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FIFA 22, DCE was reinforcement premier league solution 81+ x11

Discover the Solution for the DCE Reinforce Premier League 81+ X11, a team creation challenge was FIFA 22. This CEO is intended to save you a 81+ X11 Player Pack in the Liga in supplementing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Sunday, April 24 at 19h and lasts three days, ending on Wednesday, April 27 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a Player Pack 81+ X11 from Premier League.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Challenge Premier League 81+ X11 is a unique challenge, linked to the Event Tots on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Probable credit gain? Nope
  • Cumulative: NO

Premier League Reinforcement Challenge 81+ X11, Criteria

  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Overall team rating: 82
  • Collective: minimum 75
  • Reward: A Player Pack 81+ X11 from Premier League
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday, April 27 at 19h
  • Price: 31k

Our example of a solution for the Premier League 81+ X11 Reinforcement Challenge was realized with the Futbin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Pickweight Low Roll Champion Aurelion Sol Front Remake

The Aurelion brush, which was located in the lowest level of Pixes for a very long time during the ‘League of Legend (Roll)’ champion, is finally remounted.

Aurelion Sol is FINALLY getting a REWORK

Riot Games released a status of the April champion through the official website of the 19th, the official website. In this situation, the development situation of Uyur and Scarner, which is currently being developed by the champion and rewater, was officially released. This remake is a comprehensive update that will only rebuild all skill configurations to meet the theme of the character, beyond the degree to modify the skill effects, etc.

Aurelion Sol was released in 2016. The setting of the stars that existed in the roll world view and the setting of the gods that created the gods and nice appearance, but it has also been a low picycle that has not always been able to exceed 2%, thanks to heterogeneous skillets and high difficulty. In order to improve the peak of such a low peak on the production duct, there was a small reception such as a small recovery of the skill composition, but there was no direction.

In the end, the production team decided to proceed with a new type of champion update that had not been conventional to improve this. Unlike what the conventional champion remake changes, even if the concept is changing, the concept is trying to keep the concept, this remake will remain in the remake, and the theme and theme are maintained, but will change all skill sets and concepts. It is an object of the purpose of being a fortune-telling theme of Aurelion brushes and the settings that are intublied by creating stars.

The Aururion Solemake version is a situation where only the current idea is finished, and it will be applied to the end of this year.

FIFA 22: SBC Harry Kane PotM March Premier League – Here are the solutions

Electronic Arts has recently announced that Harry Kane is the Player of the Month of the month of March of the Premier League for the mode FIFA 22 Ultimate Team .

POTM Harry Kane SBC Completed - Tips & Cheap Method - Fifa 22
The card in question is assigned through a system of voting that proclaims the football that is marked with the services provided in the championship matches during the month taken into consideration.

You can redeem paper POTM by Harry Kane by completing the Squad Building Challenge dedicated available in Fut 22 mode.

SBC Harry Kane requirements POTM Premier League March


  • Min. 1 Player (s) from: Premier League
  • Min. Team Evaluation: 86
  • Team intake Min.: 60

SBC Solutions Harry Kane POTM Premier League March ****

Remember to always check in your club if useful cards are available with Overall itself and that they equally guarantee the same affinity with the other cards present in the solution that we report below. In this way you can save valuable credits.

Solutions available at the following link **.

Overall and official stats ** Harry Kane POTM Premier League March * ***

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Bet on the ESPORTS: All advantages

???? ESPORT BETTING - Is It Profitable - Worth it? ( Esports Betting Guide )
In the first half of last year, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez announced the creation of Europa Super League (the followers were already waiting anxious to make their bets on Match.Center), a Tournament that included the most important teams of Europe to detach from the UEFA Champions League . The goal of this creation was that the great teams of the old continent face without the need to play other games against smaller equipment, however, this brought a lot of controversy that almost ends with the de-affiliation of various teams of the FIFA and the impossibility that your players will dispute tournaments with their selections, which made this invention in nothing.

Another one of the reasons why they wanted to do e.s.l. , was to attract young people, since according to Pérez These preferred to look at youtubers and streamers rather than watching a football game. While today the boys prefer to see their YouTubers play videogames, this does not mean that football is losing spectators, much less. Currently, the visualizations that the streamers have are very low compared to the visualizations that have the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup , however, electronic sports are increasingly stronger and most seen. In the last year, the number of views of the final esports has been almost the same as those of Super Bowl.

