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PlayStation VR2: apparently modern Warfare 2

At the exact same time, it is stated that this mode should show up along with PSVR2. Because the launch of “Modern Warfare 2” will be made on October 28, 2022, one or the other gamer can have the hope that the PSVR successor might be prepared for this year after one Magazine was anticipated in the coming year **

Nevertheless, a more collaboration with Sony would certainly not be a huge surprise despite the aim of taking control of the publisher Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. The expert Tom Henderson explained in a tweet that the agreements with Sony compete at the very least three even more games. As well as a “Call of Duty” experience would be an extremely draining point for PlayStation VR2.

While rather few have been announced until now, for instance, Sony on the first celebration video game “Perspective Call of the Mountain” , the report is haunted by the Internet that purchasers of Playstauion VR2 takes pleasure in a VR-will pertained to “Modern Warfare 2”. It needs to appear specifically and cost free for PlayStation VR2.

However the report for the unique VR mode of “Modern Warfare” is anything however verified. The insider Ralphs Shutoff, which is active on Twitter, supplied the spread, which in the past did not constantly enjoy the best credibility, however talked especially often and plausibly regarding the “Call of Duty” series.

According to the record (by means of Wccftech ), it is an independent mode in which the players go into battle as a pet 1 operator.

At least 20 crucial games need to be readily available for the launch of PlayStation VR2 that support the virtual reality headset. Several of these experiences will exist as component of a state of play in the coming week.

also Killzone virtual reality for PSVR2?

MODERN WARFARE 2 estará en PS VR2 REALIDAD VIRTUAL según un filtrador - Alka593

After years of advancement, Sony was not pleased with progression and also decided to start once more internally in 2019. It is as a result presumed that this “Killzone VR” job will certainly be among the launch titles for PlayStation VR2. Yet the complying with also applies right here: Such declarations are much from verification.

Another rumor for PlayStation VR2 game support turned up at the weekend break. Bryan Paul from PSVR Without Parole emphasized in the last Gamescast that Super large games was appointed to establish a “Killzone VR” ready the first PlayStation VR.

Additional records on PlayStation VR2:

We will certainly discover out which games are ensured for PlayStation VR2 in the coming week. In the program of the State of Play pointed out, Sony wants to offer a few of the upcoming virtual reality experiences. Details regarding the program are summed up in a previous message .

The expert Tom Henderson directed out in a tweet that the agreements with Sony run for at least three more video games. It is consequently thought that this “Killzone Virtual reality” project will be among the launch titles for PlayStation VR2. We will certainly locate out which video games are assured for PlayStation VR2 in the coming week. Details about the show are summed up in a previous message .

| PS5 headset formally announced-4K, eye monitoring and more
| Details concerning eye tracking, controller tracking and also sensing units

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Обзор Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong

During the years of teenage youth, I loved vampires. I watched anime (hello, Hunter D and Hellsing), films that have generously treated us not only Hollywood, but also some Chinese studios and, of course, played games about bloodsuckers.

At the end of the nineties of the last millennium, I met a series of Legacy of Kain, playing an adventure game about the poor fellow Razeel Soul Reaver in a delightful by those standards. And in the early 2000s, I came across a game with no less long name-Vampire: The Masquarade-Redemption. Then I still had no idea what this postscript about the “masquerade” means. The game turned out to be excellent, it was passed a couple of times with particular care. Later, my comrade introduced me to the course of business, telling me about the desktop role -playing game, “World of Darkness”, Kamaril and Kaina. Over the years, interest in bloodsuckers has subsided greatly. Still, vampire themes are the lot of adolescents and youth.

Frankly, the developers of the video game also do not really complain this topic. Yes, the connoisseurs of role -playing games will immediately remember the delightful Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines from Troika Games (by irony of fate that released only three games). True, on the release of Bloodlines was with a fatal bug that did not allow it to complete it, but the game community, as it regularly happens, took the matter into its own hands and quickly wrote a patch. Moreover, even after the studio closed, the fans did not abandon the game, contacted the developers, received a lot of valuable data from them and continued independent support, releasing patches and doing optimization. As you understand, you can’t buy such love for money, so if you missed VTM-Bloodlines for some reason (for some reason), be sure to download and play.

But can you recall at least another significant game about vampires from the moment the “blood line” is released? I try, but I can’t. Blood Rayne, perhaps, but this is such a quality equal -person, selling himself only due to the sexuality of the main character. A series of “casteling”, ancient, like Cain himself, for a long time was a pattern of consolers, and the first game laid the foundations in a whole genre. But there are no fresh significant franchise products. In 2019, the Vampire visual short story was published on a PC (later on consoles): The Masquarade – Coteries of New York, but in view of the nicheness of the genre, the game passed by the mass gamer, although it received positive reviews.

