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Genshin Impact and Pizza Hut will hold a joint promotion for Chinese players

Hoyoverse and Pizza Hut will hold a joint collaboration in China, in which players, most likely, will receive awards both in Genshin Impact and in the real world.

The promo-art of the collaboration depicts Eola and Amber, but there is no detailed information about the rules of participation at the moment. Details of the action will have to appear closer to August 2022.

In March 2021, Hoyoverse collaborated with KFC and, as part of the event, Chinese players Genshin Impact could get unique intra-game wings planner. Players not from the Middle Kingdom in November 2021 were able to add to their collection a KFC award as part of the joint action Hoyooverse and Twitch.

How to make voucher for toys in the Genshin Impact Core of the Apparatus event

The Genshin Impact Core of the Apparatus event introduces players with Bertrand, a greedy manufacturer of Fontaine toys, who wants to earn a lot of money in the Inadzuma toys market. The event takes place from from June 29, 2022 to July 11, 2022 and is open to all players who complied with the following requirements:


  • Reach the rank of adventure 30 and above
  • Complete the part of the Rito escape plan in the quest of the archont of Inadzum: Chapter II: Act I-the Minor God and Eternal Yufimia.
  • Complete the local task Letter of Chisato.

How to unlock the event The core of the apparatus in Genshin Impact

As soon as you fulfill all the requirements listed above, you will automatically receive an event that is called making toys, we will go . You will be invited to talk with Katherine in the guild of the adventure of Inazum, and then with the manufacturer of Bertrane toys in Rita. The event is divided into three parts that come out during the first three days of the event.

How to make voucher for toys in the Genshin Impact Core of the Apparatus event

You can start making toys after performing the first three quests of the event: collecting the source material, elemental charge and activation of the nucleus. As soon as all three are completed, you will receive an additional quest called A-Toymaking We Shall Go: Mass production , which includes dialogue with Bertrand. The completion of this will open Freestyle Creation Section of the Event menu, which allows you to create vouchers for toys that can be exchanged for toys.

Go to Product Archive Event menu section to view all possible toys that you can make, as well as a recipe for each of them in the lower right corner of the screen. Following the prescribed recipe, you will almost always receive the indicated model. The only exception is the little chance to get two special models (traveling horned owl and wandering three-legged) regardless of which recipe you are using.

To start making toys, Equip a collector of materials and follow the exact steps indicated in the recipe you have chosen. For example, if you want to make a thunderous horned owl: turn, you will need to do the following in the exact order:

  1. Collect flowers or fruits.
  2. Apply electr to yourself for 15 seconds.
  3. Won electropostasis.

The collector of materials will be filled out at each stage of the process, as in previous quests of events. As soon as the gadget is filled, Activate this is to start the next step. It is important to make accurate step necessary for your preferred recipe, otherwise you can accidentally create the wrong toy. For example, if you want to create a Hydro toy, but accidentally used Pyro instead of Hydro in the second step, you need to view the creation of a Pyro toy before starting all over again.

In addition, you need to activate the gadget between steps so that your progress is taken into account. As soon as all three steps are completed, go to the great car next to Bertrand in Rita to create the final product. There are no restrictions on the number of toys that you can do during the period of the event.

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Genhin Influence reveals all content from Update 2.6 in the video – see what you expect

The release of Update 2.6 in Genshin Impact remains in front of the door.
Here you can view a preview video clip for this event, which summarizes the new web content for you.

When will update 2.6? The release is currently tomorrow, on March 30th.
Emphasizes of the update consist of Archonten Quests, which are now continued.

AYATO IS ALMOST PERFECT! C0 Ayato Showcase - Best Build, Teams, Weapons (Genshin Impact)
On top of that, Ayato Kamisato enters into play as a new personality, including its very own story quests.
In enhancement, the 5-star personalities Venti as well as Ayaka Kamisato get a RERUN.
Update 2.6 induces top of that the new location “huge void”, with brand-new challengers and also a brand-new boss.

There are also 2 new artifact collections, a new weapon for Ayato Kamisato as well as brand brand-new as well as widely known events.
Genshin Impact: Whatever to Spot 2.6 – Leakages, Release, Banner, Personalities

Genhin Impact Allegedly come with patch 2 4 a new area and 2 new characters

Yunjin, also called brocade of clouds, [1] is a chinese traditional silk brocade made in Jiangsu since the end of the Song dynasty, [2] and based on fabric tissue techniques coming from Song and Tang dynasties. [ 1] It is weaves with a shuttle, and often incorporates gold and silver threads into the colored silks. [3] During the Ming dynasty, Yunjin weavers developed a rotary tissue technique that allowed them to knit colorful designs on a cloth Base of other fabrics, as a satin. [4] Nanjing Yunjin Museum is currently the only museum specialized in Yunjin in the world.

