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The survival game This War of Mine appears reports on the Xbox Game Pass

This War of Mine Final Cut appears in the Microsoft Store with a publication date on May 10, triggers speculation and reports that it will be one of the free Xbox Game Pass May games.

The strategy play game of 11 bit studios is already present on consoles, with an expansion package called this War of Mine the Little Ones, which will be released on last generation consoles in 2016. Final Cut – which can already be played on the PC – contains all the content and DLCs of the game in one package. An entry for This War of Mine Final Cut was discovered in the Xbox Store today, with users to see an Xbox Game Pass symbol next to the game name in some countries. It now seems that this symbol has been removed from all store pages.

NEW SERIES!!! THIS WAR OF MINE // Maximum Difficulty // Support Ukraine // Survival // - #01
Also listed in the Xbox Store is the this War of Mine Complete Edition, which, although it currently costs more, apparently contains all previous content packages and DLC, just like Final Cut. Both versions have the same publication date, May 10th, and both descriptions claim that the game for the Xbox Series X | S and not for the Xbox One.

Apart from the above-mentioned The Little Ones expansion, no offers for any version of this War of Mine in the PlayStation Store are currently appearing, which could indicate that this will be a pure Xbox console version.

Potential leak:

This War of Mine: Final Cut shows a game pass discount on some shop fronts

Is currently not displayed in the US Microsoft Store and is to be published in the USA on May 9, 2002: //

-Game Pass counter (@GamePasscounter) 26. April 2022

Although it is not yet confirmed whether this War of Mine will reach the Xbox Game Pass if it starts in Series X | s next month, the evidence seems to indicate that this will most likely be the case.

If it is added to the service, it will come across other day-one supplements such as Sniper Elite 5 and Trek to Yomi in the MAI list.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft $ 14.99 $ 1.00 (first month) now earns Network n earns commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and others Programs.

Thank you Xbox Series X, you made me back to the gamer

The Xbox Series X has been an integral part of my everyday life for several months now. Actually, I had already turned the gaming back, but Microsoft’s Next Gene Console has flare up my landmark again. I will not buy the new Xbox but still does not have to do with a homemade problem. A long-term review of Kaan Gürayer.

Between the 5th and 6th console generation it happened: At some point I just did not take the controller in the hand anymore. Maybe I’ve been stuffed, highlighted the interest in other hobbies or it was at the time-consuming relationship-stumbling traps, in which every beginning-20-year-old is so. Who knows.

The gaming world has changed completely

About 2013 I wanted to start gambling again. With PlayStation 4 and Co. finally a new console generation was out of the door. But my own surprise I stood in front of a completely different gaming world. Everything was complicated and annoying : Before every game, there were sudden updates, one was forced into miserly long tutorials, microstransaktions moved to one of the money from the bag and games were no longer games, but have become interactive films.

Little exception was Nintendo, but the Japanese cooked their own soup anyway.

Accordingly, I was skeptical than the new console generation was presented. The trends that gave me gaming were still present – and are sometimes even worse, keyword: microtransactions. After a few months with the Xbox Series X I am positively surprised . Microsoft’s Next-Gen console has broken the gamer in me again, at least a bit. This is not due to an outstanding feature, but from the combination of several. The whole thing is actually more than the sum of its parts.

Rasant game change thanks SSD and Quick Resume

Thanks to Flinker SSD and Quick Resume, I can change strings between several games ** – a God gift for someone like me, who quickly loses the desire for a game and often never spends longer than 15 to 20 minutes with a game.

Of course, that requires that “all digital” goes and no games buys on physical media. So far, I have always avoided this step, since I had the fear of having a blank hands at some point – a service can finally be kept sealed, providers are no welfare companies. The fear still exists, but I think (okay, it’s more a hope) that you at Microsoft stands by all three large console manufacturers on the safest side **. The Redmonders are among the most valuable companies in the world and have a long history in support of their services.

_Alles, what you need to know about the Xbox Series X / S: _

Downward compatibility & Game Pass form a round overall package

What we would be with the games: with the downward compatibility , which is partially back to the original Xbox from 2001, can not keep Sony nor Nintendo . Thanks to regular sales in the Xbox Store, I can also play games that have passed to your release to me. In fact, most games that I have currently on the Xbox Series X come from the generation of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Another plus: Many older games has something “supervised” with the FPS boost, completely free.