What was my surprise when in May 2022 we received three games about vampires at once, two of which relate to the Vampire: The Masquarade setting. The first, Bloodhunt, is the royal battle, the second, V Ringing is cooperative Zhizhach, and the third, Swanson, turned out to be a plot detective quest with a fair portion of RPG. Here we will talk about her now in more detail.

A swan song

Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts, the oldest city in the United States! From the first frames we are briefly introduced to the course of business. Vampires have been living among people for thousands of years. In order not to be open and destroyed, the bloodsuckers began to observe a masquerade – this is the name of a complex of protective measures and rules, which allows us to hide the presence of children of the night from mortals. But terrible happened – the “red” code is declared, which means a threat to all Kamarilla vampires without exception. “Kamarilla” is an organization that includes several vampire clans. She obeys the prince – the main in the city. The ruler works for the benefit of the organization and with all his might seeks to protect relatives. A masquerade was created for this purpose.

But something clearly went not according to the plans. During a party in honor of the prisoner union between Kamarilia and the warlocks, special services raid on the premises, many vampires died. Obviously, the masquerade was broken, as the attackers knew who they would fight against.


You play in turn for three characters. Galeb Basori, the oldest vampire in Boston, representative of the Ventra clan. These include aristocrats and rich; Very often, Ventra is occupied by leading posts in Kamarilia. Also, the current prince – Heisel Iversen (girl) – from this clan. Galeb, the son of the overthrown Sultan, received formation (as vampires call the transformation of their own kind) in 1745. He is afraid and respected by relatives in the city. Basori even served the executioner with the previous prince, performing all the dirty work related to the elimination of relatives and mortals.

Emem Louis, a black vampire from the Toreador clan, the most human vampires of the “Kamarilla”. Toreadors love art and everything beautiful, they do not want to let go of human emotions and feelings, often allowing them to take the upper hand. Emem received formation in 1929. Due to the conflict with the previous Prince Quentin King, she almost received “final death”, but more or less did. The new head was her old familiar Heisel, which allowed Emem to return to the court.

Leisha is from the Malkavian clan, like the previous Prince of Boston King. It has a rare and extremely important gift of foresight, for which it is very appreciated by the new leader of Kamarila. Other clans are suspicious of the Malcavans, because no one knows in advance what madnesses are being created in their heads. For example, Leisha has a daughter that she sees only, and the vampire-psychotherapist is trying to convince the girl that the Holzi (that’s the name of the daughter) is the fruit of her imagination. Malcavianka is the youngest of the trinity of playable characters, she received formation in 1939.

The prince assigns a specific role to each hero, sending to tasks. Since Emem lived in the suburbs for many years, she is familiar with the anarchs – vampires who do not recognize the power of the “camarilla”. Thanks to the ability to mimic, to cope with the implementation tasks, and the galbe is almost universal, but prefers to crush authority, suppressing the will of the interlocutors. The plot of the game is divided into scenes, each of which is divided into three separate missions.

Since the game is declared in the genre of a narrative detective quest, do not expect action from it. That is, in general. The whole game you will read, speak, also read, sometimes use talents and vampire disciplines to achieve the desired result. Swansong is replete with a huge number of terms that will instantly confuse any unprepared gamer. Fortunately, the developers worked hard to collect all the information to the code. But we must understand that these are large volumes of text that is very desirable to read, and carefully, to understand what is happening around.

Development of characters and role -playing part

But in this aspect, I really want to criticize the developers. Yes, they did a tremendous work on studying the Vampire rules: The Masquarade and the adaptation of the fifth edition (the latest) under the video game. But I cannot forgive them for an openly illogical blunder. It concerns the fundamental principle of the “world of darkness” – the older the vampire, the more powerful it is. Even the youngest of the Trinity, Leish, is almost a hundred years old. During this time, vampires receive a huge amount of knowledge and skills. Galebu so soon the 400 years old will be hit! And we get from the very beginning of the empty inequal, which must be developed from scratch. This is frank nonsense. And no plot-scenario ideas can explain this. When I turned the business, he cannot answer the question about finances because I did not pump him with insight or wisdom, there is a desire to slam myself with a palm on the forehead.

But we have what we have, and we have to accept it “as is”. At the beginning of the game, you will be offered a choice of three development archetypes and the ability to scatter experience points yourself. And I highly recommend using the tips by choosing a finished layout if you do not understand anything in VTM. Moreover, even if you understand! Often, the logic of scriptwriters-aborrants is perplexed. If after an hour and a half of a very protracted introduction it is found that the hero received the wrong talents or ignored an important discipline, then you are doomed to constant failures of missions, an increase in the level of suspicion and to the final collapse.