And although it looks like a lie, many betting pages offer the possibility of betting on electronic sports or esports . Fans make their bets on FIFA, League of Legends, Fortnite and Counter Strike tournament, These work in the same way as bets on “common” sports, we should only make sure that this page complies with all the Requirements and be reliable.

These bets can be very easy to hit, since it is enough to find out a bit on the Internet to know what are the strongest teams and which are the most recommended electronic sports.

Another advantage to bet is that you can find forecasts, made by specialist in these esports , which will make you make a great play. But this is not all, the algorithm is much more precise than in the case of traditional sports and with this we can have detailed information about the departure that is playing, in real time. For example, in case we want to bet on a game of Counter Strike: Go , this will give in detail the possibility of each team to be able to win, based on the map that is playing, the points that have the Equipment and skills that players have.

Electronic sports are on their way to becoming a new Olympic sport and apparently this will be within very little, since the coi is evaluating the possibility of including them in the Olympic Games of 2024. It is only waiting to know how they go. To evolve these sports and see if they will eventually obverse themselves.

Olmo and Nkunku Let RB Leipzig dream of Europe

RB Leipzig may seriously dream of the Champions League. At the victory against the 1st FC Cologne, Christopher Nkunku and Dani Olmo focused on – not only because of their hits.

Dani Olmo and Christopher Nkunku hopped cheerfully before the curve up and down, the 15,000 fans sang loudly “Europapokal, RB Leipzig International”. After leaping on a Champions League Square, even the free kick was forgotten from the two noble technicians at lightning speed, Leipzig hovered in the sense of happiness. But coach Domenico Tedesco started promising euphoria immediately.

What a fourth place, on which RB was climbed on Friday evening for the first time this season, is worth this time at this time? “Nothing, nothing. The three points are worth today,” said Tedesco after the 3-1 (1: 0) victory against the 1st FC Cologne on the “ARD” microphone: “Whether we are now fifth, sixth, Seventh, I can only emphasize it, first does not matter. Important is that we have the imagination to win such games. “

And such a creative power dwells the RB squad on the paper. Against Cologne, the Nkunku and Olmo, which has been shiny, has been holdings, which has been holdings brilliantly, which has been a bit of the moment in the spotlight.

Before Nkunku (25th) a free kick from 18 meters beautifully zirated to the lead into the net, Olmo had also claimed the execution and after a short dispute finally admittedly annoyed. After the game, the Spaniard was laughing again.

“I motivated him,” Olmo said in a joke at “Dazn”: “We are ambitious, if he ends up, this is the most important thing,” said Olmo, who hit by a long-distance shot (54th) and 3-0 by Angelino (57.). Tedesco did not want to overvalate the situation later and said with a smile: “I did not notice it and I’m glad that Christ has shot.” Basically, there are several free-kick candidates, so the coach: “The rest should make them out of them.”

How long Nkunku, who now comes to eleven league goals and nine templates, still conjures balls for Leipzig in the angle, meanwhile open. The interested parties are likely to be snake in the summer, the contract is still running until 2024 and managing director Oliver Mintzlaff declared a weekly period at SKY90, he deals from a whereabout of the French.

RB Leipzig is “Back on Track”

The RB-Boss also said Tedesco so. “I find it good that he has the opinion,” said the coach, “because every coach wants to contribute his successful team.”

Successfully, RB is in fact under Tedesco. After the 17th matchday, there were still six points behind fourth place, most recently, the runner-champion won five out of six compulsory matches.

RB Leipzig vs FC Koln 3-1Christopher Nkunku, Daniel Olmo & Angelino score in win Match recap
“We have the quality for the first four,” said Emil Forsberg. And even in Europe League and DFB Cup, everything is still in it. “It was a sub-optimal first round and now we’re slowly back where we go back,” said defensive chief Willi Orban: “It’s just a snapshot, but we’re ‘back on track’.

