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The PC version Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definned Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depths are being distributed for free for a limited time. At the Epic Games store

On September 2 at the Epic Games store, free distribution of the PC version Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depths have been started. If you create or log in your account within the period, you can hold it after the period. The distribution period is until 0:00 on September 9th. Both works are compatible with Japanese display.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the latest work at the current time of the action adventure game Tomb Raider series, and was released in 2018. This is the final chapter of the Reboot Trilogy, depicting the origin of the series, Lara Croft, growing from a young archeologist to a toom raider.

In this work, the main stage is Maya’s ancient archeological site, and Lara adventures with her buddy Jonah. She breaks through the archeological tricks and traps while making full use of lapeling and swing actions. In the archeological site, Lara and her hostile organizational trinity are making a leap, focusing on stealth play.


In addition to the main game of the game, the Definitive Edition, which is distributed for free, includes all DLC and bonus content, including seven challenge toom, weapons, costumes, and skills. This work has been distributed once this year, but if you miss it at that time, get it on this occasion. By the way, it is a work with a regular price of 4180 yen.

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a submerged city search adventure game designed by UPPERCUT GAMES, a work released in February this year. Submerged exists as the previous work, and the main character, Miku, explores the open world world with her younger brother Taku who grew from her previous work.

The world of this work is dotted with urban archeological sites formed by the former civilization, and players visit such archeological sites. There are archeological sites where black and huge plants are entangled, purifying the mysterious power of Miku and the large species that can be found at her archeological sites. In the archeological site, there are also situations where actions and puzzle elements are searched and collected elements. By the way, the regular price of this work is 3080 yen.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definned Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depths are being distributed for free at the Epic Games store until 0:00 on September 9. During the same period, free distribution of Armazillo Bundle, which contains in-game items from the KNOCKOUT CITY KNOCKOUT CITY, is being distributed for free.

Next week’s free distribution is scheduled for the wine-making simulation game Hundred Days-Wine Simulator.

Evo, Sony and Epic Games are working on a decrease in the input lag in fighting

The organizers of the EVO tournament, Sony and Epic Games engineers are working on the solution to the problem of Input Lag (input delays) in the playing in the PlayStation 5 console.

Faiting are extremely dependent on the delayed video game genre and organizers of the EVO tournament are puzzled by the fact that the consoles of the PlayStation family have a higher delay compared to Microsoft consoles. And therefore, Sony engineers, which is the owner of EVO, together with colleagues from Epic Games want to reduce this indicator.

EPIC programmers are involved in solving the problem due to the fact that it is the games on Unreal Engine that feel on PlayStation consoles well enough. The problem is especially acute in King of Fighters XV.

Stealth action “The Library of Babel” officially announced. Following the “Babel Library” closed mystery that brought confusion in the robot society

Publisher Neon Doctrine officially announced on May 15 the action adventure game “ The Library of Babel ” by Tanuki Game Studio. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, and will be distributed in 2022.

“The Library of Babel” is an action adventure game under development, influenced by the writer Jorge Lewis Borgez’s short story “Babel’s Library”, Naoki Urasawa’s manga “PLUTO”, and the movie “Revelation of Hell”. is. The stage is a world that has been 20,000 years since humanity was extinct. There was an advanced robot and an orderly society.

The robots say they have little about their creators. Under such circumstances, a library has been discovered that all books written in the future are stored, as well as books written in the past and present, which will cause confusion in the robot society.

The main character of this work is Rudvik, who is investigating the incident in a city called Babylon. He seems to be in pursuing the culprit after someone has been killed. However, in the process, some emergency occurred, and he would be in danger.

In this work, the player operates Rudovik and goes on a vast jungle and ruined temples. Platform actions such as jumping over scaffolds and avoiding traps seem to be one of the major elements of gameplay. In addition, various kinds of mechanical creatures appear on the stage. Rather than fighting the enemy directly, the focus is on stealth play.

In this work, it seems important to manage the inventory and use the items you hold well according to the situation. In the trailer, you can see how you select a cardboard box and hide yourself when you encounter the enemy. In addition, a function that combines two types of items is also available, and new items are created by combining hooks and yo -yo strings.

The library, which caused confusion in the robot society, seems to be now closed. In conducting the case survey, Rudovik will also elucidate why it was closed and the mystery. This work is based on conspiracy and eternity, and you can experience a philosophical and sad story. In addition, TANUKI GAME STUDIO is based in Barcelona, Spain, despite its Japanese style.

