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All amplification, weakening of weapons and changes in APEX Legends Season 13: Saviors

In the 13th season, the Apex Legends there is no new weapon, but this does not mean that the weapons that we know and love (or hate) will not undergo changes. The most powerful and weakest weapon in the game undergoes changes, as well as some changes in medium -level weapons. Some of these changes change the rules of the game, others are not so much. Let’s take a look.

All buffs, nerves and changes in weapons

Here are all the changes made to the weapon in the 13th season, except LMG. Due to the degree of weakening LMG as a class, a separate article was given. Please go there for any lmg nerves. This leadership will cover all other changes in the weapon.

Kraber.50-Cal sniper

  • [Nerf ↓] The multiplier of the shot in the head is now only 2.0 (earlier 3.0)
  • [Nerf ↓] Damage for a bullet now only 140 (earlier 145)


  • [Buff ↑] The damage damage is now 1.0 (previously 0.8).


  • [Buff ↑] The damage damage is now 1.0 (previously 0.8).

destructive rifle

  • [Buff ↑] Improved recoil at the beginning of the pattern

double shell

  • [Removal] Dual Shell Hop-Up was removed from ground production and craft sets.

Mastifa gun

  • [Buff ↑] Explosion explosion scheme
  • [Nerf ↓] ammunition now only 4 (earlier 6)
  • [Change ↔] The ammunition of the built -in box for weapons is 28 rounds.
  • [Buff ↑] The damage for the pellet is now 14 (earlier 11).

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Full
* [Buff ↑] the size of the granules was increased
* [Buff ↑] The rate of fire is increased to 1.2 (previously 1.1).

Please note that the main reason for the mastiff buff is that he returns to the supply point.

To learn more about the content of APEX Legends, read weapons rotation in boxes for supply/assistance sets in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors in the game guides for professionals.

Pokemon legend Celebi would be the perfect Arceus successor – fan

Pokémon legends: Arceus came very well with many fans. That’s why they want more of the good fabric and hope for a successor in the form of Pokémon legends: Celebi. Although the game was not announced at all and there are no corresponding rumors, but that does not stop the fans from swarming. One of them even has already made a really professional trailer thereafter, which works amazingly real and very impressive.

Pokémon legend Celebi: That’s how an Arceus-Squel could look like

There is really that? No, we have to disappoint you unfortunately. So far, there are no evidence that Game Freak, Niantic or Nintendo work on an Arceus sequel named Pokémon legends: Celebi. So if you have seen the following trailers so far without context – he is not a real game, but is only a homemade fake or fan trailer.

Look at the trailer:

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The trailer for Pokémon legends: Celebi comes from 3D artist Yassir (more on Instagram) and so far only represents a concept. However, the look of Arceus would really fit the Johto region.

That’s why it would be perfect: Not only this trailer makes it clear how cool a sequel to Pokémon legends: Arceus would be. There are otherwise many good arguments for a Pokémon legend: Celebi.

  • The region: The Johto region is extremely popular with Pokémon fans and is one of the gold and silver editions. These are the perhaps best Pokémon titles that many coaches really would like to explore again in a new way.
  • Nostalgia : As with Arceus, a Pokémon legend: Celebi could fully put on the nostalgia rail and focus on an older audience. With new story in a well-known region, older protagonist * inside and higher difficulty.
  • Lore : Even with regard to history, a comeback of the Johto region should come across much counter-love. After all, the three legendary Pokémon beasts Raikou, dei and Suicune were revived by Ho-OH.
  • Celebi : After Arceus, Celebi would make sense as a title hero, because in addition to MEW is the most famous mysterious Pokémon.

Pokémon Karmesin and Purple: If you should be sad now, because you also want to get to the game, we can at least offer a small consolation patch. The next main game of the series Pokémon Karmesin or Pokémon Purple will appear and directly introduce a completely new, ninth generation and a real, seamless Open World.

How do you like the idea behind Pokémon legends: Celebi? What do you say to the trailer?

“Apex Legends” LAN event travel expenses are only paid to half a team, and the player dissatisfies the player-EA decides to turn over, and the full travel expense burden

Apex JUST said THIS about April Fools Event (he was wrong)
By the owner of the E-sports team “Full Squad Gaming”, regarding “ Apex Legends ” Sweden held by Electronic Arts in Sweden. Some Jake Lucky leaked dissatisfaction with travel expenses to the team and became a topic.

Lucky revealed that “1 million Dollars of Apex Legends” held in Sweden has been a $ 40 team that passed the qualifying 10 teams that can only be traveled from EA…. ” And comments. Since small teams are also an event that participates, there is also a concern that there are also teams that can not exploit travel expenses to Sweden.