The characters have three characteristics and eight skills, and everyone has the same. The largest branch of skill is “dialogue”, which is unequivocally made to understand what you will do during the game. Disciplines – unique clans talents – differ. You will use them for pressure on the interlocutors, penetration into closed places and the like. There is also a passive talent branch that are pumped dependent on the frequency of use of skills.

In addition, sometimes in the heroes certain character traits will appear, the receipt of which depends on various situations, whether it is a successful or unsuccessful dialogue or a lost confrontation. Confrontation is a controversial situation during a conversation, from which it is desirable to come out of the winner.

At the end of each scene, the game will show the result, alternative solutions and the number of failures. Based on this statistics, the hero is awarded the experience of experience that you use for development.

A supply of blood is spent on any active action related to disciplines. If it is not periodically replenished, then the character will fall into hunger. Do not worry, the game will not show you a bloody bath when the vampire rushes at the closest mortal in frantic rage. He just cannot use disciplines.

The second scale is the will. You will use it in dialogs when you need to convince the interlocutor of your rightness, when hacking computers, doors and in similar situations. NPC also has a willpower and some knowledge, so do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself as a fool against his background.

From myself, I can give one advice, because of which especially conservative gamers can be rightly indignant. Hold the game of experience at the very beginning. You will not lose anything in this case, but you will immediately receive positive emotions from the development of history. Yes, Swanson is designed for multiple reiglable, but the game has quite important plot forces in the game, so that even with the initially pumped by the hero, not to lose interest in repeated passage. Understand the main thing, this game is not about action at all, absolutely. This is an interactive detective, like Detroit: Become Human, only with a much smaller budget.

Technical part

If my sadness is subjective to nothing and do not know ancient vampires, then the problem of the technical part is obvious. It was the same as the scriptwriters and artists tried, the coders and designers of models did not try. Swanson was a very raw game. Facial animations of characters are able to drive you into homeric laughter (I had such a case on Stream).

Character models and their animation are made at a very low level in modern criteria. Watching how in a kat-scene Emem walks the gazeska instead of sexually wagging a delicious fifth point, physically pains. Constantly falling textures on heroes, disappearing NPC and frank technical bugs, because of which you will restart the game several times, upset.

for the results

I don’t want to scold Swansong much. Yes, this is a very niche game. It will appeal to a very limited circle of gamers who loves leisurely games, read and think a lot. Yes, it was not done by the AAA Studio for many, many millions. The game has obvious technical problems that cannot be hidden – only to correct.

But as an interactive story in the gloomy setting of the “world of darkness”, the game turned out to be very good. The variability of events is amazing. When I replayed some scenarios, each time I found something new, and it was a very important find! The puzzles in the game are complex, we searched for answers with a whole chat on stream and found, I myself would spend much more time on their solution.

The heroes turned out to be absolutely dissimilar. It can be seen that the scriptwriters ate the dog on Laura VTM (with the exception of my nit -picking earlier), and they are well versed in the issue. No gag, all according to paper canons. Yes, the table version of the game is much deeper and more diverse, but here I had to compromise. The main thing is that the developers from Big Bad Wolf managed to give gamers an interesting and exciting adventure without teenage snot with sugar and love torment.

I put a “swan song” 7 out of 10 points. I cannot ignore the technical and graphic problems of the game, but otherwise you will be satisfied.

Liked :

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Review

  • The world of “Masquerade” is excellent.
  • Interesting story.
  • The chic characters of the heroes.
  • Interesting NPC.
  • Level design.

Did not like:

  • Problems in the technical part.
  • Initially weak heroes.
  • Bugs.

Epic Games Store: Today there are two PC games for free

In the Epic Games Store you secure today two more PC games for free: the next chamfering gift is on. This time, the full versions of the Strategy Hits XCOM 2 and the Roguelike Adventure InstrumMountable are waiting for you. The activation takes place at the usual time at 17 o’clock . Once the free games are available, you have time for a week to link you to your account. So put the PC games in your account until April 21 to maintain permanently access.

When are the Free Epic Vault Games in 2022?

Strategy & mountaineering

In our test to xcom 2 you read that a mercilessly good strategy game is expected. The title offers sensationally presented round folders, a high claim with four levels of difficulty, a great underdog atmosphere and a high playback value. It goes high with insignia report, which is distributed this week as a second free game in the Epic Games Store. In a steady fight against the forces of nature, you can conquer inexorable mountains in this adventure. In the test to insignia report you read all the details.

