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Minecraft: How to use a blacksmith table

Minecraft Player The veterans of the series are and have not returned since quite some time or new players who want to make their equipment more powerful may want to know how to use them the blacksmith table . If you have equipment with good enchantments or additional NETHERIT and are not sure how to use it, there is something to discover for everyone when it comes to this relatively new item in Minecraft. You are not sure where to start? We have covered them.

How to use a forging table in Minecraft

To use a blacksmith table in Minecraft, players first need the materials that are required to build a blacksmith table. The objects contained in the manufacture of a blacksmith table are two iron pieces and four wooden boards . Arrange them in the following order in a worktable to make their forging table.

Once you have created your blacksmith table, it’s time to use it Improve your equipment . Forging tables are used primarily Improve the diamond equipment for famous Netherite equipment . Netherite, found in Nether, is extremely hard to find. You have to have luck to find something, but strip mining at low level in the Nether is usually enough. Netherite (see below) looks like this. Build it with any pickaxe or iron over iron to get the block back.

Once you have your Netherite Block, it’s time it smelled in the oven.

10 Ways to make the Smithing Table USEFUL in Minecraft

After you melt your Netheriteblock, he returns a Netherite scrap .

You will need Repeat this process three more times for the next step in the process. After you have four Netheriteets, mix with four gold bars in this arrangement on the craft table to produce their first Netherite Barren.

Fortunately, you only need a NetheriteBarrow for the next step in the process. Go to your newly manufactured blacksmith table and Put any piece of diamond gear a you want to upgrade. This could include their pickaxed, their sword, an ax, a shovel, a hoe or one of their diamond. Put one of them in their first slot and the Netherite Barrow in the second (see below).

Congratulations, you now have your first piece of Netherite armor.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is too fun Tactical feet to give a player who can not get out of the swamp

Hazard zone appeared as a new game mode for Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield 2042). Only two separate two-squares that can escape in all 8 squats that have been downstream on the battlefield. Thinking with limited equipment, and in cooperation with allies, the feeling of exhilaration when I was able to escape well is not an exaggeration to say the largest series of series.

But at the beginning, where to go and don’t know what to do… There are many such players. Therefore, in this article, the system is described from the description of the system, and the recommended specialists and so on will be briefly described. It is a bit different from now on, and it is a core mode that you want to play only in the guidance of this mode!

What is Hazard Zone ?

First, the Hazard Zone will be briefly described for those who do not know how many modes. The purpose of this mode is to recover data drives and escape. This is only this. However, it is difficult to say. A time limit to occupied military intervention and battle between the rival squad, and the escape that is approaching moment. And, the most distinctive point of this mode Life weight, annihilation means gaming game over. However, I remember the rewards beyond the harsh battle, and remember the sense of accomplishments today, also towards the battlefield. The thrill of the battlefield will be unlocked by unlocking equipment.

You can enjoy a sense of tension that is different from the usual Battlefield because it can not be continued. Since one battle ends at around 5 minutes to 20 minutes, it is also one of the attractions that you want to challenge again and again.

By the way, I play only a consomme or breakthrough when playing the Battlefield series. It did not change for a while after the Battlefield 2042 was released. Although the information was known for Hazard Zone, the fingering was not moving right now. However, I finally raised the heavy waist and played once and regret. Why didn’t you get a hand earlier? Unexpectedly, Hazard Zone was interesting.

Well, let’s deliver points and attraction through a series of flows to communicate the fun from here!

Preparation Phase: Appropriate choice divide outcome

Hazard zone is divided into some phases and will progress. I felt that this preparation phase was No. 1.

In the preparation phase Select Specialist Selection, Equipment / Tactical Upgrade. Since the specialist can not choose the same in the squad, let’s choose carefully according to the play style and strategy.

Basically, any specialist can be active, but if you are dared to recommend, Casper, Dose, Irish and Angel are recommended.

Caspar can be detected in advance where you do not know where it will be attacked from a wide battlefield. Even during the war, it is always possible to see the position of the enemy, so it is very grateful to be in allies. It is only one specialist that is compatible with not only defensive play tiles but also the squad that is based on attack.

Dose, Irish has excellent ability in Hazard Zone where there are many opportunities to be combat on open flat places.

Irish installs a barricade, and Dose can fix defense using a artistic shield. The former specializes in defense at a fixed point, and the latter is also at the beginning of the attack when the defense is excellent and packing the distance with the enemy.

If you get lost when you get lost, you recommend Angel. Angel refills allied ammunition and gives armor. Changing loadouts by equipment boxes can not be done with hazard zone, but it is a specialist that is easy to handle by beginners as it can contribute to allies simply by distributing ammunition.