HSV Now at the 1st FC Magdeburg So Christian Titz thinks about his time at the Hamburg SV

Three and a half years, it is now that the Hamburg SV descended for the first time in its history from the football Bundesliga. The first-time gear in the second league is inextricably linked to the name Christian Ritz, which stood at this time as a head coach at the HSV side line. Bitter for the football teacher, who had at that time too late for the trendy at the red red doses.

Twelve points brought the HSV under Ritz in the last six games of the Bundesliga season 2017/2018. But it did not help anymore, the last remaining founding member rose as a table-top last for the first time out of the House.

Despite this drastic descent traumas for the HSV and the dismissal as a head coach only a few months later in the 2nd Bundesliga, the now 50-year-old does not bother against his old employer, for whom he worked a total of almost four years in various teams as coach.

I can say for me that it was nearly four good years in Hamburg. That the confidence has been given to me, through the individual teams to take the development and then take the profs, said Ritz in conversation with the football Image.

ex-HSV coach Ritz is in the 3rd league on promotion course

The football teacher still pushes his ex-club the thumbs that it will soon be something with the long-privileged return to the German Football House: The HSV is an association for me, which I would treat it, with its entire staff, with his Fans to return to the first league. The 2nd Bundesliga is a very balanced league. If you look at the table, everything is possible.

Currently, the HSV ranks 20 points after 13 playing only on the seventh table.


Christian Ritz has now found his footballing happiness in the 3rd league. After a changeable season 2019/2020 at red-white Essen he hired in February of this year at the relegation threatened third division 1. FC Magdeburg.

Ritz took over the Magdeburg as Tables-19. The 3rd league, initially led the club to the league. In the current season, the 1st FCM is currently understood in third-classity and is clearly clear on course second league return with seven points lead to the relegation place.

LOL The play that claims an undervalued position and shows that the community is wrong

League of Legends (brief: lol or straightforward League) is a video game created by Riot Games, which was published on October 27, 2009, for Windows and also macOS. It looked like free-to-play Mob. The game was played monthly from concerning 100 million players in 2016.

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter - An Interactive Album Experience
The support position is by far the most undervalued of League of Legends. Considered even by professionals as the easiest of the game, the general trend invites not to have their positive actions too much and just think about them for their mistakes. However, this is one of the most unjust approaches in the community and does not necessarily respond to the reality that we were then in the loyalty crack.

La Entails served on a tray with the great play of a Support

A player wanted to share with the rest of the community a play with which he tries to show that Supports are as decisive in the game as the champions of the rest of positions of League of Legends. All thanks to an action that lasts a few seconds in which he saves his shooter in innumerable occasions serving a entails in a tray in which it was he who did practically everything.

First with a good initiation to collapse the rival that flanks, then intercepting the blitz crank hook and ultimately saving the Miss Fortune of a devastating Combo de Nidalee, This Hakan barely needed a few seconds and four skills to resolve the game. Yes it seems that the shooter had a good advantage that allowed him to inflict more harm, but in any case she could not have given three self-cars if it were not for having an enviable escort.

Some of the most common champions of the Bot Lane may not be too spectacular or do not have great opinions on the part of the community. However, The difference between Supports is one of the most decisive in a game of League of Legends and maybe we should start assessing the players of this position anymore. In view, it is that, at least, they can win on their own.

Prank and the Champions League Complete nonsense

Lobhudeli like Freiburg s coach Christian stretch not — not after a defeat.

When Christian prank was addressed to a possible participation in the Champions League, the success trainer of the SC Freiburg annoyed the eyes annoyed. That s the third time that I get this week this question. I find this question of complete nonsense, said the 56-year-old at Sky. That was before the 1: 2 (0: 1) in the top game of the Football Bundesliga near Bavaria Munich.

After that, the mood was not much better in prank. I deal with zero comma zero with any forecasts and anywhere else stuff. The players went through valleys and have continuously developed very well. This whole talk of the Champions League I hold away from the team. You can not put pressure on the tranquil Freiburg. I ve always driven well. Period.

Only do not arouse too high expectations, although the strong Brasher could again demonstrate their qualities despite the defeat in the record champion.

Even Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke after scarce success with respect of a direct competitor who has asked us much. Thanks to prank, the people can inspire. But he has not liked it for ten years if too much is discussed his SC.