Get the free games of the previous week

Until the activation of the new free games you still sack the two full versions, which the Epic Games Store gave away in the past week: Rogue Legacy and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter . Which games are distributed in the coming week, we will learn at 5 pm when XCOM 2 and Insormountable go live. Also 2022 it should give every week at least a free PC game for the members in the Epic Games Store.

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Steam deck, which is popular,

The steam deck was over a month, which was officially released overseas. Surprisingly, unlike the first time, the performance of the current steam deck is remarkable. The valve is also unexpectedly achieved, and it is a globally high popularity.

In fact, the consistent assessment of those who are enjoying the steam deck, which has been in spite one month, even though it is not enough for the volume), is that it is much more comfortable and excellent performance than I thought. Thanks to the current steam deck, the Gaming PC is emerging as a replaced product.

Increased sales volume, increasing games to increase

Steam Deck is only delivered to the purchase reservoir in some areas since February 25th. There is no precise sales amount to estimate, but demand is too high compared to supply, and the delivery is short, the delivery is short, and the longer is delayed for four months. On the steam side, we will increase delivery volume aimed at production of 200,000 units from 2Q09, and announced on the 5th that they will send customable mail to more reserved. Nonetheless, those who have not yet received the steam deck are overflowing from various communities.

It is also naturally solved that the less game support issues that have been pointed to the disadvantages of steam deck in the beginning of the high early sales volume. According to steam, more than 2,000 games are officially supporting steam decks, and many games continue to join through updates. As a representative, Eldon Ring, Apex Legend, Horizon Zero, and Sekiro.

In addition, popular works such as Cyber Punk 2077 and Lim World are also going to support Steam deck. In fact, if you already have a PC that is already a PC, you can enjoy a much more pleasant remote play through the steam deck, so you do not have to worry about anything more than necessary. Furthermore, it seems that it did not support most of the games in the steam, as soon as X-Cound and Xbox Gaming Pass are scheduled to support.

Much pleasant game environment than expected

As we said above, consistent assessments for the steam deck are proud of much better than expected. It is possible to be able to run the latest games that require high specifications that are not believed to be a portable device. It is intense that it is likely to have a problem in a small portable screen, but it is a judge that there is no problem in a small portable screen.

I Tested 23 Games On Steam Deck To Surprising Results

In addition, there are many stories that are suitable for games, including dedicated OSs and dedicated UIs, which are fed to steam, and the convenient UI, which was fed, and the convenient UI, which was unfolded there. According to the valve side presentation, it uses a steam deck to create code and use 3D modeling, and many people use as a business computer or basic desktop. In terms of performance, you can interpret it in terms of other areas.

Furthermore, if you think from the side of the caustic rain, the value of the steam deck soars soaring. If you want to play steam’s high-end game, you will be a gaming machine without a gaming PC, but if you want to play steam games, the steam deck can be a good choice. Direct comparisons may be hard to compare, but at least $ 150 to 2 million won PCs can be purchased at least $ 399 (about 490,000 won), up to $ 649 (about 790,000 won).

When is the alternative domestic formal launch?

Of course, steam deck is not a perfect device. Weight also belong to heavy-positive gaming PCs or portable gaming devices, and battery time has a problem that the battery time is somewhat short and the noise is severe. Best of all, Steam Deck is a device that does not fit the gamers that directed the best game environment. For a pleasant play, 30 frames per second are forced to a certain level, and the resolution is not high.

In fact, if you think of the popularity of the current steam deck, the biggest disadvantage is that it has not yet been determined by the domestic formal release. It is a problem that delivery is more likely to be purchased overseas, but delivery is relatively slower. Nevertheless, Steam Deck is still an attractive device. Someone is lying on the bed, so you can have enough value by just that you can enjoy the eldon ring.

EPIC Games and Lego announced the creation of metavers for children. “ROBLOX” versa

Epic Games and The Lego Group announced on April 7, to jointly create new metavers for children and families. It is likely to attract attention to the game and toy flag hands with unknown platforms and contents.

Epic Games, Unreal Engine Development and Game Delivery Platform Epic Games Store Operation, Popular Batro Operation “Fort Knight”, etc. Multiple Games Companies. The Lego Group is familiar with the popular block assembly toy LEGO (Lego). According to the announcement by the EPIC Games, the Metaverse, which both companies can handle, “enjoyable and safely enjoy children and families” as the concept. In addition, we are trying to provide “a tool to help children be a confident creator”. In other words, the user is likely to create content.