Which specialist will be put into the squad. Depending on the combination, a synergy effect occurs, and the ability to use the ability is very deep and the back of the strategy is very deep. There are only the number of plastic places.

If the specialist is decided, buy weapons and equipment. In the Hazard Zone Get Dark Market Credits by combat results. Weapons and gadgets can be purchased by using credits in preparation phases. In the initial equipment, you can use Non-attachment M5A3, but if you have a weapon you want to use, you can purchase your own customized one.

The initial equipment of the gadget frame is equipped with a data drive scanner for hazard zone special equipment. The scanner can be used to mark the extraction point and the data drive of the enemy for a certain period of time.

It is a gadget that must be a randomly placed data drive, but on the other hand, it does not role in the battle. Therefore, let’s have only one person as much as possible in the squad. At the time of preparation phase, it is important to confirm that anyone can possess which gadgets.

You can also purchase a tactical upgrade that significantly raises survival capabilities in parallel with the equipment. As you can purchase up to three of all 15 types of all 15 types, including addition of a managed magazine or grenade, spot time extension, rise speed rise, etc.

Dispatch phase: Uplink Key to victory

It is ready to be ready! The map is randomly selected from all 7 maps that appeared in All-Out Warfare. The action from here is up to the operation. You must first go to the extraction point of the nearby, and let’s work hard until the battle is aimed at the fishery aim, and let’s keep the best action in a short time limit.

And it is important to become important in the Hazard zone around, and it is the existence of uplink. The uplink is placed in each map, and recovered can make a reinforcement request to revive the vehicle, ranger, and death from the call inferable.

And in this hazard zone, vehicles, especially LATV4 recon are very powerful. Not only is convenient for moving a wide map, but depending on the operation of the Weapon Station, you can unilaterally clean the enemy.

You can also request a reinforcement request to be used and used. It will be defeated many times, If one allies live alone, it will be Reverend as many times as it is, so it is an uplink that you want to ensure always. You can also purchase in advance with a tactical upgrade.

Recovery phase: Let’s identify timing, not to be focused

Each map is randomly arranged capsules with data drives. Before the dispatch, an overview of the mission area is displayed, which allows you to register to some level of data drive and the percentage of enemies.

Up to 3 data drives are included in the capsule, and one person can carry up to three. Also, if you purchase data storage of the tactical upgrade, you can increase further capacity.

When it is inserted to the middle of the game, new capsules will fall from the sky. Since it is usually a more probability that data drives are more than normal, it is one tactic to focus on collecting uplinks until the medium. There are many occupied armies around the capsule, so let’s act and act without seeing the situation.

Escape phase: Hazard zones until you go back

It is another problem that recovering data drives and successful escape. In one match, a chance to escape twice. But that, i.e. Two squats can only escape. If you escape the timing, the hard work so far is a water bubble.

The first opportunity appears to emit an escape zone at a random point after the match start. After that, the arrival shipping machine remains for 30 seconds and starts.

Even if you miss the first chance, it is still fine. If you do not have to collect data drives, you do not need to dare. The last chance will come from 10 to 12 minutes after the match starts. Since the remaining institutes come back to this escape, the battlefield will increase naturally. If only one of the squads is successful, everyone in the squad can get a reward according to the total number of data drives, so let’s scratch without giving up to the end!


If you succeed in escape, you can earn Dark Market Credit and Escape Script. The escape streak is set to a level for each specialist, and if it is successful for escape, it is +1. If it fails, it will return to 0 again.

The higher the escape streak, the more you apply to the purchase costs such as equipment, and the tactical upgrade frame will be extended up to 3 frames. If you fail If you fail to escape, you can earn a credit, you can always take it next time, it is important to challenge many times without stopping.

JackFrags & IGN Enter Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042

To be honest, I was originally going to play Hazard Zone just to write this article. However, I have never forgotten the feeling of exhilaration when I decided to work well with a different funniness and a member of the field so far, and I was addicted to the result.

Not only can you play for free to play because it is short, so you can easily earn ensure. If you feel the work feeling for earning experience or stop attachment, it is recommended that you play once.

Hazard Zone will be able to feel better with tension and intertitle behavior with Halaharadokidoki and squadron behavior because one death is heavy unlike Conquest and Breakthrough. When I pray for you to meet at this battlefield, we are waiting for Nor pat.

※ There is no relationship between any weapons, military vehicles, manufacturers with equipment, and suppliers with equipment, funding, support, etc.

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