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Each fish and where to find it in Fortnite chapter 3 season 3

Fortnite has a whole fishing scene that is really intended for players who want to succeed in fishing. Fishing may not be the most difficult activity in the game, but it is very pleasant to catch all the fish in every season. If you manage to catch them all, sometimes you will receive a special reward.

Each location with fish in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Below we have listed the best fishing places in Fortnite, and then all the places for fishing in the game. Some fish have their own requirements and actions before they are caught. Follow our leadership as accurately as possible to get the best affordable fish.

Do not be discouraged if it takes more time to catch one fish than another. Finally, we caught forest fish after five games.

The best fishing place in Fortnite

You can find the best places for fishing on the western side of the map. To the north-west of the rave cave, up to the western side, you can find a small place for fishing. This is a great place for fishing, because there are so many pits and very secluded. Here you will also find a fishing rod to immediately start fishing. The card above should help you find it.

Since there is nothing more to do here, except to catch fish, and since there are so many places and a finished fishing rod, it seems that it was made Epic Games specifically for players engaged in fishing.


How to catch all swamp fish in Fortnite

The above is a map that shows the best place to search for these fish. You will not catch the necessary fish if you do not have a suitable fishing rod and method. Below is a table in which all types, their appearance and special catches are listed.

How to catch all mountain fish in Fortnite

Earlier we listed the best fishing places, and also listed the best places for catching mountain fish. You can catch any fish found in the mountainous area, as it is close enough to grief. For special instructions, see the table below.

How to catch the entire coastal fish in Fortnite

The map above shows where you can find these fish in the best places. It is impossible to catch fish if you do not have the right fishing rod and the right method. This table lists all types, their appearance and special catches.

How to catch all forest fish in Fortnite

This, of course, is the most difficult fish in the 3rd season of Chapter 3. We took us as many as five game sessions and countless attempts in the water to catch it. Follow the river that we circled and remain concentrated, as this fish does not want to be caught. You can see his generosity in the table below.

How to catch all desert fish in Fortnite

Catching this fish in the desert should be easy, as there is a lot of water. All you need to do is continue to catch fish in a deserted river until you find this fish. Find out how the fish look and where they can be found in the table below.

How to catch all fish in Fortnite, which can be found anywhere

Fortnite does not have specific regions for these fish, and those who do not have special instructions are usually caught, like the rest. Several fish with special instructions are listed below. Just follow our tables to catch this fish quickly and easily.

how to catch fish in Fortnite

You will need a fishing rod or a harpoon gun before you can fish in Fortnite. Fines can be found in barrels near the beach or scattered on the map, and harpoon guns can sometimes be found in chests.

A specific fish is easier to find if you find suitable places for fishing, and not catch fish with a fishing rod. If you want to find fishing places, you should look for white circles in water, where the fish is under water and jumps out. The image below should help you determine where to catch fish. After you catch the fish, you decide whether you want to eat fish or leave it alone.

To get fish, you can throw a fishing rod by clicking the same button that you use for firing ( R2 for PlayStation, RT for Xbox and Click with the right mouse button for PC). As soon as you see that your float is drowning, press the shooting button again to wind the fish. Hookshots use a similar concept, but take much less time. Direct your hook to the fishing hole and shoot. You will catch fish, but it will also spend ammunition.

How to get a professional fishing rod

It’s easy to get a professional fishing rod if you buy it from Fishstick. The fish wand can be found in Sleepy Sound, and the building in which it is located is noted above. He will sell you a professional fishing rod for 30 gold, if you approach him. You can use Pro Fishing Rod for catching a very specific fish, but you can also use it anywhere and at any time.

Either you can go straight to the fishing site, or you can install a tent next to the fishing site to keep the fishing rod there until you need it. Ideally, you should use this for fish that you need to catch at a certain time using a professional fishing rod, or for places that, in your opinion, can be captured and not in other game sessions.

What gives all the fish collection in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

Absolutely nothing. By the time you catch all the fish, you are likely to get ahead of all your friends on fishing goals, but there will be no big reward at the end. This can change later this season, because perhaps Epic Games does not want everyone to catch fish at the same time.