The icing is of course the Game Pass , which I have subscribed to. For small money (starts at 9.99 euros per month) you have access to over 100 games that you can download and play for free. The selection is mixed colorful and ranges from current AAA titles to classics. All current first-party titles from Microsoft such as Halo Infinite or Forza 5 are also part of the game. A pretty good deal, which ensures that you will be experimental for games also experimental – after all, you do not lose in not the same 60 or 70 euros. For example, I tried “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”. Without a game pass, I would never have spent money for it, because such matches have not been interested in me so far.

What else I noticed for Xbox Series X:

  • Chic design : very discreet and minimalist, adds well everywhere. The PlayStation 5, however, I find it really ugly. With this opinion, I am not alone in the editorial office.
  • Quiet : The Xbox Series X is hard to hear. No comparison to the nozzle jet of my old PS4.
  • Controller : Griffy, is really good in your hand.
  • Graphics : The 4K graphics is impressive and comes on my OLED TV from LG right too well. A purchase reason alone is not for me.
  • Menu guide : Overall, the menu is logically and comprehensibly constructed in the Xbox Series X Xbox Series X. But then you come in places that are unnecessarily complicated and require multiple steps – approximately when calling the reduced games in the Xbox Store. Here Microsoft should improve.
  • Blu-ray player : Immediates should also be Microsoft also when controlling the Blu-ray player – at least via the controller. He is unnecessarily complicated and there are lack of captions on the on-screen buttons.

XBox Series S in the long-term experience report: my conclusion

“Buy or not buy?” That’s all the decisive question. The Xbox Series X is a nice piece of technology that made me with fast game change, downward compatibility and the Game Pass again fancy the gaming . But since I put everything on the digital card, the best possible graphics is not particularly important to me and I (at least now) rather games of the last or penultimate generation Zoke, my decision is clear: It will be the Xbox Series S!


Competition for Xbox Series X & PS5: A console is ignored by all

Robert Kohlick

Xbox Series X Unboxing - Microsoft Sent me a Console (Thanks Microsoft!)

The “small” Microsoft console offers everything that is important to me , is now more than 200 euros cheaper in the street price (see Amazon) and above all, it is also one: Available. The Series X, however, is – unfortunately – still in short supply.

Nevertheless, I prefer my hat from Microsoft: the Xbox Series X has become really great . If you put a lot of value on 4K graphics, especially current AAA games (which prove much more storage space) and does not quite separate yourself from the freedom of the diskruptcy, you will find an excellent next-gene console in the Series X.

Among US: April Foole transforms players in horses

Anyone who plays today Among us will perceive even more suspicious than it’s otherwise the case.
Developer InnerSloth has allowed himself an April Foole and activates a horse mode in the game.

This transforms you… of course in a horse.
If you do not find that so funny, then disguise you with the free new halo objects in the Master Chief.
You can play Among US with your Game Pass Subscription at no extra cost on your Xbox or on PC.

Among Us HORSE MODE??? among us April fools day update
Click here for download in the Microsoft Store.

Unpacking will arrive at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 soon

Unpacking, the simulator of making moving that triumphed last year by its particular narrative, will come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 soon.

Unpacking - Announce Trailer | PS5, PS4

Unpacking originally came out on PC, Switch and Xbox (as part of Xbox Game Pass), and tells the story of a protagonist through the different removals of her life, with the mechanics of unpacking and placing our objects in the new house
At the time, we write that “unpacking is much more than an adorable idea,” talking about the way the game expands its narrative in that particular way.
At the moment, there is no specific date for your arrival in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but the editor, Humble Games, says we can wait for it “soon”.

Microsoft would be developing a Monster Hunter style game under the name of “Project Luck”

If you followed some news, you should know that Microsoft has you tons of studies and projects everywhere , as evidenced by the acquisition of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. One of its goals is to fill your subscription, Xbox Game Pass as much as possible. However, not all licenses are at your fingertips. contractual details and the exact amounts are unknown, but Microsoft certainly must pay amounts sufficient to studies and to convince publishers to add their games to the GamePass, since all these are lost sales. Given the great success of Monster Hunter World, which exceeded 20 million units sold, this would be too expensive.

