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3. League | Lautern vs. Waldhof Mannheim: No Goals in Brisant Neighborhood Duel

3. Liga: Derbytime - Waldhof gegen FCK 0:0 | SWR Sport

The 1st FC Kaiserslautern has preliminary the second place in the 3rd football league. In the Brisant Neighborhood Duel at Waldhof Mannheim, the red devil won a 0: 0 on Sunday. The residue of the FCK on leaders 1. FC Magdeburg, who had already won on Saturday 2: 0 (0: 0) against Borussia Dortmund II, is 14 points. The forestshöfer are a table-level with four counters behind the louder. In the relegation battle, the Würzburger Kickers passed by a 3: 1 (1: 0) success in the newcomer TSV Havelse past the Lower Saxony. Mainfranken have on the 18th rank 21 points on the account, Havelse at position 19 has 20 counters. Christian Strohdiek (25.) achieved the leadership, Robert Herrmann (71.) increased to 2: 0. Fynn Arkenberg (72.) succeeded in the interim connection. Saliou Sane (84th, foul feet) made everything clear for the kickers.

1. FC Cologne: Failure of Steffen Baumgart A small advantage for the SC Freiburg

Köln-Trainer Baumgart Schreit Den Fernseher Zusammen | 1. FC Köln - SC Freiburg 1:0

The failure of Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart could be a small advantage for the Football Bundesligavers SC Freiburg according to Christian Streich. “Sure, he is not on the edge, the strong presence is not there. It may be that one or the other player then misses a bit,” said the Freiburg Coach. Baumgart is missing after a positive corona test and is represented by co-trainer Andre Pawlak. It is always “a pity, if the coach is missing. That’s very unpleasant,” said prank before the game on Saturday (15:30 o’clock / Sky) at the 1st FC Cologne: “Unfortunately it caught him. You are not at the Team, that’s what you really want. ” It could be in “all directions”, said prank: “Whether it’s the decisive advantage? A little maybe.”

HSV Now at the 1st FC Magdeburg So Christian Titz thinks about his time at the Hamburg SV

Three and a half years, it is now that the Hamburg SV descended for the first time in its history from the football Bundesliga. The first-time gear in the second league is inextricably linked to the name Christian Ritz, which stood at this time as a head coach at the HSV side line. Bitter for the football teacher, who had at that time too late for the trendy at the red red doses.

Twelve points brought the HSV under Ritz in the last six games of the Bundesliga season 2017/2018. But it did not help anymore, the last remaining founding member rose as a table-top last for the first time out of the House.

Despite this drastic descent traumas for the HSV and the dismissal as a head coach only a few months later in the 2nd Bundesliga, the now 50-year-old does not bother against his old employer, for whom he worked a total of almost four years in various teams as coach.

I can say for me that it was nearly four good years in Hamburg. That the confidence has been given to me, through the individual teams to take the development and then take the profs, said Ritz in conversation with the football Image.

ex-HSV coach Ritz is in the 3rd league on promotion course

The football teacher still pushes his ex-club the thumbs that it will soon be something with the long-privileged return to the German Football House: The HSV is an association for me, which I would treat it, with its entire staff, with his Fans to return to the first league. The 2nd Bundesliga is a very balanced league. If you look at the table, everything is possible.

Currently, the HSV ranks 20 points after 13 playing only on the seventh table.


Christian Ritz has now found his footballing happiness in the 3rd league. After a changeable season 2019/2020 at red-white Essen he hired in February of this year at the relegation threatened third division 1. FC Magdeburg.

Ritz took over the Magdeburg as Tables-19. The 3rd league, initially led the club to the league. In the current season, the 1st FCM is currently understood in third-classity and is clearly clear on course second league return with seven points lead to the relegation place.

Football Manager 2022 Date of launch price and trailer

Electronic Arts (EA) is a listed, globally operating manufacturer and publisher of computer and video games. The company became known mainly for his sports games (Madden NFL, FIFA), but also publishes numerous other titles in other topics. From the middle of the 1990s, until the merger of Vivendi Games and Activision to Activision Blizzard in 2008, the company wbuy market leader in the field of computer games. With an annual turnover of about three billion dollars, the company in 2007 hbuy a market share of about 25 percent in the North American and European market. The company s shares are listed in the NbuyDAQ composite and S & P 500.

Football Manager 2022 is just around the corner. buy every year Sports Interactive launches a news battery around your header title. Soccer lovers from within can expect more information, better animations and unpublished tools to run your club towards world success… or local. We tell you everything you need to know so buy not to be lost.

When will Football Manager 2022 be launched?

Sports Interactive will publish the full version of Football Manager 2022 the next November 9 on PC through Microsoft Store, Epic Games and Steam; It will also be launched in physical format in the usual establishments. Inside you will find a code exchangeable in Steam.

