)
With this build you can quickly grasp any type of situation in the game. Without regular carbillies. It is a build, which improves the qualities of ability (dexterity) and also wisdom (knowledge), the supposed dex/ int-build.

Yet in spite of nerfs as well as changes, a build remains on top of the meta. Due to the fact that this build not only uses the best weapons of our pet list and also the greatest spells in the game. It supplies even extra adaptable, functional and also most flexible gameplay in Elden Ring.

The most up to date upgrade 1.03 has transformed inelden ring a whole lot. A build is still extremely strong and versatile. Therefore you damage quickly and snappy all employers in the Action RPG. Meinmmo writer as well as Souls specialist Marko Jevtic tells you exactly how you play it.

I tell you below why this build is so excellent in which functional forms you can play it as well as how you play it. Since the build brillies even if you do not make use of the remarkably strong moon veil katana.

So you lien effectively for this build

Why is this build so solid? The DEX/ INT build collections equally on skill as well as wisdom. This covers numerous of the very best categories in the game:

Exactly how to obtain the most effective for this build? Although skill as well as knowledge are your most important qualities in a DEX/ INT build, but you ought to not take too lightly exactly how important the power and endurance features are.

  • Weapons scaling both with skill and also wisdom are most generally stood for in the S-rank of our Pet Listing.
  • These weapons are from a variety of categories, with various damages kinds. Therefore, you can transform for any type of type of employer or opponent.
  • With high knowledge, you can also make use of the magnificent spells in the game.
  • The suggested tools for this build weighs little, which is why you have a lot of space in the armor selection.
  • You can outfit a number of weapons all at once.
  • Several terrific weapons can be incorporated with each various other for even more flexibility as well as DPS.
  • The very best weapons for the build usage dark created stones, which is why weapons upgrades are significantly less costly, quicker and easier.

These are the features, and also do that:

  • || Vitality (pressure): || Vigor affects your life factors and also influences the fire resistance and the toxin energy.
  • Mind (spirit): |* The mind influences the FP (Mana) as well as the focus-related resistance. Essential for magic and magic builds.
  • STAMINA (stamina): |* Increases the endurance of your character as well as also boosts the physical protection. Especially crucial for carvers, as endurance permits obstructing and evading.
  • Toughness (toughness): |* is needed to direct hefty weapons. It additionally boosts the assault power of weapons with starch skill.
  • Dexterity (skill): |* is required to guide innovative weapons. It likewise increases the assault pressure of weapons scaling with mobility. Shorts the effort of magic, reduces fall damages as well as makes it tougher to fall from the steed.
  • ** Knowledge (wisdom): || Boosts the magic power of intelligence scaling conjure and also improves magic resistance. Likewise boosts how often your spell can use.
  • Confidence (faith): |* is required to do incantations. It also reinforces discussions that scalate with faith.
  • Arcane (Arcane energy): |* affects death resistance and particular spells and necromancies.

Relying on the weapon you desire to make use of, you should count on the features after this concern checklist. Maintain in mind that the choice of the helmet and the Talismans also influences these qualities. We likewise focus on the “soft caps”, ie the worths that financial investments are hardly worthwhile:

Because you only find players in the PVP, who have a similar level as you can, you can barely discover players with expensive levels. Since you would certainly have to disperse all, acquired ‘levels once more, you can not lower this investment again – the only rescue is a brand-new personality here.

You ought to make certain you do not pay focus to your Character’s Level 150 if you want to play PVP in the long term. Presently, the community sees that particularly as a meta-level and also has concurred in big parts not to free it.

  • Sets enough points in wisdom, stamina as well as ability to make sure that you can outfit the preferred tool.
  • Then your factors distribute into force and also problem till you are satisfied.
  • For toughness, you select a level, which helps you to endure the fiest attacks from the next employer. In the tool term, you should plan 30 – 40 factors at the very least active, in the endgame you can also most likely to 60.
  • In terms of problem, you placed points up until your complete combos can conveniently run in a row as well as after evoker. Here is the long-lasting optimum at 20 – 25 factors.
  • Next off, you put your factors in knowledge.
  • If you are primarily seeing you as a couple or magician competitor crossbreed, you ought to not exceed 50 factors in the long term.
  • If you mainly want to be a magician, you can even put 60 – 80 points in wisdom. As a pure wizard you can likewise focus on the spirit attribute next.
  • Later on you place your factors in skill. Below it is excellent to have about the very same degree as your wisdom worth. About Level 55, nevertheless, is hardly worthwhile.
  • Finally, you can invest points in mind up until you have sufficient FP for your play design.

