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Road 96: Game appears in April for Xbox and PlayStation

Road 96 is a constantly evolving, story-driven adventure game with survival elements in which players have to flee from a country ruling by an authoritarian regime that stands on the edge of the collapse. As a result of yesterday’s awarding of Pégases Awards, Road 96 is surprisingly explained to the winner in five different categories and has been provided with the coveted awards.

In the following categories (English) Road 96 was awarded:

  • Best Indie Game
  • Beyond the Video Game
  • Best sound design
  • Best Narrative Design

The award ceremony “Les Pégases” organized by Académie of the Arts et Techniques du Jeu Vidéo (Attjv) since 2019 is the French counterpart to the “Game Awards” in the USA. The Pegasi, which were donated by the Syndicat National Du Jeu Vidéo, the French Association of Video Game Industry, are awarded after a vote by the 1500 members of the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Jeu Vidéo.

The selection of matches submitted to the vote was reduced to three games per category after a first tuning round. Yesterday evening, in the context of a dinner gala in the well-known “La Cigale”, numerous players and personalities from the video game industry were awarded the prices by categories to the games that have shaped the year.

“We are so proud that we won. We had hoped for a price, but five are incredible, “said Yoan Fanise, CEO and Creative Director at DigiSImart.

“There is a large audience that is waiting for innovative experiences, because the game world has changed dramatically in recent years. Road 96 is a joint work that reflects the variety of team and shows that success does not depend on the size of a project, “he added happily.

In conjunction with the solemn news, Ravenscourt and DigiSMART announce that Road 96 – the constantly evolving, story-driven adventure game – will be available on April 14 2022 for Playstation and Xbox players!

about Road 96

Road 96 is a procedural generated adventure that is constantly evolving. There are also survival elements: The player must escape from a country that is dominated by an authoritarian regime and is just before the collapse. Road 96 has a steadily evolving story, which is further revealed with any new escape attempt, inspired by Roadtrip movies from the 90s by directors such as Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. On the soundtrack of the game, titles of bands like Survive (Stranger Things) are heard.

Road 96 is the most ambitious project of DigiSIXART directed by the Game Industry Veteran Yoan Fanise (Valiant Hearts, Memories Retold). In June 2020, the Steam demo for Road 96 belonged to the five mostly downloaded demos during the Steam Next Fest, which was available to a total of more than 700 demos, and found great appeals both in critics and fans. Already in the first two weeks after the official publication, Road 96 has exceeded the brand of over 2700 reviews on Steam, with a solid average rating of 90%. The game was highlighted in every way: the atmosphere that gives the feeling of experiencing a real adventure, the soundtrack that fits the trip to every moment of the journey, the charismatic personality of the characters and above all the freedom to make their own decisions.

The documentary “on the road 96” available on Steam shows the mistakes and confusion of an incredible indie studio on the way to completion and publishing the Road 96, which is now celebrated by critics. Financial challenges, Covid-19 and threatening deadlines made the Development anything but a walk in the park.


PÉGASES 2022 ???? Deathloop, Road 96 & co invités /coulisses EXCLUSIVES | Cérémonie INTÉGRALE

  • Discover exciting places and unusual people on your very personal journey into freedom.
  • A constantly evolving adventure inspired by Tarantino, Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. Developed by the award-winning creators of “Valiant Hearts” and “Memories Retold”. In the context of the Omen gift initiative of HP Inc. announced.
  • Action-loaded moments, discoveries, thoughtful melancholy, human encounters and crazy situations. Against the background of authoritarian rule and oppression.
  • Stunning visual style, a soundtrack full of hits from the 90’s and thousands of routes through the game are combined, so every player at road 96 can create his own unique story.

Corona 19th Game Labor Environment Anodized Enlargement It was more severe

In Corona 19, the domestic game industry polarization issue has been revealed in the labor environment. 2021 Game White Paper has a result of investigating the part that corona 19 affects the working environment for game industry workers, which is a negative impact on the smaller companies.

In the case of a 5-person game company, the wages and repair of Corona 19 decreased, and the employment stability, job search and career maintenance and development opportunities have also been reduced. On the other hand, the work of Telecommunications has increased, In addition, the smaller the company’s size, the lower the deposit and repair, the lower the cost of the company, the lower the cost of repair, the smaller the employment stability and the job opportunities, the lower the size, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale, the lower, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale.