Epic Games And Lego Announcement Roblox?
Based on metaverse orientation, there is “ROBLOX” as a work that the user creates content. This is a work that boasts huge popularity, focusing on the US children. On the other hand, “ROBLOX” has also been issued that sex criminals are looking for a damaged child, and a criticism is also being criticized that “working with a system to work and exploit” (related articles). Metaverse with Epic Games and The Lego Group emphasizes children’s safety and mind health and rights. The background may also have consciousness as a counterparty to “ROBLOX” of concern.

Throughout the game concert, etc., “Fort Night” is familiar to many users as a form of Metaverse. And many people take in hand and make a creative power. I would like to look forward to what kind of world is born by both companies together.

Thank you Xbox Series X, you made me back to the gamer

The Xbox Series X has been an integral part of my everyday life for several months now. Actually, I had already turned the gaming back, but Microsoft’s Next Gene Console has flare up my landmark again. I will not buy the new Xbox but still does not have to do with a homemade problem. A long-term review of Kaan Gürayer.

Between the 5th and 6th console generation it happened: At some point I just did not take the controller in the hand anymore. Maybe I’ve been stuffed, highlighted the interest in other hobbies or it was at the time-consuming relationship-stumbling traps, in which every beginning-20-year-old is so. Who knows.

The gaming world has changed completely

About 2013 I wanted to start gambling again. With PlayStation 4 and Co. finally a new console generation was out of the door. But my own surprise I stood in front of a completely different gaming world. Everything was complicated and annoying : Before every game, there were sudden updates, one was forced into miserly long tutorials, microstransaktions moved to one of the money from the bag and games were no longer games, but have become interactive films.

Little exception was Nintendo, but the Japanese cooked their own soup anyway.

Accordingly, I was skeptical than the new console generation was presented. The trends that gave me gaming were still present – and are sometimes even worse, keyword: microtransactions. After a few months with the Xbox Series X I am positively surprised . Microsoft’s Next-Gen console has broken the gamer in me again, at least a bit. This is not due to an outstanding feature, but from the combination of several. The whole thing is actually more than the sum of its parts.

Rasant game change thanks SSD and Quick Resume

Thanks to Flinker SSD and Quick Resume, I can change strings between several games ** – a God gift for someone like me, who quickly loses the desire for a game and often never spends longer than 15 to 20 minutes with a game.

Of course, that requires that “all digital” goes and no games buys on physical media. So far, I have always avoided this step, since I had the fear of having a blank hands at some point – a service can finally be kept sealed, providers are no welfare companies. The fear still exists, but I think (okay, it’s more a hope) that you at Microsoft stands by all three large console manufacturers on the safest side **. The Redmonders are among the most valuable companies in the world and have a long history in support of their services.

_Alles, what you need to know about the Xbox Series X / S: _

Downward compatibility & Game Pass form a round overall package

What we would be with the games: with the downward compatibility , which is partially back to the original Xbox from 2001, can not keep Sony nor Nintendo . Thanks to regular sales in the Xbox Store, I can also play games that have passed to your release to me. In fact, most games that I have currently on the Xbox Series X come from the generation of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Another plus: Many older games has something “supervised” with the FPS boost, completely free.

The icing is of course the Game Pass , which I have subscribed to. For small money (starts at 9.99 euros per month) you have access to over 100 games that you can download and play for free. The selection is mixed colorful and ranges from current AAA titles to classics. All current first-party titles from Microsoft such as Halo Infinite or Forza 5 are also part of the game. A pretty good deal, which ensures that you will be experimental for games also experimental – after all, you do not lose in not the same 60 or 70 euros. For example, I tried “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”. Without a game pass, I would never have spent money for it, because such matches have not been interested in me so far.

What else I noticed for Xbox Series X:

  • Chic design : very discreet and minimalist, adds well everywhere. The PlayStation 5, however, I find it really ugly. With this opinion, I am not alone in the editorial office.
  • Quiet : The Xbox Series X is hard to hear. No comparison to the nozzle jet of my old PS4.
  • Controller : Griffy, is really good in your hand.
  • Graphics : The 4K graphics is impressive and comes on my OLED TV from LG right too well. A purchase reason alone is not for me.
  • Menu guide : Overall, the menu is logically and comprehensibly constructed in the Xbox Series X Xbox Series X. But then you come in places that are unnecessarily complicated and require multiple steps – approximately when calling the reduced games in the Xbox Store. Here Microsoft should improve.
  • Blu-ray player : Immediates should also be Microsoft also when controlling the Blu-ray player – at least via the controller. He is unnecessarily complicated and there are lack of captions on the on-screen buttons.