How to discover the ideal tool for this build

Which weapons use this build? The concern about the weapons in this build is maybe the most amazing. Because you have several various opportunities that are all extremely solid and serve various specific niches. The complying with alternatives do you have:

  • A weapon with DEX/ INT scaling and also a guard for blocking or parry.
  • A weapon with DEX/ INT scaling and also a stick in the second hand.
  • 2 weapons with DEX/ INT scaling of the same category in one hand (the supposed “Power Stance”).

Depending on the preference, the complying with weapons are the most effective:

The Carian knight indicator is an outstanding option if you are looking for a good shield for the defensive. For parry, there is no much better alternative than the small fume sign.

  • With an indicator to secure you can play extra thoroughly, however exchanges the offending endurance for protective activities.
  • With a ceremony option you can penalize several challengers completely, however anticipate requires a great deal of ability of you as well as is high-risk.
  • With Power Stance you make the highest DPS, yet are likewise most at risk. Below you need to dodge very well.

If you do not have one of these unique weapons, you can also take basic weapons such as the euchigatana or the flail of the night mounties and also adjust it with magic or frost war regarding your needs. So you can additionally utilize completely other tool kinds than the provided below.

A wand might in no situation be missing in the build: The meteroite rod is the most effective selection for those that just intend to make use of spells periodically. Those that wish to function mainly with magic needs to choose the shimmer stone pole, which strengthens their favored spells. One of the most strongest is the azure glimmer ticket, yet the requires 60 knowledge.

  • The Katana mone veil, which comes from the most effective weapons in the video game.
  • The meteor blade, which can also trigger excellent damage thanks to a special heavy strike and also can break down defensive.
  • The renowned dark moon light greater sword, which you get as a benefit for a specific mission.
  • The Flails Bastards. You obtain the ECHO of the Managers Asel, which you have to beat throughout Rannis Quest.
  • The Krummschwert Schwinge from Astel is an outstanding selection.
  • A glimmer stone rod of your selection.

The most interesting decision is the after the 2nd hand.

This video of RagegamingVideos shows two new, strong spells that you can make use of and also gives normally build tips for individuals with a considerable focus on magic:

The writer as well as Souls specialist Marko Jevtic: In this choice, my fave is really clear the mix of the moon shroud as well as the meteor blade in the Power Stance.

In the 2nd slot of the previously owned, I make use of the meteroite pole for, for instance, flying challengers much easier to do. I replace the swords with 2 leans in the Power Stance if it goes into the mines or against crystal opponents.

In my main hand, I usually make use of the meteorblade since I truly like the distinct hefty impact and also he gives me Sekiro Panache. For this objective, I discover the ability from the moon veil as well solid – if this Katana remains in the 2nd hand, I use the rarer than “easy escape”.

Which weapon type is the very best? Katanas dazzling via their versatility and bleeding damage. Particularly, the moon shroud katana has grown definitely every scenario and is the heart of many Dex/ Int develops. This is also because of the flexible as well as exceptionally solid weapons ability.

The Power Stance enables me to begin with L1/ LB really quickly assaults, making high blood loss damage and also chog the most agile challengers well. The animations merely look trendy.

The dark moon light bulkhead and also the rocker of Asesel are normally solid options with an extremely own playing design. With their damages types, they do not make use of such special particular niches as the flails, but thanks to solid performance and special Moveset a great deal of enjoyable.

The flails subsequently are particularly solid when it violates highly armored opponents, such as the miners in the caves. Smacks simply break this armor because with your impact damage.

How to locate the best tools for the build

Very exciting are the shimmerstead crowns that you find in the Academy of Raya Lucaria provide you interesting benefits and also negative aspects.

Which shield should I take? In this build, the choice of armor is really extra an inquiry of aesthetic appeals than the values. As long as your devices weight at the end is ruled out a hefty lots, you can pick what you desire right here.