Comprehensive, in the middle of Corona, the game is more than the existing Labor environment, and the overall working environment has been improved than the existing, and the smallest game is a negative influence. The game white paper also said that the ‘Small & Medium Game Semicon is a manager, such as anticipated anodized in the cathode 19 due to corona 19, and therefore, the labor environment is also worse. Eventually, industrial anodization is that it leads to an anodization of labor environment. ‘

When Things Go Bad - Severe COVID-19 Simplified

This survey was conducted from August to October, and the company introduced a week at 52 hours a week at the time of the investigation was 76%. NOTE 52 working units are introduced, and workers have increased, but the possibility of crunch mode has increased, but the wages, employment stability, and relaxation were increased. However, 25% of the game companies that take charge of 52 hours in the week were not ready for compliance with institutions.

Finally, the average time of domestic game industry workers’ average work time was 42.7 hours a week, and the ratio exceeded 52 hours per week was 0.9%. Compared to 2019, the average working time is reduced by 3.8 hours, and it is rarely given when the average work time exceeds 52 hours. However, 23.7% of the respondents said that they have experienced ‘crunch mode’, and the average duration was 7.5 days, the longest one-week work time was 52.9 hours, the longest working time lasting at a time was 25.4 hours. NOTE 52 hours of work will be introduced, and we decreased working hours than last year, but short-term crunch mode remains.

The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Tips The best tips and tricks you should keep in mind

San Andreas is a city or make believe state belonging to the Grand Theft Vehicle computer game series, collection Rock star Gaming residential or commercial property series. It is a territory influenced by cities on the west coastline of the USA. Three variations of San Andreas appeared in the collection.
The initial variation of San Andreas appears in the very first episode of the collection, Grand Burglary Auto (2D Universe). It represents a city located in the state of California, based on the city of San Francisco, by its communities, its railway lines and also its deck comparable to Golden Gate Bridge.
In Grand Burglary Auto: San Andreas (3D Universe), it is now a make believe state based on the states of California and Nevada mostly, entirely composed of islands and peninsula. The state is divided right into 3 significant cities: Los Santos, San Fairly and also Las Ventures, and also in 3 counties: Red County, Flint County and Bone Region. San Andreas is situated in the same cosmos as Freedom City, Vice City as well as Career City (Manhunt).
Grand Burglary Automobile V and Online (HD World) occur again in the state of San Andreas, yet this time around just in the southern component of it, composed of the city of Los Santos and its nearby surroundings (Blaine County),

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas have been strongly represented in the game industry for two decades in the game industry, and millions of players experienced these classics over the years in one way or another. With the new remasters, many will dive back to the Open World Trio, and there will also be many players who are (relatively) new in the franchise and will be experiencing them for the first time. Therefore, we will go here as you prepare for the playing of the Remasters, some basic hints that you should consider, especially if you play these games for the first time.


The use of cheat codes was (and will continue to be) an important part of the GTA experience, and sometimes you should definitely try them — because they really open the Open World Sandbox Aspect of the Three Games in most important Ways. Remember that you can not earn trophies or success as soon as you have only a single cheat activated. So make sure that you previously create a double memory level.


GTA3, VICE CITY and SAN ANDREAS can push back players with challenging firefights so that later games of the series do not often occur too often, which means that you usually need every benefit in the fight you can get. Armor is one of the great armor, which you should always carry with you to give you additional protection against damage. No matter if you buy a new armor or just find them in the open world, it s important to equip them anytime (or as close as possible). In Vice City there is a body armor set on the top floor of the Ocean Beach Purchases, which releases again and again. This is an area in which you can often go to get free armor.

Hidden packages

As you would expect from every Open World game, the three GAS in question here each have a number of hidden packages scattered about their cards, and although they are completely optional, it s a good idea to look for them keep. Of course, they count for a 100% completion, but even if they do not care about, they also offer material advantages in the game in the form of permanent free circuits for body armor, various types of weapons and more.