XBox Series S in the long-term experience report: my conclusion

“Buy or not buy?” That’s all the decisive question. The Xbox Series X is a nice piece of technology that made me with fast game change, downward compatibility and the Game Pass again fancy the gaming . But since I put everything on the digital card, the best possible graphics is not particularly important to me and I (at least now) rather games of the last or penultimate generation Zoke, my decision is clear: It will be the Xbox Series S!


Competition for Xbox Series X & PS5: A console is ignored by all

Robert Kohlick

Xbox Series X Unboxing - Microsoft Sent me a Console (Thanks Microsoft!)

The “small” Microsoft console offers everything that is important to me , is now more than 200 euros cheaper in the street price (see Amazon) and above all, it is also one: Available. The Series X, however, is – unfortunately – still in short supply.

Nevertheless, I prefer my hat from Microsoft: the Xbox Series X has become really great . If you put a lot of value on 4K graphics, especially current AAA games (which prove much more storage space) and does not quite separate yourself from the freedom of the diskruptcy, you will find an excellent next-gene console in the Series X.

“Fort Night” Donate 2 weeks of sales to Ukrainian humanitarian assistance. Such as soon after the start of the new season

Epic Games announced on March 20, to all two week revenues in Fort Night, to be used to support humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. In addition, Microsoft also allows you to donate “Fort Night” content net sales in the company’s platform in the same period.

“Fort Night” is a battle royal game developed and operated by Epic Games. In the presentation as of August 2021, the number of nominal players is a highly popular work, such as overproting ¥ 350 million worldwide. According to this official announcement, Epic Games is a local time, all of the revenues from March 20, 202 to April 3, to support Ukraine currently in war throughout the four humanitarian support groups It is said that it is. Microsoft also cooperates, and “Fort Night” content related net sales in Microsoft Store is also used to be used to humanitarian assistance. After Ukrainian invasion by Russia, various-scale game companies have shown the posture of Ukraine support (related articles). However, full donation of sales of operated games is an unusual example.

It is sales purchased in a real currency within the period of donation. As an example, V-BUCKS packs, Fort Night Crew, Gift Patrich, and Visual Packs such as Void Lander Packs are applicable. In addition, physical purchase at a retailer is also subject to donation if it is switched to the game within the time period. However, the use of V-BUCKS, which is an additional addition in game, is not included. In other words, new purchases of V-BUCKS using cash were subject to donation, and it is not possible to donate at V-BUCKS consumption held before March 20. In addition, the monthly fee for the subscro service “Fort Night Crew” is also subject to donation if it is processed within the period.

The donation destination is “DIRECT RELIEF” “UNICEF” “UN UN UNHCR Association (UNWFP)” UN UNHCR Association-UN Refugee-High Commissioner Office Office “, and donations The previous group is to be added. Selection of donation destination is impossible. Remittances from Epic Games to Donations are as quickly done as much as possible. If you do not want to turn to donate the purchase in “Fort Night”, “Make sure to refrain from the real currency purchase in Fort Night from April 4, 2012.”

“Fort Night” is a popular work. Although it is somewhat past data, it was about $ 5.5 billion (approximately ¥ 656.1 billion) in 2018 and about $ 3.7 billion in 2019 (approximately 442 billion yen), but Epic Games and Apple It has been revealed by the trial material of (THE VERGE). Even if it is a 2-week sales, the amount is expected to be very large. A large amount of donations will be leveraged by humanitarian assistance.

Watch live: Special programme on the war in Ukraine

In addition, “Fort Night” has opened the new season “Chapter 3 Season 2” from today. In addition to adding vehicles such as IO Titan tanks, which is a tank, character agility is improved such as increased movement speed and adding actions. Furthermore, it is temporarily invalidated in the architecture, which is a feature of this work in some game mode, and “over shielding” is introduced, and it is a change that is rich in change. In addition, the efforts to donate the seasons that will greatly contribute to sales will indicate the attitude to support EPIC GAMES Ukraine.

Riot Games (League of Legends) acquires shares in the Arcane

The Netlix series Arcane is known to be the best thing that has ever been made in the field of animation series. Contradiction is futile (or so). At least the enormous success of the first season gives us right. But even if the series turns around the Runeterra Universe from League of Legends, there is not only developer Riot Games behind the implementation. In fact, the French Animation Studio Fortiche Production is responsible for Arcane.

Intensive partnership for the future

Forteen Production and Riot Games work together on projects for many years. The beginning of 2013 was the music video “Get Jinxed”. Later, productions like Warriors and Enemy followed. Currently, both companies work together at the second season of Arcane and otherwise not announced projects.

In the future you want to intensify the previous cooperation. It also fits that Riot Games recently acquired a minority share of festivals and then take a consultation role in the Supervisory Board.