A large exemption are the safety helmets. Below, there are some that affect your statistics. Safety helmets like the weight head around elevate your ability quality and are consequently perfect for our DEX/ INT build.

The shimmer stone crown of Haus Lazuli is specifically excellent. The increases your wisdom and ability features at the expense of your LP. An added downside is sincere, that you can resemble the mascot of a large fast food chain.

Which talismans should I take? The selection of the Talisman is similarly exciting. Below to provide a general referral is hard because it additionally relies on your play style, your very own needs and the variety of your talismanslots. The complying with Talismans I make use of:

The various other talismans assist with the downtime in the battle. With efficiently more FP as well as faster Stamina regeneration, I can play a lot more aggressive, which opposes my playing style.

So much for this Swiss penknife from an ELDEN ring build. No matter just how your Gear choices eventually look: With a skill on skill and also knowledge, the finest weapons and also methods in Elden Ring are offered at any time.

Jumping assaults are always among the strongest assaults in your Toolbox as well as are a development in Elden Ring. Also outright experts suggest making use of these strikes as well as their high attitude damages.

  • Radagons Injury Seal: Increases several of your characteristics considerably, but likewise the damages suffered
  • Green Turtle Valley: Increases the endurance regeneration
  • Klauentalisman: Enhances dive attacks
  • CARIAN FILES: lowers the FP intake of skills

Radagons wound seal is specifically amazing. This provides +5 on stamina, condition, strength and also endurance, yet additionally raises damages by 15%. The Amulet alone represents 20 levels-ups, however likewise lugs a great danger with each other with the Lazuli crown.

If you favor various other amulets, you ought to not be back to use them (Following).

Have you already tried this build, or do you currently use it? Do you also play with the Power Stance?

If you are looking for more ideas, information and also referrals for Elden Ring from the MeinmMo editors, we have an introduction right here, which we upgrade time and again:

Elden Ring: All our overviews, novice suggestions and also constructs in the summary

Why is this build so solid? The DEX/ INT build sets just as on ability as well as knowledge. * Dexterity (ability): | is needed to assist advanced weapons. Which weapons utilize this build? * The concern concerning the weapons in this build is possibly the most exciting.

Listing for fixed cameras! MOD to turn off the automatic tracking function of the camera in the PC version “Elden Ring”

The MOD producer TechIew has the PC version of the Action RPG “ Elden Ring ” that the show software works on the other day, followed by the automatic tracking of the camera, followed by the automatic tracking of the camera. We published MOD “ Fix the Camera ” to turn off the function.

The camera work of this work should follow the traveling direction of the operating character, so if you want to fix the view in a specific direction, you must always fine-tune the camera. This was a vast field, but if you spend a leisurely flowing in Torrento, you often used to explore narrow places and often she often had a camera manipulation.

How to Fix Elden Ring FPS Stuttering, Uncap FPS, Ultrawide & More
In addition, since the on / off of the function does not exist in the setting item in the game, it seems that some players who play with the keyboard & mouse were particularly suffering from scooping. In response to this, Techiew comments in the video reply column when the game can be played smoothly by this MOD.

Such MOD is adjusted for keyboards & mice and supports the drain controller, but continues to be adjusted. Therefore, at this time, it seems that TechIew raises camera sensitivity as a first aid of the controller.

Please check this NexusMods page for download and how to introduce. Please give me your own responsibility for the introduction of MOD.


_ **** _

Elden Ring has to collect a fair share of paintings throughout the experience, and it may indeed be worthwhile to find them all while traveling through the world and fighting against all offered bosses while rising with runes. Such a painting that you can find early in the game is the “Homing Instinct” painting, and this guideline article informs you about the location of the Homing Instinct Painting eldenring What makes it easy for your character.

Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Guide

Homing Instinct Malort in the Elden Ring

The Homing Instinct Painting is located in ‘Limgrave’ and in the ‘Artist’s Shack’. Just search the waypoint ‘Ruinenkeller’, place of grace, and then go along the path that leads to the east. You will then come across the “K├╝nstlersh├╝tte” and the painting can be found on the easel in the building.