A game Monster Hunter style for Microsoft?

Over the years, different games have tried to compete with him, as Dauntless, but without achieving their success so far. Therefore, it would not be surprising that Microsoft tried to develop its own game in the same genre. And so would; The information comes from Jeff Grubb, in the GrubbSnax program, and information have been verified by specialists with their own internal sources such as Windowscentral.

Activision Blizzard - What Does the Future Hold? - Speculation Awaits - PM in the PM 12

Called for now “Project Suerte” , waiting to find a commercial title, the game would be inspired by Monster Hunter even described as a clone of the license. Therefore, this involves fighting giant monsters in single player or in small groups in multiplayer mode. According to reports, the game is being developed by Certain Affinity, which has served as study support titles like Halo and Call of Duty in the past.

The development would have begun in the summer of 2020. The official announcement of the game is currently scheduled for 2023, with a launch in 2024 . This obviously without any delays, especially in these troubled times. In the words of Jeff Grubb, the goal is to offer more variety in the games available in Game Pass. It is said that Microsoft is aware of the appeal of the genre and its potential for long-term growth.

For fans of Monster Hunter license, it is is definitely a very good news for several reasons . The first, which is the most obvious, is that it can appear a huge competitor who can deal with Capcom games. Never just too many good games to play (and never enough time). The second is that competition can only benefit the license.

Have a serious competitor can motivate Capcom not rest on their laurels after World and Rise, and find it better to preserve their share of the pie. Developers Certain Affinity may also have new ideas , of which could draw Monster Hunter. It is not uncommon competing licenses borrowed some ideas from others, to the delight of the players if they are good.

Battlefield 2042 has a list with more than 30 errors that will be corrected after its launch

Battlefield 2042 She has been in the Hurricane s eye for a few days. The title is available at Anticipated Access Since last week, thanks to the reservation incentives of some game issues or services such as EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, although you will have to wait until Friday so that it will get everything the world. It will do not exempt from controversies, such as the recent one on a specialist, or performance errors.

Many users are complaining about the problems they are experiencing with the title of Electronic Arts, and since they have decided to list one List of errors that can be assaulted during our hours with the warning shooter. The complete list contains more than 30 known errors that affect performance, to errors with servers or directly to failures related to gameplay and graphics.

Battlefield 2042 ► DICE Respond To Known Issues, Scoreboard & Mouse Input Fix
We have worked hard, but no release is exempt from failures says Our teams have worked hard for Battlefield 2042 to arrive in a good condition; however, no release is free of failures, and you may find yourself with some Errors and problems during these first weeks, they say in the statement. We will work to continue resolving them, but we have created a list of known problems.

With errors or not, the world premiere of Battlefield 2042 is set for next Friday November 19, when you will reach PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In this house we have already been able to play it in depth, and Mario Gómez stood out in the text of him who is lucky enough to nourish the content of the community. You can know more about what has seemed to us in our Battlefield 2042 analysis.

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Back 4 Blood exceeds 6 million players what should they do to maintain those data

Back 4 Blood takes a few weeks between us and, the game\” title=”spiritual successor”>spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead has entered a very good foot. Thus, from the official account of the game they have confirmed the good figures of the game since its premiere, overcoming the 6 million players that have approached this cooperative shooter.

It is reaffirmed that the game was interested and that there was a lot of desire for something like that. Since his beta, where more than 100,000 spectators participated, the success was already smelling. In Steam, peaks of more than 65,000 players are adding, with averages of more than 30,000.

But, logically, that the game is present at the service Xbox Game Pass has been key so that a number of players have been reached as high in just one month. Although, at the moment, we do not know the exact figures of the players who come from the different platforms. But, it seems obvious that the vast majority come from Microsoft systems.

Now, it is really difficult for Turtle Rock Studios, which is to maintain a good base of players active and maintain a faithful community. For that, your proposal adds letters that add variants to the games.

But it has to include content with assiduity so that in the coming months, good records are maintained. They should not take to announce new game modes or additions to excuse players who have already completed the story with friends. Before the end of the year we must have good news about it, if they do not want the same thing that with Evolve.

Back 4 Blood - 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

If you want to know more about the game, in mgg we have a good collection of dedicated guides, as well as an extensive analysis in which we tell you everything.

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