“The Library of Babel” will be distributed in 2022 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Epic Games Store: Today there are two PC games for free

In the Epic Games Store you secure today two more PC games for free: the next chamfering gift is on. This time, the full versions of the Strategy Hits XCOM 2 and the Roguelike Adventure InstrumMountable are waiting for you. The activation takes place at the usual time at 17 o’clock . Once the free games are available, you have time for a week to link you to your account. So put the PC games in your account until April 21 to maintain permanently access.

When are the Free Epic Vault Games in 2022?

Strategy & mountaineering

In our test to xcom 2 you read that a mercilessly good strategy game is expected. The title offers sensationally presented round folders, a high claim with four levels of difficulty, a great underdog atmosphere and a high playback value. It goes high with insignia report, which is distributed this week as a second free game in the Epic Games Store. In a steady fight against the forces of nature, you can conquer inexorable mountains in this adventure. In the test to insignia report you read all the details.

Get the free games of the previous week

Until the activation of the new free games you still sack the two full versions, which the Epic Games Store gave away in the past week: Rogue Legacy and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter . Which games are distributed in the coming week, we will learn at 5 pm when XCOM 2 and Insormountable go live. Also 2022 it should give every week at least a free PC game for the members in the Epic Games Store.

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EPIC Games and Lego announced the creation of metavers for children. “ROBLOX” versa

Epic Games and The Lego Group announced on April 7, to jointly create new metavers for children and families. It is likely to attract attention to the game and toy flag hands with unknown platforms and contents.

Epic Games, Unreal Engine Development and Game Delivery Platform Epic Games Store Operation, Popular Batro Operation “Fort Knight”, etc. Multiple Games Companies. The Lego Group is familiar with the popular block assembly toy LEGO (Lego). According to the announcement by the EPIC Games, the Metaverse, which both companies can handle, “enjoyable and safely enjoy children and families” as the concept. In addition, we are trying to provide “a tool to help children be a confident creator”. In other words, the user is likely to create content.

Epic Games And Lego Announcement Roblox?
Based on metaverse orientation, there is “ROBLOX” as a work that the user creates content. This is a work that boasts huge popularity, focusing on the US children. On the other hand, “ROBLOX” has also been issued that sex criminals are looking for a damaged child, and a criticism is also being criticized that “working with a system to work and exploit” (related articles). Metaverse with Epic Games and The Lego Group emphasizes children’s safety and mind health and rights. The background may also have consciousness as a counterparty to “ROBLOX” of concern.

Throughout the game concert, etc., “Fort Night” is familiar to many users as a form of Metaverse. And many people take in hand and make a creative power. I would like to look forward to what kind of world is born by both companies together.

“Fort Night” Donate 2 weeks of sales to Ukrainian humanitarian assistance. Such as soon after the start of the new season

Epic Games announced on March 20, to all two week revenues in Fort Night, to be used to support humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. In addition, Microsoft also allows you to donate “Fort Night” content net sales in the company’s platform in the same period.

“Fort Night” is a battle royal game developed and operated by Epic Games. In the presentation as of August 2021, the number of nominal players is a highly popular work, such as overproting ¥ 350 million worldwide. According to this official announcement, Epic Games is a local time, all of the revenues from March 20, 202 to April 3, to support Ukraine currently in war throughout the four humanitarian support groups It is said that it is. Microsoft also cooperates, and “Fort Night” content related net sales in Microsoft Store is also used to be used to humanitarian assistance. After Ukrainian invasion by Russia, various-scale game companies have shown the posture of Ukraine support (related articles). However, full donation of sales of operated games is an unusual example.

It is sales purchased in a real currency within the period of donation. As an example, V-BUCKS packs, Fort Night Crew, Gift Patrich, and Visual Packs such as Void Lander Packs are applicable. In addition, physical purchase at a retailer is also subject to donation if it is switched to the game within the time period. However, the use of V-BUCKS, which is an additional addition in game, is not included. In other words, new purchases of V-BUCKS using cash were subject to donation, and it is not possible to donate at V-BUCKS consumption held before March 20. In addition, the monthly fee for the subscro service “Fort Night Crew” is also subject to donation if it is processed within the period.