According to Leaks, with the patch 2.4 Ingenenshin Impact a new area will come into play, which you can even see on the map even now. The update should also bring 2 new characters, skins and banner reruns. Meinmmo summarizes for you, what we know about the upcoming update.

If Genhin Impact holds its schedule and continues to bring new patches every six weeks, patch 2.4 will appear on January 5, 2022. There is already some leaks and guesses for the future update that you should enjoy with caution.

Leaks can always deviate from the actual content and turn out to be wrong.

Which new area is? 100% sure the leakers are not there, but it will definitely give a new area in Genshin Impact. The reliable leakers ubatcha and not tangzhu (via twitter) suspect that it will be the big gap (via Twitter).

We know that about the big gap: Since the patch 1.4, rumors go every time that the gap is soon patched into the game, but this was never the case. However, the rumor could get this time, as the gap forms the bridge between Sumeru and Liyue.

According to the story in Inazuma and the words of Yae Miko, our next destination will most likely be Sumeru – the timing would be suitable for this area.

This possibly brings the big gap with: In addition, unconfirmed Leaks have repeatedly claimed that the Dendro element associated with the large gap and the element is not ready for the release. Therefore, the release of the gap should also have been pushed further forward, you suspect.

Leaker blank, said that one of his insiders told him that the Dendro element was ready and ready for tests. But this does not mean that the element would come soon, he added (via Reddit).

Shenhe should come – aggressive cryo-spear user

Who is Shenhe? Shenhe seems to be an aggressive and stomotion. Ganyu and Xingqiu report from their temperament and that you should be careful in your area (Via Genshin Impact Wiki).

Hu Tao says about Shenhe that she was a unique person and is very different than all the others should look.

Some characters have got under Data / Voice the point About Shenhe … :

Hu Tao

Chongyuns, Ningguangs and Xiao s words are currently not available as their statements hide behind an unknown quest.

That s why Shenhe should appear in patch 2.4: The Leaker Uncle Dumb said that Shenhes skills are ready (via reddit). He also means that her skills such as Xiaos were elemental ability and Kazuha s specialty, only in Kryo form (via reddit). She is to carry a spear as a weapon and is probably a 4-star character.

Since these details are known about Shenhe and more about them knows as the long presented character Yae Miko, some strongly assume that Shenhe appears in Patch 2.4 or no later than 2.5 in Genshin Impact.

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Yunjin should come – Anemo user

Who is Yunjin? Yunjin is a dancer, singer and brewer in the Heyu Teahouse in Liyue. In addition, according to Xingqiu, she should be able to write fantastic stories if she takes a drink to himself.

In addition, some characters talk in data / voice under the point About Yunjin … and in their character quests about them (via Genshin Impact Wiki):

Hu Tao
Xingqiu, also in his story
Xinyan, also in her story
Zhongli, only under good evening

Leaks of Yunjin have been circulating in the net for ages (Via Twitter). They show Yunjin as a geo character, but in a recurring cutscene from an event, you could clearly see that Genshin Impact has changed your item. Many now assume that they will be an anemo character:

Yunjin is likely to be anemo character. In The Official 2.1 Cutscene, Yunjin Appears With Green Vision.
To Be Taken With a Grain of Salt

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Future banners, RERUNS and 2 new skins

How could the banners appear in patch 2.4? The Reddit User Astrrea has posted a detailed banner analysis in the forum, which believes these banners could come (via reddit):

Xiao-Rerun together with the new character Yunjin, as Thoma, Gorou and Sara were released together with 5-star characters of the same element. In addition, the lantern ritual stands in the period for patch 2.4 at which Xiao 2021 was published.
Ganyu-Rerun together with the new character Shenhe. According to his analysis, it s time for a Rerun of Ganyu, as it is a year since she was the last time in a banner. If she would not come in patch 2.4, she would be the first character that needed for more than 1 year for his RERUN.

Which 2 new skins should come? Ubatcha has already laughed before update 2.2 that there is 2 new skins (via Twitter). Keqing and Ningguang should be the lucky characters to get them. The extension says Ubatcha that you will get the Ningguang-Skin gifts and pay for the Keqing-Skin.

Even with the two skins releases, the lantern ritual would offer itself as a suitable reason.

What do you think about these leaks? Does you save her diligently for a certain character or will you let your veteran in the hypothes of characters be ITTO and GOROU? Write it into the comments.

More about Itto and Gorou can be found here on Meinmmo: Genshin Impact: Everything about Patch 2.3 – Leaks, Release, Banner, Characters

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