About 6 hours after this tweet, the “Apex Legends” e-sport official account is “decided to bear the travel expenses for all starting players participating in live events,” We have announced the burden of travel expenses.

“YEAR 2 Algs Split 2 Playoffs” will be held from April 29 to May 1 of Overseas.

These are the 3 cost-free ps plus video games to download in April at PlayStation 5 as well as PS4

PlayStation has actually confirmed today the three computer game available to download this April with the subscription of PS Plus. And also there have actually been not a surprises, they are exactly the 3 filteringed system titles on Tuesday: Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated and Slay The Spire.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS5 & PS4 - April 2022
There are still several days to discover the March games Hood: Outlaws and Legends was released on the market in the initial fifty percent of 2021, suggesting a extreme and fierce computer game of multiplayer attack JCJCE in the medievo, in the That the players need to combat each various other relocating with stealth to steal excellent prizes. SPONGEBOB SQUARPANTS: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a remastery of the title of action as well as adventure starring Spongebob, Patricio and other personalities from the Nickelodeon series , with boosted graphics, new multiplayer setting and also extra contents. Slay The Spire invites gamers to develop an one-of-a-kind card deck at a roguelike proposal complete of unusual animals ** as well as antiques of tremendous power.

In Spain, players have a fourth video game to show up emerged within ps abilities. It is the first chapter of Twogether: Task Indigos, which causes gamers to Hexacells, a laboratory that checks out clandestinely with kids that have mythological powers, in a journey filled with problems .

Last opportunity for March Gamings

PlayStation Plus has actually been a lead character this week by its merging with PS Now, offering method from June to a brand-new three-level registration service. Necessary, the matching of the current PS plus; Bonus, with an additional catalog of 400 games for PS4 as well as PS5; and also Premium, with all the above and also 340 traditional more preceding consoles.

Individuals can download and install these videogames since April 5. Prior to, on day 4, they will leave the ARK solution: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Competing, Ghostrunner (PS5 just) and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends to your Library of Games, so those interested in providing you an opportunity still have several days of margin. On the other hand, it is commented that person 5 will leave the PS And also collection on May 11.

These are the PS Plus games for April

After an unfortunate filtration yesterday, PlayStation has confirmed what the three titles will be to PS plus in April 2022. As expected, * The information that emerged ahead of time turned out to be true. *

On this occasion, all interested parties can download some of the following three games to your PS4 or PS5 between April 5 and May 2, 2022 . These are:


  • Slay The Spire (PS4)

  • SPONGEBOB SQUARPANTS: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated (PS4)

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS5 & PS4 - April 2022
The three options that are presented to us are worthwhile. _ Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated_ is a remake of the classic Thq game that we saw during the time of PS2. SLAY THE SPIRE is a fun indie Roguelike with card elements. Hood Outlaws & Legends is an intense multiplayer with modes for PVP, PVE and PVPVE.

As an additional detail, _ person 5_ will leave PS plus collection of PS5 next May 11 . On the other hand, we remind you that you have until April 4 to download ark: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Racing, Ghostrunner (PS5) and Ghost of Tsushima: legends. On related topics, these are the Xbox Games with Gold games for April. Similarly, Jim Ryan has pointed out that video game subscription services will not be like Netflix.

Editor’s note:

The selection on this occasion is quite interesting, and fun. From this group, the one who catches me the most is slay the spire, since hood outlaws & legends I’m not interested, and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated I already platinct it.

Apex Legends PS5 DualSense

The Next Gene Upgrade from Apex Legends for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S should not be too far away. Apart from the fact that Respawn will gradually introduce new functions every season, and not in a strike, is very little known about which accurate improvements players will receive. This includes whether those on the PS5 can use the functions of the dualSense controller while they play Apex Legends.

Best Gaming Controller Guide: Apex Legends (PS4, Xbox One, PC) | How to SCUF

In a detailed interview with The PC Player 24 over the past, present and future of Apex Legends, Game Director Steve Ferreira suggests that such dualSense features will arrive sometime in Battle Royale.

“As I have already mentioned in earlier interviews, we plan to continuously add new features to our next-generation platforms,” ​​says Ferreira. “Although I can not confirm today when DUALSENSE features will come to Apex, I can say yes, it’s one of the nuclear features that really contributes to the sense of fun and is a bit very core for all Respawn games. Things that improve the feeling of our nuclear game are something we are looking forward to seeing. “

About the decision of Respawn, in the context of seasonal updates during the year, step-by-step new features of the current generation introduce, Ferreira simply describes it as “as we [ResPawn] gladly to make games and a natural part of our development process.”

It seems that Respawn itself with typically concrete functions that make up the most next-generation upgrades, still wants to tinker with the help of the community feedback as soon as they are live, as is the case with other aspects of Apex Legends.