_ “Collaboration with Riot Games in general and Arcane in particular has made progress production to a new major company in the international animation scene. Riot Games gave us the possibilities of achieving our common goals through his trust, and shown that one can make new content accessible to a broader audience. In 2023 our cooperation for the tenth time is present: There is no better way to illustrate the trust and ambitions of our two companies than through this partnership! “_, say Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combue and Arnaud Delord, the founders of forticles.

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

The successes of Arcane

The Animation Series Arcane landed at Netflix in November 2021 worldwide on the charts worldwide and was able to defend this position for three weeks, it managed in over 52 countries in the top 10 and got from Rotten Tomatoes one of the rarest reviews: 100%.

In addition, the series recently received nine nominations for the 49nd Annie Awards and is thus the TV series with most nominations of the year, including “Best TV / Media General Audience”, “Best Character Design” and “Best Writing”. “Enemy”, the single of the Imagine Dragons of the original soundtrack was streamed over 1 billion times and has reached the Billboard rock charts.

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Top game Werder vs. Darmstadt

St. Paulis kick-off into the Festspielweek – Aue against one of the “favorite opponents”

Just the Friday evening Holding a top game Parat, from 18.30, FC St. Pauli receives the 1st FC Heidenheim. For the Kiez coach, it is the prelude for festival weeks at the millennor, because after the ostal badders, the aspiration candidates Bremen, Darmstadt and Nuremberg are introduced in succession. Especially since the stadium can be fully utilized for the first time after two years. Against the Heidenheimer FCSP-Coach Timo Schultz hopes that “the balls go five centimeters deeper” after 1: 1 in Dresden equal four times the aluminum in the way. The FCH, however, travels with a broad breast after the eleven of long-term coach Frank Schmidt on the past matchday Werder Bremen with 2: 1 the first defeat under coach Ole Werner added.

At the same time, Erzgebirge Aue has the Karlsruhe SC guest. For Aue, a victory in front of domestic audience is quasi duty to keep the hopes of the leaving class. After all, the statistics for Aue speak, because the last five home games against the Baden were won together and special. Karlsruhe has been waiting for a threesome for four games and states in the midfield of the table. Thanks to “life insurance” Philipp Hofmann, who has already achieved 14 goals, the lead to the endangered zone but reassuring, the KSC seeks 2nd league for another year.

Bücke for the first time at Schalke Bank – Corona after effects at Dusseldorf and HSV?

In training and Hanover on the bench: Schalke coach Mike Büskens. Imago / team 2

Am Saturday afternoon (13.30 clock) Will Mike Büskens in the game against Hannover 96 will take place for the first time on the Bank Schalke’s. Although the S04-veteran has been in office for almost two weeks, his comeback as a scarce coach had to fail because of his corona infection at 3-0 in Ingolstadt and will now be made up. Through the threesome at the bottom light, Schalke has his seasonal goal of direct recruiting again in mind, and in addition to the square there were positive news: Despite the pandemic and descent, the club has significantly reduced its liabilities. Hanover has lost the last two league games, the view of the Lower Saxony is reinforced again: After all, with Sebastian Kerk (after gastrointestinal infection) and Maximilian beer (to Corona infection) returned two family forces.

Fortuna Dusseldorf and the Hamburg SV were most recently affected by a Corona outbreak. While the game of the Hanseaten was canceled, the Rhine countries had to compete in Paderborn – and fought with a “notelef” a respectable 1: 1. Not only coaches Daniel Thiune returns to HSV, but also several of the last missing players. Which actors will be accurately available, is still uncertain. The same is also valid for the HSV, who could also welcome the first returnees in training. After two defeats in a row and the corona-added game bag, it is important for the Hanseaten not to lose the connection upwards.

In the third party in the afternoon, SV Sandhausen Hansa Rostock receives a duel in the lower table regions. The SVS has released through a series of seven unbeaten games in a row (3 victories / 4 draw / 0 defeats) from the descent z1. The northeast Germans have also gave rise to the northeast German through two goalkeepers. Given the table situations, both in direct duel offers the chance to make a big step towards league by victory.

