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Epic Games Store: Today there are two PC games for free

In the Epic Games Store you secure today two more PC games for free: the next chamfering gift is on. This time, the full versions of the Strategy Hits XCOM 2 and the Roguelike Adventure InstrumMountable are waiting for you. The activation takes place at the usual time at 17 o’clock . Once the free games are available, you have time for a week to link you to your account. So put the PC games in your account until April 21 to maintain permanently access.

When are the Free Epic Vault Games in 2022?

Strategy & mountaineering

In our test to xcom 2 you read that a mercilessly good strategy game is expected. The title offers sensationally presented round folders, a high claim with four levels of difficulty, a great underdog atmosphere and a high playback value. It goes high with insignia report, which is distributed this week as a second free game in the Epic Games Store. In a steady fight against the forces of nature, you can conquer inexorable mountains in this adventure. In the test to insignia report you read all the details.

Get the free games of the previous week

Until the activation of the new free games you still sack the two full versions, which the Epic Games Store gave away in the past week: Rogue Legacy and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter . Which games are distributed in the coming week, we will learn at 5 pm when XCOM 2 and Insormountable go live. Also 2022 it should give every week at least a free PC game for the members in the Epic Games Store.

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EPIC Games and Lego announced the creation of metavers for children. “ROBLOX” versa

Epic Games and The Lego Group announced on April 7, to jointly create new metavers for children and families. It is likely to attract attention to the game and toy flag hands with unknown platforms and contents.

Epic Games, Unreal Engine Development and Game Delivery Platform Epic Games Store Operation, Popular Batro Operation “Fort Knight”, etc. Multiple Games Companies. The Lego Group is familiar with the popular block assembly toy LEGO (Lego). According to the announcement by the EPIC Games, the Metaverse, which both companies can handle, “enjoyable and safely enjoy children and families” as the concept. In addition, we are trying to provide “a tool to help children be a confident creator”. In other words, the user is likely to create content.

Epic Games And Lego Announcement Roblox?
Based on metaverse orientation, there is “ROBLOX” as a work that the user creates content. This is a work that boasts huge popularity, focusing on the US children. On the other hand, “ROBLOX” has also been issued that sex criminals are looking for a damaged child, and a criticism is also being criticized that “working with a system to work and exploit” (related articles). Metaverse with Epic Games and The Lego Group emphasizes children’s safety and mind health and rights. The background may also have consciousness as a counterparty to “ROBLOX” of concern.

Throughout the game concert, etc., “Fort Night” is familiar to many users as a form of Metaverse. And many people take in hand and make a creative power. I would like to look forward to what kind of world is born by both companies together.

“Fort Night” Donate 2 weeks of sales to Ukrainian humanitarian assistance. Such as soon after the start of the new season

Epic Games announced on March 20, to all two week revenues in Fort Night, to be used to support humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. In addition, Microsoft also allows you to donate “Fort Night” content net sales in the company’s platform in the same period.

“Fort Night” is a battle royal game developed and operated by Epic Games. In the presentation as of August 2021, the number of nominal players is a highly popular work, such as overproting ¥ 350 million worldwide. According to this official announcement, Epic Games is a local time, all of the revenues from March 20, 202 to April 3, to support Ukraine currently in war throughout the four humanitarian support groups It is said that it is. Microsoft also cooperates, and “Fort Night” content related net sales in Microsoft Store is also used to be used to humanitarian assistance. After Ukrainian invasion by Russia, various-scale game companies have shown the posture of Ukraine support (related articles). However, full donation of sales of operated games is an unusual example.

It is sales purchased in a real currency within the period of donation. As an example, V-BUCKS packs, Fort Night Crew, Gift Patrich, and Visual Packs such as Void Lander Packs are applicable. In addition, physical purchase at a retailer is also subject to donation if it is switched to the game within the time period. However, the use of V-BUCKS, which is an additional addition in game, is not included. In other words, new purchases of V-BUCKS using cash were subject to donation, and it is not possible to donate at V-BUCKS consumption held before March 20. In addition, the monthly fee for the subscro service “Fort Night Crew” is also subject to donation if it is processed within the period.

The donation destination is “DIRECT RELIEF” “UNICEF” “UN UN UNHCR Association (UNWFP)” UN UNHCR Association-UN Refugee-High Commissioner Office Office “, and donations The previous group is to be added. Selection of donation destination is impossible. Remittances from Epic Games to Donations are as quickly done as much as possible. If you do not want to turn to donate the purchase in “Fort Night”, “Make sure to refrain from the real currency purchase in Fort Night from April 4, 2012.”

“Fort Night” is a popular work. Although it is somewhat past data, it was about $ 5.5 billion (approximately ¥ 656.1 billion) in 2018 and about $ 3.7 billion in 2019 (approximately 442 billion yen), but Epic Games and Apple It has been revealed by the trial material of (THE VERGE). Even if it is a 2-week sales, the amount is expected to be very large. A large amount of donations will be leveraged by humanitarian assistance.

Watch live: Special programme on the war in Ukraine

In addition, “Fort Night” has opened the new season “Chapter 3 Season 2” from today. In addition to adding vehicles such as IO Titan tanks, which is a tank, character agility is improved such as increased movement speed and adding actions. Furthermore, it is temporarily invalidated in the architecture, which is a feature of this work in some game mode, and “over shielding” is introduced, and it is a change that is rich in change. In addition, the efforts to donate the seasons that will greatly contribute to sales will indicate the attitude to support EPIC GAMES Ukraine.

Borderlands 3 is now available on Steam at half price

Borderlands 3 не выйдет в Steam | Игровые новости TGF News | ТГФ

Temporary exclusive games are raging today. It is not uncommon for some consoles or distributors to have a brief monopoly on a game. Borderlands 3 on PC is a good example. During his first launch six months ago, Epic Games has been watching at attracting enough developers to make sure the Epic Games Store would be the only online store for sale for the first six months of its life. As frustrating as it could be for those on Steam, the semester is now over. Borderlands 3 can now be bought on Steam. And with a massive discount too.

Borderlands 3 will be 50% off steam. It s obviously a lot for anyone yet had the chance to play game. Borderlands 3 has been hailed as one of the best games in the series. Not to mention that there has been an impressive amount of DLC published for the title. More is on the way too. If you have already been curious to try this game, your time has come. Not to mention that this could be a great way to spend your forties. This agreement will only be available until March 21, so act quickly. There will probably no other sale like this before a while. At least until the summer sale.

Borderlands 3 was one of the best shooters on the market last year. Hope this new offer that Steam execute will give the game the boost it needs. The new DLC called Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock is only a few days off.

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