Prank: Let our boys rest

This was also clear when he was addressed to his striker Lucas Hole, Sky expert Dietmar Haman sees in the national team. It was not so long ago, countered prank, that Lucas was extremely tackled into the social media. And now national team? Take care of Bavaria, Dortmund and the others, said pricking, and let our guys rest in peace, then maybe even better.

Frank Lampard: Drogba was headbutting walls before Champions League final  | All To Play For S02 E04

It s his project. That he lies Freiburg one day is not impossible, said prank in the current sports studio in IDF, but it is very difficult to imagine that I go somewhere else.

Are you also interested in topics related to Christian Prank Games?

Stretch criticizes Premier League and Newcastle

In addition, prank criticized the development in football that large investors interfere. Clubs should not belong to individuals, but the people who love the club, he said, and started at Newcastle United. The Magpies were adopted by a Saudi Arabian consortium, which is under the influence of Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman.

Prank referenced the acquisition as shameful for the English football combined and the Premier League and led: There are always things in football that have exceeded any degree.

Articles and videos about the topic
The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now!

With a view of Newcastle, which now has the richest owner, he said: In this case, that s unbelievable, who is there everything in this consortium. Finally, it is known that the Saudis be entangled in severe human rights violations.

FIFA 22 Premier League becomes a new format and a price pot of 100 000

The Epremier League will return to the FIFA 22-ESPORT season at which all 20 clubs of Premier League participate and players fight for the largest prize pool of the competition of all time: £ 100,000 (around $ 137,000).

While the Epremier League has always fought hard and was a popular event for FIFA professionals, which often represent the clubs they support, the main criticism was always the small prize pool. For the FIFA 22 Global Series, however, the Epremier League will offer more than twice the money of last year and raise a prize pool of £ 100,000.

The other big change for the Epremier League is the conversion to a team-oriented format. While clubs in the past were two players each (one stepped in the Xbox series, the other in the PlayStation series), it was still a solo event in which the winner of each series in a cross-consolidal finale against each other to determine the overall winner. For FIFA 22, there will be a winning club and not a single winner player, whereby the results of its Xbox and PlayStation players are combined during the Phase of the Grand Finals.

As usual, each club organizes prior to the grand finale qualification events to determine its representatives. This is a completely open competition, where everyone, from the casual player to the former FIFA world champion, can try to qualify.


In addition to the exciting prize pool and format notes, the Epremier League also intends to return to a live Grand Final on site. Although the venue must still be confirmed and the live discharge of the event is still subject to Covid restrictions, but this is still a big plus.

The Epremier League is back

You want to represent your club? The registration is open now

Open for inhabitants of the United Kingdom ????????

  • Premier League (@Preemierleague) 2 . November 2021

The Epremier League Grand Finals should take place between 27 and 28 March, but starting online qualifiers for clubs already in mid-November. A complete schedule for the qualification events and registration information can be found here.

One of the earlier winners of the Epremier League include Donovan, Tekkz Hunt for Liverpool in FIFA 19, and in the past season, Shaun, Shellzz fledt from Manchester City the trophy.

FIFA 22 lists of the best attackers META cards for was

We list here the best attackers and Meta cards for fashion was FIFA 22. Attention because the idea is to list the best cards, whatever the price, to evolve at the best level on the football game. These cards are meta, understand the best in the game. Note that special cards (Totw, Potm etc.) will be here.

Update : The list is up to date with Rulebreakers Team 1.

The only exception relates to icons cards that will benefit from their own list of best cards for FIFA 22.

List of the best attackers for was on FIFA 22

We list complete maps, Meta, which correspond to the needs of the players at the highest level. Note that attackers are separated into the wings, offensive environments and scorers. Unlike the miluous, we will rank players through their natural position (on their card) and then specify what is its best position in play.

the best players at the Standing Attacker

A critical position on was this year, the right media or attackers are limited to the highest level of the Meta. Thus, even in a relatively low market, the best options are particularly expensive.

Lionel Messi OTW, PSG, Ligue 1

Generally meta but no more, Messi is back close to the summits on FIFA 22 in view of the current Meta. Agile, excellent smuggler, very good shooter especially remotely, Messi is the prototype moc this year. If some like the player in front, we consider that his style of play and his physique correspond instead to a real number 10.