Werder’s worried in the defensive – Darmstadt without Patric Pfeiffer in top game

The occupation of the defensive prepares Werder-Coach Ole Werner before the summit some worry folds. Imago / Nordphoto

Bremen Passes Darmstadt after Narrow Game! | Bremen - Darmstadt 1-0 | Highlights | MD 27 – BuLi 2
On Saturday evening (20.30 clock) then the top match between Werder Bremen and Darmstadt 98 – the third welcomes the first. But just before the Summit Plagen Werder-coach Ole Werner Injury warehouses: In addition to Captain Omer Toprak (calf problems) fall in the defensive also Marco Friedl (abdominal muscle injury) and Mitchell wiser (muscle bundle crack). Thus, Anthony is likely to change from left to the internal defense, taking Felix AGU whose place and start Marcel MBOM on the right. But the lilies also lack a very important defensive man: because central Patric Pfeiffer playing a superior season, with a coach average grade of 3.04 the best Darmstadt defender and has already been called seven times in the eleven of the day, must because of a yellowstone fit. In all likelihood he will be replaced by Jannik Müller.

Nuremberg’s fifth strike? – Finish Kiel his failure series?

The 1st FC Nuremberg had recently cheered a lot of reason. Imago / zinc

With four wins in a row, the 1st FC Nuremberg has returned to the ascent race, is before the 27th match day as a fourth first pursuer of the Toptrios. On the Sunday afternoon (13.30 clock) should now follow the fifth prank against Dynamo Dresden to maintain the pressure on the top. The club likes to play against the SGD, won the last three games without collecting a goal. Trainer Robert Klauß is also available almost his complete squad, so that some tricky personnel decisions announces: musters at the 3-0 in Hanover Tom Krauß again for Linus Tempelmann, who returns to yellow barrier? And what happens to Captain Enrico Valentini, who is completely made to Corona infection? Other worries has Dynamo Dresden. Even under Guerino Capretti, the Saxons continue to wait for the first victory in 2022, even if the 1-1 against St. Pauli progress under the new coach were recognizable. This is now important to confirm in Nuremberg. In addition to progress but also points, because by the Siegloss series, the SGD has now been passed through to the descent relegation rank 16.

Holstein Kiel is also threatening after four defeats as a result of the relegation z1. In the home game against the final light FC Ingolstadt, three points are therefore actually duty. Also for the further work of coach Marcel Rapp? “We are all in the duty to deliver performance and results in the last eight games, not a single,” said Sportschef Uwe Stöver. But just before the so important duel, the KSV is affected by a corona outbreak. At FCI, there is hardly any hope for the league, the view of the Schanzern is already aiming forward – talking to the coming season.

In the third Sunday game Jahn Regensburg and the SC Paderborn face each other. For both teams, it ran everything other than around 2022. Nevertheless, the SSV rests in the environment, coach Mersad Selimbegovic sits firmly in the saddle. “For me Mersad is a guarantee that we hold the league and kept them in recent years,” said President Hans Rothammer. For Paderborn, neither up nor down or something should go, the plans go to the future: with Kai Klefisch the first new addition for the coming season was presented.

The developer of Until Dawn reveals the new Terror game The Quarry

The Developer Supermassive Games and the 2K Games Editor have revealed a new horror game called The Cantera after announcing it and making fun of him yesterday. In Development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, the new horror game will come out this summer, and we have its first official trailer after yesterday launched a trailer and, judging by the progress And the details that accompany it, is greatly a supermassive horror game, and will come out on June 10, 2022.

«It’s the end of the summer in the remote forests of the North of New York State, and the Teen Counselors at Hackett’s Quarry have the camp for them alone for one last night,” is read in an official comment on the game. “That means there are no children, or adults, no rules. In this exciting film history, you control the destination of the nine counselors of the camp while the plans of your party fall apart in an unpredictable horror night. With life or death decisions in each turn., the decisions you take will determine how history is developed.

Until Dawn - Horror Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Supermassive Games was founded in 2008. A British study, Supermassive Games is best known for the exclusive PS4 of 2015 Hasta the dawn, a teenage set for teenagers from the 90 who debuted in 2015 and is widely considered one of the best games of terror of the previous generation. Before Hasta the dawn put the studio on the map, it remained greatly occupied with the port work and working on the intellectual property of other studies, such as Pequenño Gran Planeta. Then hasta the dawn, the study has focused exclusively on creating its own IP. That said, so far, it has not been able to recreate anything that has generated as much stir and the dawn_.

In 2016 he launched two PlayStation VR games, hasta the dawn: blood fever and cay VR. Then, in 2017, it launched _ agenda hidden_, another exclusive PS4. In 2018, he returned to PlayStation VR with The Hospitalized Patient and the Bravo. And these two games marked the end of working exclusively with PlayStation. Since then, it has launched three games in The anthology of dark images series, which has served as a small rebound for the study, but has not yet captured the same attention as it did it in 2015.

For those who do not know it: Supermassive Games is not only known by the Horror Games, but also by the Games of Terror in which the players influence the history and destiny of the characters through decision making. Suffice it to say that it is not surprising that _The quarry is a return to this formula.

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