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Pokemon go: Alola-kokowewewere im konter-guid

Attention shiny hunters! In Pokémon Go you can find Alola-Kokowei in the animal 3 raids and with luck it will be shown in its dazzling variant! And collectors should also hear! Because Owei can only be developed into a normal cocowei. Alola-Kokowei is therefore a rare appearance and should definitely be caught! So go off and grab the Pokémon of the type plant and dragon; Here you have counter-tips for the fight in the counter guide to Alola-Kokowei.

Alola-Kokowei as raid boss

Alola-Kokowei is from the dual type of plant and dragon and therefore has a very large weakness against attack attacks. If you fight with ice attacks, so you are well prepared for it! Attacks of the type of ice cream are only booed in snow, but even without the active weather effect you are already well positioned against Alola-Kokowei. If you do not have such a large or powerful selection when it comes to ice attackers, then do not despise, because Alola-Kokowei has five more weaknesses: Flight (is being borne in wind), poison (is being borne with a covered sky), beetle (is Boosted in rain), dragon (is being borne in the wind) and fairy (is booed with a covered sky). The attackers of these guys are not as strong as ice attacks, but they are still very powerful. Alola-Kokowei meet you at 19,053 CP and is therefore a somewhat harder chunk. Below you will find a list of the best counterattack against Alola-Kokowei.

Crypto Mamutel * with powder snow and avalanche
Crypto Snibunna with ice splinter and avalanche
Crypto Mewtu with psycho blade and ice ray
Galar-Flampivian * with ice tooth and avalanche
Mega-Rexblisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
Glaziola * with ice cream and avalanche
Crypto Arktos with iceodem and ice ray
Snibunna with ice splinter and avalanche
Mewtu * with psycho blade and ice ray
crypto brutalanda with dragon rod and tantrum
Crypto Ho-oh with strength reserve and dive
Arctillas * with ice tooth and avalanche
Crypto Rexblisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Crypto Porygon-Z with strength reserve and blizzard

Pokémon GO: Alola-Kokowei catch

Once you have defeated Alola-Kokowei, the Kürpokéball will follow after the obligation! At level 20, the second generation Pokémon has 1722 CP with a 100%value. If the Pokémon is booed at level 25 in sunny weather or wind, it has 2153 CP with perfect 100%values. We wish you a successful hunt!

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Goldmann The German ice hockey has released from the care stage

Mr. Goldmann, Mannheim, Munich, Berlin – The usual suspects are considered favorites on the title. But there is also a set outsider to which you trust in the race to intervene the championship?

Vom squad are the three heavyweights of the league. It has been seen that other teams like last season Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg can pure as everything fits. That would be athletic to wish. But of the three mentioned heavyweights are two in the final this time. You just have more games this season, because the depth in the squad of my view is more satisfied.

Over the past two years, Silk, Support and Last Reichel and Peterka, young German players were selected early on the NHL in the draft and changed to their NHL clubs. Are there young German players, to whom you also contribute this in the coming season 2021/22?

The German Ice Hockey has released from the nursing stage, but now assume that every year talents of the category of silk, Support, Reichel and Peterka are in the NHL, which is measured. These are simply outstanding junior players. But it is further quality. I’m curious to see who can play in the foreground this year.

The referees are now not only gates, but also goals and in some penalties use video proof to review. Do you see a positive development in it or maybe this could lead to too many interruptions?

That’s the big question, we’ll wait for the first game days. I see and hope it will be just. But I also see the danger that the games are much collapsed. I’m not mandatory a friend of video proof in football and I hope it does not take overhand in the ice hockey.

What do you think of the introduction of the so-called trapezoid as in the NHL for the goalkeepers who are allowed to play the puck in a small area behind the own goal?

This will make the game faster, bring more benefits to attackers and more chances. But I believe that this policy change will not bring so many changes.

2018 a del selection in Pyeongchang won the silver medal at Olympia. What opportunities are you cleaning the German national team in February 2022 in Beijing if next to the DEL actors also the NHL players will be with Leon Draisaitl with them?

Overall, this is a very exciting ice hockey year, potentially is Olympia with the participation of the NHL players the highlight. It will be exciting, as the German selection with Grubauer, Draisaitl, Stützle, Seider and the other German top stars works against a felt all-star team from Canada and USA. This will be ice hockey of the top class and the German ice hockey has the opportunity to face the shop window.

What awaits the viewer at the fastest conference in the world ? And how do you prepare for such a force?

We plan the first half hour really intense, then the game flies. There is no boring minute in about three hours lives. You have to be flexible, react correctly. A beautiful, exciting challenge.

With Basti Schwele Together, you are the regular expert duo, you have known since felt forever, how can you imagine this cooperation?

We have been working together for ten years – so we know each other very well and still bring respect, but also fun with in the speech cab. I see when commenting or at his facial expressions, when I speak, so can take over. Everyone gives up space and space. We are 85 percent of the same view. The remaining 15 percent will listen to each other and discuss each other.

MagentAport presents the return of the fastest conference with Rick Goldmann as exclusive del expert, a new ice hockey show and the season start on Thursday, 09.09.

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