Side Missions (GTA 3)

There is no shortage of optional side jobs in GTA3, and while many players will be tried to easily ignore them and stay with the main story, these co-missions usually have excellent rewards. Paramedic missions, for example, have three reward levels when they make progress in this series of jobs, including health pickups in all shipping houses, adrenaline pickups in all madhouses and when they have completed the entire set of infinite sprint. In the meantime, do 20 Firefighter jobs and unlock a flame per in each of your safe houses.

Side Missions (Vice City)

Vice City also has its own co-missions for the players who contain useful rewards. Those who want to focus primarily are vigilante missions and pizza saline missions. The conclusion of a level 12 Vigilante mission increases its maximum health, while the conclusion of a level 10 pizza mission increases its maximum armor — both valuable upgrades as you can imagine.

Supplementary Missions (San Andreas)

And what about San Andreas? In contrast to the other two games, San Andreas offers the players many ways to adapt their style of play and improve skills and attributes, but of course they still receive valuable rewards for co-missions, such as: B. increase your maximum health for paramedic missions. Firefighters are especially useful because as soon as they have reached level 12 in this particular quest series, they become immune against fire damage.

Sprint (GTA 3)

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a mechanical view of a very simple game, especially compared to San Andreas, but it has systems that work behind the scenes that give him more depth than they would expect. Sprints, for example, is something you can actually improve. While there are no visible upgrades or a meter you can keep an eye on, but the more you in GTA3 sprint, the more you build your stamina, so you can sprint longer. So our advice? Sprint on.

Sprint (San Andreas)

Things in San Andreas are mechanically much deeper in terms of individual attributes and statistics CJ. For example, burglary missions open up early in the game, and their conclusion brings actually crucial rewards — infinite endurance, to be exact. In this way you can jump endlessly at high speeds, swimming and cycling, all of which can be incredibly useful.


San Andreas has detailed RPG mechanics that (what this game for so many people making the best of the three) in Vice City and missing GTA3, and although none of the body statistics CJ for progress are critical for the most part they have a noticeable impact on the gameplay. Everything from your health to your endurance is affected by these statistics, so we recommend you not to ignore them.


Each time you die in a GTA game, you respawn at a hospital — but you will lose some money and all your weapons. In San Andreas, there is a way to get around that. Head to the Avis pa Country Club and find an NPC named Katie Than. Make sure that your body values ​​are high enough, and if so, you can make friends with her — such what unlocks important advantages. As to make all hospital visits for free and if you die, to let you keep all your weapons every time.


14 Beginners Tips And Tricks Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Doesn't Tell You
In any GTA game, there are several ways to get guns. Many useful are often around, and are harder to find as the best of the best in general, some may actually be quite useful from those that just lying around. In Vice City, for example, there is an Uzi behind the Pay n Spray at Ocean Beach. Since this is close to game time and is in an area that is accessible right away, it s a good idea to pick up the gun and add to your arsenal at the first opportunity.


Even San Andreas has a lot of weapons lying around in the open world that can find the players, and while it may be a little difficult to get them to some, there are others that you can just go to a pickup. Under the bridge behind CJ s house you will find, for example, a micro SMG, which is a solid weapon in your arsenal, especially in the early hours of the game.


Vice City is not nearly as robust in its upgrade mechanism such as San Andreas, but allows players to improve their attributes in some way. For example, it can be very useful to the shooting range in Ammunition stores to go. Get 30 points in the shooting range for a reward of US $500, but if you increase your reload speed, which can be a rather refined upgrade 45 or more permanent.


Improving your performance with guns in San Andreas is much more nuanced than its predecessors. CJ has with each weapon in the game on a skill that increases over three levels, the more you use this weapon. An easy way to crack it and get quick upgrades, is to park a car in your garage and shoot out to let then close the garage door before the vehicle is destroyed, and then shoot to the completely repaired vehicle — and rinse and repeat.


The Malibu Club in Vice City is one of the most expensive real estate that you can buy in this game, but it is a goal to which you should work because the rewards are so useful. For starters, you collect each day 10,000 US dollars in revenue, which is a huge amount. It is crucial that you will eventually also get access to Phil s gun shop after buying the Malibu club where you can buy the best weapons the entire game, from machine guns to rocket launchers.

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