Recommended style: Hunter or Lynx eye

Best position: moc

Mohammed Salah Totw, Liverpool, Premier League

In view of the performance of Mo Salah, it will expect an avalanche of special cards on FIFA 22. While waiting for Toty in January, we recommend an IF version, although prices are particularly important. Note that we prefer Salah to drink but the latter is also good on the wings, because of its good pass and speed.

Recommended style: Lynx eye

Best position: BU or AD

Ousmane Dembele Rulebreakers, FC Barcelona, ​​Liga

Should we still talk about dembélé? As every year, the FC Barcelona player dominates the first weeks of the season on was with its gold version. With 5-5 in stars and excellent stats in Dribble, French has a very versatile card. Its Rulebreakers version is playable in drunk, moc or on the wings, but its shooting stats make it a better score than its basic version.

Recommended style: Hunter

Best position: BU or AD

Joe Cole, was Heroes, Premier League

Joe Cole is more than just a card for good links with players from the Premier League. English is very complete on FIFA with 4-4 in stars. However, without finesse and shot stats a bit limited (at this price level), its position is rather a player on the wings that a moc.

Recommended style: Hunter

Best position: ad

Rodrygo RTTK, Real Madrid, La Liga

The first real alternative to Dembélé for players evolving within the Liga, Rodrygo is a good option that a bit expensive. Its main problem lies in quite limited shot stats (considering the price), forcing a style boosting mainly this note, reducing its interest a little. However, in view of Real s recent performances, the card could get two boosts and thus become really strong.

Recommended style: Vista

Best position: ad

LEROY SANÉ RTTK, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

A card a bit too expensive to our eyes, Sané Rttk is a good option well a bit limited because of its two weak foot stars. The stats are good for a player evolving on the wings and Bayern should get two boosts in Sané, improving a little more this solid card.

Recommended style: Finisher

Best position: ad

Honorable Mentions : Gabriel Jesus Totw (Premier League), Matteo Politano RTTK (Serie A), Krépin Diatta Rttk (Ligue 1), Ismaïla Sarr Totw (Premier League), Jadon Sancho Otw (Premier League), Riyadh Mahrez Premier League), Federico Chiesa (Serie A).

The best players at the left striker station

A position still well endowed on was, the left media or attackers are generally very numerous even at the top of the Meta and FIFA 22 is no exception.

David Ginola was Heroes, League 1

One of the best cards at the launch of Fut, David Ginola is a real monster. Where to start ? 5-5 in stars, a pretty incredible physique, almost perfect stats… Ah and we add French nationality for excellent links through the leagues in addition to the links with Ligue 1.

Recommended style: Hunter

Best position: BU or AG

Heung Min Her Rttk, Tottenham, Premier League

You probably have to cross a lot of sound since FIFA 22 launch and for good reasons. The Korean player is extremely complete with 5 low foot stars, the faint shooting and very good stats. Playable in drunk but also in moc and on the wings, its is mainly limited by its links via the lack of meta players in the Spurs.

Recommended style: Engine, Hunter, Lynx eye

Best position: BU, AG or MOC

RANKING THE BEST ATTACKERS IN FIFA 22! ???? - FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Tier List
Neymar JR, PSG, Ligue 1

We will say immediately, Neymar is clearly not the same as last year. Probably the best gold card on FIFA 21, Neymar remains a very good card this year but its style is less efficient. However, the PSG player remains very strong on the wings or moc but less strong in BU compared to last year.

Recommended style: Hunter or Lynx eye

Best position: AG or MOC

Sadio Mane Totw, Liverpool, Premier League

Although positioned in moc on the TotW version, we preferred to integrate Sadio running in this category to avoid confusion. In the image of sound, leaned mainly with difficult links to achieve, although this TotW card is much easier to use because of its position. According to us, mane is more efficient in drunk but the card is able to play everywhere in front.

Recommended style: Lynx eye

Best position: drunk

Vinicius JR Totw, Real Madrid, La Liga

While it seems that we get several special cards from Vinicius JR this year, we put forward his first Totw. Although limited compared to players listed above, vini is nevertheless an excellent option on the wings. In addition, its strong link with Mendy makes it easy to use it.