The donation destination is “DIRECT RELIEF” “UNICEF” “UN UN UNHCR Association (UNWFP)” UN UNHCR Association-UN Refugee-High Commissioner Office Office “, and donations The previous group is to be added. Selection of donation destination is impossible. Remittances from Epic Games to Donations are as quickly done as much as possible. If you do not want to turn to donate the purchase in “Fort Night”, “Make sure to refrain from the real currency purchase in Fort Night from April 4, 2012.”

“Fort Night” is a popular work. Although it is somewhat past data, it was about $ 5.5 billion (approximately ¥ 656.1 billion) in 2018 and about $ 3.7 billion in 2019 (approximately 442 billion yen), but Epic Games and Apple It has been revealed by the trial material of (THE VERGE). Even if it is a 2-week sales, the amount is expected to be very large. A large amount of donations will be leveraged by humanitarian assistance.

Watch live: Special programme on the war in Ukraine

In addition, “Fort Night” has opened the new season “Chapter 3 Season 2” from today. In addition to adding vehicles such as IO Titan tanks, which is a tank, character agility is improved such as increased movement speed and adding actions. Furthermore, it is temporarily invalidated in the architecture, which is a feature of this work in some game mode, and “over shielding” is introduced, and it is a change that is rich in change. In addition, the efforts to donate the seasons that will greatly contribute to sales will indicate the attitude to support EPIC GAMES Ukraine.

Open World FPS The Cycle: Frontier, Last Closed Beta Start Today

Yager’s dangerous only one person shooting game ‘The Cycle: Frontier’ started the last closed beta through Steam and Epic Games Store today. Currently, ‘The Cycle: Frontier’ was a free game that is added to the most wish list in steam, and about 350,000 people participated in the last betaen. This beta is held until April 4, and new features and contents are added to the previous beta version, and they are added to be added.

‘The Cycle: Frontier’ is a unique PVE, PVP, and cooperative Multiplayer Gameplay combination and smooth matchmaking make-up, and this beta was added to this beta.

\ – New Match Activity: Po Tona III planet became more dangerous! It has been possible to minure using laser drill and oil pump.
\ – New Faction Campaign: Three new faction campaigns will be a new player guide to the equipment.
\ – New Monsters: Familiar monsteries come back with some deadly changes. New monsters ensure greater challenges and compensation.
\ – New Map Design: Bright Sands and Crescent Falls have been improved for both better crossing.
\ – Combat balance, enemy AI, plundering and tutorials, visual & audio optimization, and bug fixes, such as bug fixes, have improved functionality.

The Cycle: Frontier - Closed Beta 2 - ICA Teaser

The Patua III can acquire a lot of spoils during the battle with a dangerous alien planet. However, you can always keep the spoils that have been killed among enemies that are alleged. Both hunger monsters, radioactive storms, and other greedy players are boundaries. You may have a team with your own or friends, or a temporary alliance with strangers. Let’s pray for the booty after hunting together.

You can use the new resources to upgrade the equipment using the new resources on the home base located on the Prospect Station and purchase the new equipment. If you increase the reputation through a variety of faction activities, you can cut the new combat option, and you can customize the combat equipment to suit me. With a few clicks, you can start the battle with only a combat, and immediate matchmaking fits the game play flow.

‘The Cycle: Frontier’ Related More details can be found in the Yarn official blog, Twitter, and YouTube channels, and communication with developers can also be communicated through the discord channel.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Diese Season-Pass

Today, 2K and Gearbox software announced news about what fans expect in terms of content in the Season Pass of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The Season Pass is available separately or as part of the Chaotic Great Edition and contains four new content packages after publishing the game, including impressive bosses and unusual settings, a seventh class to further expand the multi-class system, and a series of cosmetic objects In the Arschgaul pack.

The new trailer is here:

Four exciting content packages after publication of the game

Each of the four new content packages starts in the dream lock view, where the mysterious fortune teller Vesper is waiting for your audience. The players can look into the mirror of mysteries supervised by Vespers and are thereby drawn in illusional environments. These each consist of five levels, through which the players can fight to meet a fearsome boss.

Each content package to a mirror of mysteries will be available individually, but you can also use the Season Pass a ticket to all four.

The final boss in every mirror of mysteries is always more powerful and Vespers stories over time are constructed so that they can play them again to be the test even when the difficulty is rising. Every time you defeat an increasingly scary form of the boss, players deserve lost souls with whom you can turn to Vespers foring bike.

