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Naomi Osaka leaves in Indian Wells: Tears by insult

Turnis-Superstar Naomi Osaka (Japan) has already excreted from an offensive interjection in the WTA tournament in Indian Wells in the second round. During and after the 0: 6, 4: 6 defeat against Weronika Kudermetowa (Russia / No. 21), the four-time Grand Slam winner shot tears.

“Naomi, you suck” (Naomi, you nervy), it tanned in the first set of the ranks. The tournament winer of 2018 visually appreciated emotional in the referee. According to the match, Osaka said that the comment commented on her memories of the EKLAT in prestigious competition in California in 2001 when US Stars Serena and Venus Williams had been being hoped. Father Richard Williams had spoken of racist insults at that time.

“To be honest, I feel that I have not really hit me so far when I was disturbed. But here? I have seen a video in which Venus and Serena were exploited here,” said the crying Osaka at the interview On the Court. “I do not know why, but it has been set in my head and was repeated often.”

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The former world ranking learning, which speaks openly about their problems with depression, is intended for more consideration of the psychic health of athletes.

Bandai Namco Announces Salary Increases for All Employees in Japan

In the full euphoria of the colossal launch made by Elden Ring, Bandai Namco also has a good news for his employees based in Japan.

As of April 2, 2022, all employees of Bandai Namco based in Japan will see their salary increase an average of 50,000 yen per month, which still represents an increase of 390 euros. At the same time, the starting salary for young graduates who make their debut in the company will experience a substantial increase from 232,000 yen (1,817 euros) to 290,000 yen (2,271 euros) per month.

Bandai Namco changes their classic logo and the internet hates it

In addition to the obvious willingness of remaining attractive and limiting talent leakage, this goal of salaries is to “stimulate autonomy and creativity of employees, thus increasing the chances of delivering” high quality content and entertainment. Varied and deep that can be played long “, explains the press release.

Last November, Ubisoft also announced an increase in wages and a multiplication of weeks of paid holidays in Canada to remain competitive in a market where talents are not unlimited. Meanwhile, other studios like Eidos Montreal and Blackbird Interactive are trying to 4-day week without decreasing wages.

PS5 New model will probably get a few degrees hotter but that does not have to be bad

Recently, at least in Japan and Australia, a new PS5 model is sold. So far, it was actually known only that the new edition relies on another screw, but apparently the changes go far beyond.

The biggest change in the new PS5 model : The internal heatsink falls significantly smaller than in the launch model Technik-YouTuber Austin Evans. What the reason should be that the console is exhausting hotter air and is easier.

PS5: Youtuber takes the new model apart, which he discovered

That’s why it’s all about: The PS5 does not even get a year after launch missed a new edition. In itself that is not big surprising, something happens again and again. This update of the console seems to have changed a lot more than first accepted. The first thing that struck was the loose screw of the stand:

__68 __3

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PS5: New model surfaced and it improves an annoying aspect


Smaller Heatsink: Technology Youtuber Austin Evans seemed to get a new PS5 model and has taken the good piece first. Above all, the following points have noticed:

  • Very much smaller heatsink
  • 300 grams of lighter PS5
  • W-LAN module is different wired
  • Fan puffs warmer air out
  • Ps5 runs a little bit quieter
  • Power consumption has risen minimally

Runs the PS5 hotter? The question can not be answered as easy as it seems. In any case, the Heatsink falls much smaller. Normally, such a part helps to better dissipate the heat of CPU and GPU. It could therefore be quite possible that the PS5 internally becomes a few degrees warmer.

The three to five degrees Celsius warmer exhaust air, which comes out of the PS5, could confirm that. On the other hand, it could simply mean that the warm air can be better transported out of the console thanks to the new fan, such as VGC writes.

Austin Evans holds the solution but overall for worse:

Link to YouTube content

How exactly the heat development looks internally, which changes through the smaller heatsink and whether the PS5 has finally have better W-Lan, the time and some further investigations and tests must show. Until then, we have no choice but to wait and hope that the probably something warmer PS5 will not become a problem in the long term.

The whole thing could also have to deal with that copper apparently becomes more and more scarce and wanted to save Sony at this point. That the PS5 is now no minus business at least in a version when selling, could do with this decision.

How ​​do you see it? Are you afraid of more exhaust heat, do you think of the smaller heatsink could avenge yourself?

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