On the same day some of the versions of consoles will be commercialized. In Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One will come with an edition customized and adapted to play on platforms. FM 2022 Touch for Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, still does not have a definitive date. IOS and Android devices will also see the arrival of mobile edition on November 9.

Success is greater when you earn it.

It exceeds expectations in FM22 \ – on sale on November 9.


Football Manager 2022 | Release Date | #FM22 Announce Trailer

  • Football Manager is (@fmspain) September 10, 2021

What is the price of Football Manager 2022?

Football Manager 2022 will be put on sale at PC at a price of 54.99 euros, while the version for Xbox will do it for 39.99 euros. It will not have special editions of any kind. Xbox Game Pbuys users on PC, consoles or Ultimate will be able to access the game from the first day with their subscription. Put here you will know all the details.

If you acquire the digital edition you will be able to access anticipated access, already available. The progress you make will be transferred to the final version. In Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games hbuy a 10% discount applicable until November 9, which reduces its price at 49.49 euros.

Where to buy Football Manager 2022?

Next we leave you all options at your disposal.

Digital format

Buy Football Manager 2022 in Steam for 49.49 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 in Microsoft Store for 49.49 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 in Epic Games Store for 49.49 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition in Microsoft Store for 39.99 euros

Physical format

Buy Football Manager 2022 in Game Spain for 49.95 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 on Amazon Spain for 54.90 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 at the English Court for 54.90 euros
Buy Football Manager 2022 in FNAC for 54.99 euros

The FIFA has no desire for an exclusive deal with EA

The International Football Federation Association [2] (in French, Fédération Internationale de Football Association) [3] universally known for its acronym FIFA, is the institution that governs football federations throughout the planet. It was founded on May 21, 1904 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is part of the IFAB, an organism in charge of modifying the rules of the game. In addition, FIFA organizes the Football World Cup, the other world championships in their different categories, branches and variations of discipline, and the Olympic tournaments at the part of the IOC. FIFA Group 211 soccer associations or federations from different countries, with 17 countries affiliated more than the United Nations Organization, three less than the International Athletics Federations Association and two less than the International Basketball Federation. [4] [5]

EA SPORTS and FIFA are currently in a stalemate. The exclusive deal between the two major powers runs out of 2022, and according to a New York Times report, the football organization requires a billion dollars for the use of naming rights – and every four years.

FIFA soon under a new name? EA does not want to pay this sum and plays openly with the idea to rename your football simulations . According to EA, the FIFA goes into the offensive, and everything is currently indicating a failure of the deal.

It will probably not give FIFA 23

In a blog entry on the own website, the FIFA is clearly positioning itself against another exclusive contract with EA. One is excited about the future of gaming and esports for football . These areas should not be controlled by a single party (EA) according to the statement. Furthermore, it says:

The future of gaming and eSports for football stakeholders must include that not all rights are controlled and exploited by a company.

What does that mean? The FIFA wants to maximize your possibilities in the gaming area in the future. And that sees the organization obviously not given if EA again would be the only contract partner. Already there is allegedly an active betting exhibit of multiple mobile and technology companies that compete for cooperation with FIFA:

As a consequence, FIFA deals with some actors of [Gaming] Indust, including developers, investors and analysts […]. The result should ensure that FIFA has several matching actors with specialized skills by hand to actively create the best experience and offer for fans and consumers.

The background to the requirement of FIFA can be found here:

15 0

more on the subject

FIFA report reveals gigantic sum that EA would have to pay for naming rights

How does it continue? An extension of the exclusive contract between FIFA and EA is now virtually excluded. To openly, both sides communicate their rejection.

However, it is still possible that EA continues to use the name of FIFA and its licenses, just not as the only publisher / developer. In this case, then the price would fall, because the FIFA could take money with its licenses through further cooperation. In addition to the EA console / PC game, there are probably separate mobile games and eSports institutions from other companies.

Other current news about the FIFA series:

FIFA 22: The first Title update is now available for PS4, Xbox One and Next gene
FIFA 22: EA boss holds on Lootboxes, despite new gambling laws
FIFA 22: EA invents anime character to sell you expensive microtransaction

These licenses hang on the deal

In football business is a lot of money. But a billion dollar is still an extremely high demand, if we remember that in the deal with FIFA not much inverted. Ultimately, it is about the use of the name and the rights to the assets of the football world championships (names, logos, etc.). Even eSports tournaments want to change the FIFA himself.

Other licenses are retained: Official players, teams and leagues will continue to be in the football games of EA, no matter how they are called. Because this is different cooperation that has nothing to do with the FIFA. Only a few days ago EA announced that the contract with the player union FIFPRO was extended , which represents over 65,000 football professionals.

Would you like to see the FIFA licenses in other games? And FIFA under a new name, is that ever conceivable?

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