By turning these scary apparatus, players can receive rewards such as legendary weapons, equipment and other objects.

Endless possibilities and customization options

By concluding a content package, the associated levels and the boss are also added to the pool of possible options in the chaos chamber, the endlessly replayable endpiel-lost in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Thus, the countless combination options for randomly generated dungeons are extended again, whereby each run is even unpredictable. Further information about how the chaos chamber works is available in the developer diary.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Season Pass Trailer

With the fourth content package, a hitherto not yet presented seventh class will expand the list of six combinable classes of the baseline. With its own class bulk, two new action skills and a unique skill tree, the seventh class offers even more options for the multi-class system.

The Season Pass is rounded off by the Arschgaul-Pack with Königen Arschgaul Personally Approved Cosmetic Objects, which will allow other fate charms to be melted before envy. The Arschgaul-Pack contains the Diamantgard Armor Set (3 Objects), the Crystal Glasser Makeup Pack (5 Objects), the Adamantthron Banner Set (2 Objects) and the Statue Material Diamond.

DiamondPony slider for Fortnite

In cooperation with Epic Games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ chaotic fantasy world with the DiamondPony slider in Fortnite. These are available as a temporary bonus for those who buy a digital version of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in the Epic Games Store! *

The opponents will be speechless and extremely jealous of players who sail with the diamond pony slider elegantly through the ventilation. When activated, the magical diamond binicorn is in a magical diamondbinicorn in a magical way with an elegant neighbor to the side of the players and elegantly leaves a weapon, the flight is carried away from the wind before landing on the island. Then she gallops below the player and lets her surf on her sparkling back. While they fly through the sky, leave a rainbow-colored track.

By purchasing an edition of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in the Epic Games Store, the Diamondpony Glider is available in Fortnite after publication on March 25, 2022.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Pre-order

  • Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Pre-Orteller Bundle – 69.99 euros
  • Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: Next-Level Edition Pre-Orteller Bundle – 74,99 Euro
  • Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: Chaotic Great Edition Pre-Orteller Bundle – 89.99 Euro

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will be released on March 25, 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, PlayStation4 and exclusively via the Epic Games Store for PC. More digital stores for PC follow during the year 2022. The game can now be pre-ordered for all starting platforms.

“Fort Night” so that iOS version can be played after a long time. Cloud game service via GeForce Now

NVIDIA announced on January 14, a beta test to be provided at the company’s cloud game service GeForce Now for the iOS / Android version of Fort Knight from next week. The mobile version of this work is currently not provided in both platform app stores, but it seems to be able to play through GeForce Now.

GeForce Now is a cloud game service provided by NVIDIA. The game can be played by executing a PC game on the server side equipped with the GeForce GPU, and exchanging the operation input and the game image between the user’s PC / smartphone / tablet. GeForce Now itself is characterized in that it can work with external digital stores such as Steam and Epic Games stores and can be able to play a response PC game that users purchase and hold in their stores. In Japan, Softbank and AU operate at each plan.

As mentioned earlier, the iOS / Android version of Fort Night is not currently delivered in App Store and Google Play. Developing Source Epic Games in August 2020 was deleted from both platforms as a violation of the terms and conditions by implementing their own settlement systems in this work. EPIC Games claims that the fee for payment system provided by both platforms is too high, and the fee setting is made with each exclusive status. It develops into a trial with Apple and Google two companies, and has continued to fight.

Under such circumstances, the iOS / Android version has been offered through GeForce Now. To be precise, it is a version optimized for touch operation. As for Android version, since there is a mechanism that allows the user to install an application obtained from other than Google Play, the iOS version will be able to play after a long time since the delivery suspension described above. Fort Night has also been provided with the PC version to GeForce Now, but could not be played on iOS.

The iOS version is to access and play GeForce NOW on the web browser Safari, not via the GeForce NOW application. This is due to Apple restrictions, and the title of the title other than Fort Night is the same. Microsoft’s Cloud Game Service Xbox Cloud Gaming is also ransoming to start the iOS version by passing through Safari.

Beta test for GeForce NOW of Mobile Version Fort Night will be implemented for several weeks next week. At the moment, it can not be registered from Japan, but it is expected that it will be able to play in Japan as well as being officially provided. NVIDIA is also clarified that the GeForce Now of the GeForce Now of the game optimized for touch operation is expanded. Working with manufacturers companies, we will promote the touch operation of PC games.

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