We recommend fishing every fish, because it is easy to XP, and there is nothing easier than fishing in water in Fortnite.

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Fortnite organizes a fishing tournament


Fortnite is currently organizing a fishing tournament for all those who wish and can participate. If you have always wanted to prove that you are an outdoor lover, know that the time has come to shine. The tournament lasted all weekends, but you can always have fun if you hurry up. The reward for taking part in this event is a new “Bottomfeeder” pickup. It is not a question of distributing new weapons, but a skin is a skin. You must always look great when you just get out of this bus.

To participate in the fishing action, everything a player needs is to find a cane in the game and start fishing. Nothing too complicated. The stems can be found on the whole card. The most likely places are usually safes and areas with high traffic. But there are also the Cannes hidden in The Barrels near the water. Make sure to check each corner and recover.

Once you have found your cane, you just have to find a place on the water where it seems that the bubbles go back to the surface. This is how forntite tells you that the fish is in this area. Just throw and wait for something morte.

To qualify for the new draw, players will have to have completed the six challenges of Fishing Frenzy offered by Fortnite. All challenges are very difficult. So everyone should be able to finish at least one.

Make sure you do quickly, the challenge will end earlier than later. Good luck.

How to get the Hybodus mount and the servant of Major

Final Fantasy (Jap.: ファイナル ファンタジ Fainer Fantasy) is a computer role-playing collection of the Japanese company Square (later Square Enix). In enhancement to the now 15 titles of the focus, the successful brand Final Fantasy has actually expanded to countless systems as well as genres, consisting of technique role-playing, MMORPGs, cellphone video games, three anime productions and also 3 computer animated films. Thus far, greater than 100 million units of the brand were sold worldwide (as of June 7, 2011). Although Final Fantasy is a collection, there is no continuous activity that goes through all components. Each (major) component of the collection provides a self-contained background with its own characters, its own or just loosened to various other parts combined globe (see Fibula Nova Crystals) and also a separate game system. Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as some descendant titles attach web content to a major component, but the game system frequently departs substantially.

Sharks take over Final Fantasy XIV. Thanks to the popularity of sea fishing, sharks are the new trend. Get the shark servant and the shark mount requires a little luck and patience. Both are rewards for successful fishing trips. Like any fishing at ff xiv, your success is based on equal units of luck, patience and perseverance. The good news is that you do not need to be a level 80 fisherman to get one of these prizes. Simply unlock Ocean Fishing and launch a line.

The Major-General servant

The Major-General is an independent type servant who swims as he pleases. It is a reward for successful more fish in the sea, which requires you to score more than 5,000 points during a fishing trip.

Bonus mount

The Bonus mount can fly and play the standard mount music used from a kingdom reborn. This flying mount is a reward for successful more fish in the sea II, which requires you to score more than 10,000 points during a fishing trip.

How to get a high fishing score at sea

The key to gaining more than 5,000 (and 10,000) points is to maximize your fishing shot during the weather of spectral currents. The rainbow phase is when the huge fish come out, and they are all a ton of points. Use dodos worms for your bait during these windows — they attract the biggest fish.

Be safe with your general practitioner. Save it for the spectral weather so that you can use Double Hook on any !!! Where !! Fish that you catch. If you are a lower level fisherman who has not yet acquired these skills, do not be afraid: use Chum to catch as much fish as possible. A level 80 fisherman with some GP and Hi-cordials mixtures can easily double three times in a spectral window. A single successful rainbow phase will probably tell you the servant; Three rainbow phases, but guarantees that you will get a score greater than 10,000.

Sea fishing bonus

How to Get Shark Mount FF14 (Hybodus)

The bonuses you earn at the end of a fishing trip allow you to accumulate points. Bonuses can be attributed at the individual level as well as all of your group. For example, if your group captures more than 10 different fish in an area, everyone gets a 10% bonus. If you personally catch a 4-star fish, you will get a 10% bonus. There are several bonuses that can come into play, so earning more than 50% is not unusual.

Fishing trips depart from Louisa quays every two hours, so set your alarms into play! The more fishing activities, the more likely you are to meet a triple rainbow trip and getting lucky catches.

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