Recommended style: Vista

Best position: AG

Honorable mentions : Freddie Ljungberg (was Heroes), Stephan el Shaarawy RTTK (Serie A), Moussa Diaby Rulebreakers (Bundesliga), Pedro Flashback (Serie A), Marcus Rashford (Premier League), Kinglsey Coman (Bundesliga), Raheem Sterling (Premier League), Lorenzo badge (Serie A).

the best attackers at AT

Attackers at are quite rare this year on the game but some pearls exist. Thus, our selection has three players who should regularly get special cards, something to get to learn to play with now.

Karim Benzema Potm, Real Madrid, La Liga

Although a little slow for some, Benzema is an excellent card at the beginning of the season on FIFA 22. With 4-4 in stars, finesse shots and globally good stats, its two weak points will only be its balance and speed. In BU as in moc, Benzema is very effective in front of the goal, whether you are an elite player or a beginner.

Recommended style: Engine or hunter

Best position: drunk (in pivot mode in tactics)

Paulo Dybala, Juventus, Serie A

The mini messi for some, Paulo Dybala is a very good card at the launch of the season was. Agile, good smaller and effective in front of the goal, the Argentine player is a perfect choice for a first team both prices are currently broken. A boost version could make the card really special.

Recommended style: Hunter

Best position: moc

Memphis Depay OTW, FC Barcelona, ​​Liga

Depay is a kind of mix between Benzema and Dybala: less physical than one, a little less agile than the other but overall good in all sectors. If its 5 stars of technical gestures are interesting, the 3 stars of foot low limits its interest in drinking, yet its best position. So, Depay is a pretty personal choice to do: we like or we do not like. Note that its OTW could get several boosts in the year, the Dutch player who got 9 TotW cards on the previous 4 editions.

Recommended style: Hunter

Best position: drunk

Honorable mentions : Roberto Firmino Totw (Premier League), Josip Ilicic Totw (Serie A).

The best attackers in BU DE FIFA 22

An extremely equipped position on FIFA, the BU are usually lined upside down but some cards are also illustrated on the wings or even moc.

Kylian MBAPPED, PSG, Ligue 1

The best gold card of the game? This is in any case what prices suggest both mapping has remained expensive on the market. The PSG player is an ultimate speed of speed, efficiency in front of the goal and physics. Although the Dribble level could be better, mbled is the ultimate weapon at the beginning of the season was.

Recommended style: gunner

Best position: drunk

Cristiano Ronaldo Potm, Manchester United, Premier League

This year again, CR7 is a machine to mark on FIFA 22. However, if it is one of the best attackers in the fashioned fashion, Ronaldo is a little shunned by the pro players because of its speed and mobility a little reduced. Man United s scorer is indeed limited enough on his two points, forcing players to get used to his specific physique on the game.

Recommended style: Engine or hunter

Best position: drunk

Timo Werner Rttk, Chelsea, Premier League

Irregular before the goal, both in real life and in FIFA, Timo Werner is nevertheless an incredible threat in the right hands. Fast, relatively agile and good shooting, Werner is limited by two elements: its weak foot (three stars) and its balance. With two potential boosts, Werner is very much sought after.

Recommended style: Finisher

Best position: drunk

Erling Haaland Rulebreakers, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga

Here is an interesting card! Hauand is known to be a formidable scorer in real life but on FIFA, its lack of agility makes it a bit difficult to use. However, EA offers us interesting options with Rulebreakers, allowing him to act like a real pivot in attack, even like a 10 according to your training and your style of play.

Recommended style: Engine

Best position: BU or MOC

Robbie Keane was Heroes, Premier League

A map often undervalued by players (or considered only for links), Robbie Keane is very pleasant to play at the beginning of the season. Agile, adroit facing the goal but also fast (with the hunter style), Keane is the scorer prototype. A good choice, even in moc (with engine), for those who would like Link Salah and his to a formation of another league…

Recommended style: Hunter or engine

Best position: drunk

Honorable mentions : Marko Arnautovic Rulebreakers (Serie A), Fernando Morientes was Heroes (La Liga), Ciro Immobile RTTK (Serie A), Alexander Isak Rttk (Liga), Diego Milito was Heroes (Serie A). Wissam Ben Yedder (league 1).

So much for our list of the best attackers and Meta cards for fashion was FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to the FIFA portal.

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