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Silent Hill is back, but in the form of skateboards

Many years have passed since a game of silent hill came to the market. Although one might think that this franchise is dead, the truth is that Konami keeps it alive, but only to sell products of all kinds. In this way, Recently it was revealed that a new line of skateboards with designs inspired by Silent Hill will be put on sale.

Through the official account of the Konami Store on Twitter, it has been revealed that a new limited line of Silent Hill skateboards are already in production. Although the details are scarce, it has been pointed out that next February 23 we will have the first look at one of the four models that will be available in the future. Each one is inspired by one of the first titles in the series.

These are not the news that many expected. Many years have passed since the last time we saw some game of the series, either new or relaunch. Next to this, the wound of silent hills is still unincured . Hopefully the rumors and reports of a new delivery be a reality, since fans can not only live on skateboards.

On related topics, a fan has created its own Silent Hill with the Unreal Engine 5. Similarly, Keiichiro Toyama talks about a possible remake of the first silent hill.

Editor’s note:

The time has come to resign ourselves. The current Konami will not make a Silent Hill game again. The only victory that fans can have, is that we are talking about skateboards and physical products that are worthwhile, and not an NFT.

UFL, the football game Free-to

We have already spoken to you on some occasion of UFL, a new soccer game developed by Strikerz Inc, which comes to compete with FIFA and to fill the gap that, at the moment, has left Konami with Efootball . After several months of advances and six years of development, we have seen the first trailer with small doses of Gameplay, with Cristiano Ronaldo as bearer of the project .

The video can see it next and, on the one hand, highlights the atmosphere of encounters and realism when it comes to recreating the face of the best players in the world, as we see it with * CR7, Lukaku, firmino or Bruyne * .

As soon as the gameplay is difficult to take conclusions without having had it in our hand, but it does not paint anything wrong; Although some animation can still be polished. UFL will have several game modes , including support for 2V2 and 3V3 matches.

They also mention the “** _flagship _ mode”, which is a kind of global league in which we will have to take our team to the highest through a division competition connected by several seasons, where players will have teams created by themselves Same, Ultimate Team style. At the end, there will be a champion.

The game, which we remember is F2P, insists that it will be “Just to play” , in a direct message to FIFA that has already repeated on more than one occasion. If everything continues as planned, UFL will arrive this year Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5.

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