After you have the painting, you should note that you can find the associated treasure. You must find the spirit of a painter and this spirit is located in the ‘dragon-burned ruins’ specifically on the southwest side of it. There will be a spirit of a painter and you just have to go to his closeness when you have received the painting. Then you will receive a helmet as the object and reward, which is the “Golden Skarab Head”.

The mana is reduced, which is required to use the faith magic, which is an excellent helmet for those who prefer to use magic in experience.

Some players can be inspired to find the paintings to read the traditions of the subject, since with each object in Elyden Ring normally a deeper meaning behind it. Whether it is a weapon like the ‘two-two others’ or others. Another great object that it is to be found is the “blessed Tau-Talisman” that you can find in experience.

_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Home / Player / Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Location: Where to find the treasure

Elden Ring: where you get the winged scythe

The Winged Scythe is a great weapon that you can get early ELDENRING . No matter what kind of build you have the winged scythe is an impressive weapon that is incredibly useful. Especially when you are a Faith Build, find out here how to get the Winged Scythe in Elden Ring.

How to get the winged scythe in Elden Ring

As mentioned earlier, the great thing about the Winged Scythe is that you can get it early in the game. Most other weapons are becoming more powerful, but are only available later in the game. Getting the Winged Scythe is not too difficult. Without further adieu, here is how and where you get the Winged Scythe in Elden Ring.

Start at the pilgrimage church Gnadenort . If you have not unlocked this place of grace, it is located on the northern summit of the Weeping Peninsula. From there drive southwest towards the Tombsward ruins . This is the first major area that you will come across when you travel along the coast to southwest so you do not get lost.

As soon as you are with the Tomsward ruins, Enter the catacombs below and fight the low enemies. Downstairs it is dark, so maybe you should take a torch or a lantern. As soon as the area is free, they plunder the treasure chest in the back room to find the winged scythe.

What makes the winged scythe?

Winged Scythe is an effective weapon for faith builds as it requires 16 strength, 16 skill and 24 faith to use it. The weapon is the only weapon in the game that is the ability angel wings . The work of the ability costs 17 FP and provides a jumping stroke to your enemies that hinder recovery actions with a vial with tears.

Apart from the unique ability inherent in The Winged Scythe, the weapon itself is powerful. The weapon has 87 physical attack force, 104 holy attack power and 100 critical attack power. It only weighs 7.5 and works as a pretty effective guard, which negates 25 to 55 damage all on all line. The Winged Scythe is a great weapon for the early game that you do not want to miss.

And that’s all you need to know about The Winged Scythe in Elden Ring. We cover everything under the sun when it comes to Elden Ring, so you definitely look at our Elden Ring Guides to learn more.

Elden Ring Winged Scythe Location Guide early game S tier scythe weapon

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Home / Player / Elden Ring: Where to get the winged scythe

Elden Ring: How to get winged scythe

The Collaboration of RPG of Action from FromSoftware and George RR Martin, Elden Ring is finally available now, and both players and critics have fun exploring the vast world of The Lands Between and defeating gigantic bosses. While you will spend most of your time fighting against monstrous beasts and, well, just trying to survive, it is likely that you are looking for effective weapons. In this guide, we will give you clues about how to get the winged scythe . Then, without more preamble, let’s go on, okay?

How to get the winged scythe in Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Most OP FAITH Scythe Build You Can Make EARLY | Elden Ring BLACK FLAME Reaper Build

  • First, go to the church of the pilgrimage site of grace.

First he must go to the Church of the Pilgrimage of Gracia, which is found in the North Peak of Weeping Peninsula.

  • Next, go to the southwest to the ruins of Tombsward.

  • Then, enter the ruins of Tombsward and defeat a couple of low-level enemies.

You may want to take a torch or a flashlight, as it is quite dark down there.

  • Finally, plunder the treasure chest in the room in the back to find the winged scythe in all its splendor.

Requirements of winged scythe statistics and gun skill

The winged scythe can be found from the beginning in Elden Ring and is an effective weapon, especially for faith constructions. Specifically, you will need at least 16 of strength, 16 of skill and 24 faith to grasp it.

And that’s all you need to know about How to get winged scythe in Elden Ring . Be sure to search for winged or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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