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Harada wants to make the most ambitious crossover of the history of fighting games

The genus of fighting games is one that lends itself great for Crossover of all kinds. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most recent case, but you do not forget titles like Marvel vs Capcom, _ Street Fighter X Tekken _, and the thousand collaborations that titles as mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct have had in their last deliveries. Now, Katsuhiro Harda, producer of Tekken, wants to bring this concept to the next level, and make a union between the most popular fighting games of the moment.

During the most recent episode of Harada’s Bar, the YouTube program where this producer interviews multiple Japanese developers, revealed that it would love to make a crossover between series such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur, The King Of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Tekken and more . This was what he commented:

“I’ve said it for years. Previously, I have worked on similar things directly. The developers are not against the idea. They would love to make a product together, like an ‘All-Stars’.

It would be great to do something like a King of Fighters from the entire fighting games industry. 2D or 3D, no matter, we would decide who enters.

It would be nice to make a joint venture to carry it out too, but the creators are not the ones who decide. These adults would fight what company would handle it, so I have ignored this idea for the past 20 years. It would simply not work. “

Of course, this is just a desire of the producer, and at the moment there is no official information. Considering that TEKKEN X Street Fighter is not yet a reality, see a project of this specified magnitude, it sounds like something impossible , even if all the developers involved want, something with which it even agreed. However, this does not stop being an incredible dream.

The Art of Footsies - Fighting Game Fundamentals
On related topics, here you can see the first TEKKEN anime trailer. Similarly, it has not been able to lose hope with tekken x Street Fighter.

Editor’s note :

The only way he see it possible for a game of this type real, is if Masahiro Sakurai gets at the forefront. With the Super Smash Bros series. He has proven to have strong and clear ideas to adapt characters of all kinds to this formula, so the experience of him could serve to unify fighting games in a single name.

Arcade1up announces new cabinets Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat and more

Arcade1Up has announced as part of CES 2022 that has sold almost 3 million recreational machines in less than three years, and as part of a celebration for that fact, it revealed an expansion of its LEGACY EDITION line, as well as the new product line Series. The new Legacy Edition machines include Pac-Man Edition, Mortal Kombat 30th Edition and Centipede Edition, while the PRO series marks the larger arcade1up machines so far with a Killer Instinct cabinet being the first revealed with updates in all areas of the Other company cabinets..

The PRO series is basically a premium version than Arcade1up had been launching earlier with larger screens of 19 «, joysticks and improved Sushant buttons, better speakers and more. While the announcement indicates that several Cabinets of the PRO series will be launched in 2022, everything starts with Killer Instinct in the summer of 2022 with online game enabled for Wi-Fi. You can see how you see the cabinet of the Killer Instinct Pro series for yourself below:

The Legacy Edition machines mentioned above, PAC-Mania Edition, Mortal Kombat 30th Edition and Centipede Edition, are configured to include 14 games each and feature Wi-Fi to play online and updates, as well as classification tables. Arcade1up points out that Mortal Kombat 30th Edition brand the first time a Midway home recreational machine presents an online game. The three cabinets will be launched in the spring of 2022.

As previously pointed out, the Arcade1Up Pro series begins at the end of this year with a Killer Instinct cabinet in the summer of 2022. The additions of the Legacy Edition of the Pac-Man edition, the 30th edition of Mort emo Combat and the Centipede edition are Scheduled to launch in the spring of 2022. Accurate price details or games included for any of the previous ones were not announced. You can consult all our previous coverage of the various Arcade1Up offers here.

Arcade1Up CES 2022 Reveals PRO SERIES Killer Instinct

What do you think of the new Arcade1Up cabinets that have just been announced? Are you looking forward to getting any of them yourself? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to the games.

New Xbox Series X exclusively revealed by Insider

A new exclusive game for Xbox Series X and S seems to have been revealed by an expert in the videogame industry. Specifically, this new exclusive title in question is a sequel to a popular game that arrived at Xbox One in the previous generation of consoles. And although we currently do not know much about the project in question, it seems that we could end up listening more about him earlier than later if these rumors turn out to be true.

According to Nick Baker, who has been a constant source of privileged information with a series of upcoming video games, Xbox Game Studios is currently in the process of working in a sequel to instinct Assassin , the exclusive fighting game of Xbox that was launched for the first time Once in 2013. Although Baker does not have much information about this instinct assassin follow-up, they have been told that you are working at this time. What they have told me is that yes, Assassional Innport, is in active development, Baker said in the last episode of the Xboxera podcast. It is not just return , it is in active development at this time.

When it was finer details about this new Killer Instinct title, Baker said he still did not know much. Specifically, he said he is still trying to find out who could develop it. «For anyone who asks me, I do not know the study. I m trying to find the studio, he continued saying. Baker noticed, however, that he does not believe that Double Helix Games or Iron Galaxy are those who are working on the project. As a reference, both Double Helix and Iron Galaxy worked previously in instinct Assassin in Xbox One throughout its life cycle between 2013 and 2016.

As usual with stories of this nature, be sure to take everything that Baker has expressed with a grain of salt. Even though he has a good record with filtrations of this nature, it is difficult to know with certainty if we will see a new game of Killer Instinct until Xbox makes the news official.

Killer Instinct (Game Boy) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

Even so, how do you feel about instinct murderer potentially receiving a sequel in Xbox series X and S? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

Rumor A new Killer Instinct would be in development

Killer Instinct es un videojuego de peleas de la franquicia del mismo nombre, siendo el primero y considerado el principal. El juego se tenía pensado en un principio para Ultra 64, y rompiendo una tradición de sacar solo juegos para consolas, la compañía sorprende al sacar en 1994 el juego para arcade.
Killer Instinct fue distribuido por Midway y programado por Rare, fue su primer desarrollo de este tipo de juegos y a pesar de esto tiene una calidad excepcional e incluso presionó a las compañías tradicionales del género a sacar mejores juegos.
Killer Instinct daba una excelente sensación de tridimensionalidad sin salir nunca de las 2D, además de un uso espectacular del zoom (no incorporado en las versiones de Super Nintendo y Game Boy), incluía sorprendentes animaciones de los personajes y un original y espectacular sistema de combos y movimientos. A pesar de tener solo diez personajes a elegir, la profundidad de movimientos, capacidades y posibilidades de cada uno hacían de él un juego más profundo y completo que otros videojuegos de peleas con más personajes.
Como dato curioso, el juego en un principio se llamaba Brute Force , Werewolf era el nombre de Sabrewulf, y Cinder se llamaba Meltdown en los primeros prototipos del juego.

Lately there have been several rumors suggesting that we will have a new Killer Instinct , and to reinforce all this, a reliable insider assures that you are already working on a new delivery of this popular franchise, although at the moment, the details They are still scarce.

During The Xboxera Podcast, Shpeshal Nick assured that there is already someone working on a new Killer Instinct , but it is not one hundred percent sure who is behind him:

What I have told me is that yes, Killer Instinct is in development. Not only will it be back, but are already working on it.

For those who ask me, I do not know which study is working on it.

This insider did not offer more details about it, except that Iron Galaxy , who normally work in these games, will not be involved in the project. Similarly, it was completely discarded to Netherrealm Studios, known by the sagas of Mortal Kombat and injustice.

Editor s note: You will remember that in June of this year, the Phil Spencer mentioned that he had not yet completely forgotten about Killer Instinct and I was already thinking about the future of the franchise. Hopefully, all these rumors will end up specifying in something real and it will not be a long time to meet him.

Via: xboxera podcast

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