Stay it for more insights from Ferreira and Senior Design Director Evan Nikolich during this week on The PC Player 24.

SCUF INTINCT PRO (Xbox series X | S) SCUF INTINCT PRO (Xbox series X | S) SCUF 199.99 $ Buy Now Network N earns an affiliate commission from skilled sales. ScuF Reflex Pro (PS5) ScuF Reflex Pro (PS5) SCUF 229.99 $ Buy Now Network N earns an affiliate commission from skilled sales.

Riot gets Christmas and sends a very special gift from Arcane to one of his biggest fans Hideo Kojima

Sensation is a 1996 American charming fantasy dramatization film directed by Jon Turteltaub, written by Gerald Di Ego, and starring John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, and also Jeffrey Demand. In the movie, a pleasant, small-town every man is inexplicably changed into a wizard with telekinetic powers. The original songs score was composed by Thomas Newman.

Arcane, the series based on the Universe of League of Legends, has become a world phenomenon. Not for nothing has become the original Netflix series with the best rating at IMDB, a success that reiterates with a perfect score on the Rotten Tomatoes platform. The fascination of viewers has infected personalities from the video game industry, since, within this community of people dazzled by the history of Jinx and VI, there is one that stands out among the rest: Video Kolyma.

The Japanese Creative had already published some of Arcane’s impressions on Twitter, to which he considers an excellent series, and Riot Games has wanted to respond to these praises by sending a gift. First, Kolyma has published a box decorated with arcane motifs in which several elements have been found that reference aspects of the series, such as a teddy or sneakers to go by home.

But the strong plate came later, with another toot of the video game creator in which it is observed a great figure of the Sisters VI and Jinx loaded with details. Something that Kolyma accompanies by a couple of photos in which a small part of the assembly process is shown.

How to Unlock ALL Riot X Arcane Rewards! | Arcane Rewards Walkthrough

The rest of Arcane fans does not have the possibility to acquire this figure, since Riot Games has not commented on anything about marketing it, but we can always visit the cities of Faun and Plover until the premiere of the second season. However, it is most likely that we kill the time with other series, since it has been confirmed that the return of VI, Jinx and company will not reach 2022.

LOL The play that claims an undervalued position and shows that the community is wrong

League of Legends (brief: lol or straightforward League) is a video game created by Riot Games, which was published on October 27, 2009, for Windows and also macOS. It looked like free-to-play Mob. The game was played monthly from concerning 100 million players in 2016.

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter - An Interactive Album Experience
The support position is by far the most undervalued of League of Legends. Considered even by professionals as the easiest of the game, the general trend invites not to have their positive actions too much and just think about them for their mistakes. However, this is one of the most unjust approaches in the community and does not necessarily respond to the reality that we were then in the loyalty crack.

La Entails served on a tray with the great play of a Support

A player wanted to share with the rest of the community a play with which he tries to show that Supports are as decisive in the game as the champions of the rest of positions of League of Legends. All thanks to an action that lasts a few seconds in which he saves his shooter in innumerable occasions serving a entails in a tray in which it was he who did practically everything.

First with a good initiation to collapse the rival that flanks, then intercepting the blitz crank hook and ultimately saving the Miss Fortune of a devastating Combo de Nidalee, This Hakan barely needed a few seconds and four skills to resolve the game. Yes it seems that the shooter had a good advantage that allowed him to inflict more harm, but in any case she could not have given three self-cars if it were not for having an enviable escort.

Some of the most common champions of the Bot Lane may not be too spectacular or do not have great opinions on the part of the community. However, The difference between Supports is one of the most decisive in a game of League of Legends and maybe we should start assessing the players of this position anymore. In view, it is that, at least, they can win on their own.

LOL Patch 11 21 Two great farewells six new Skins and a dozen settings

League of Legends continues in a period of transition to the next preseason, but Riot Games is not willing to neglect the final weeks before introducing the great transformations. Inevitably we have the head put on new dragons and objects never seen, but along the way we have a couple of updates. The first will be patch 11.21 , which reaches the game to make a few very necessary adjustments and lay the foundations so that the end of season arrives in the best possible condition.

The two great farewells of the patch 11.21

The most striking in the current patch does not come in the form of changes to champions, if not on the systems. The Global Chat that we have been enjoying years allows players to communicate with rival teams, but will be disabled as part of a Riot Games experiment. A measure against the toxicity that the developer will put in the test phase to decide if finally we returned this dear function and hated equal parts that so many good times has given League of Legends.

We also have another farewell, since the chupasangre could stop being the king of the metajame. A item that we will not miss so much in the event that Riot Games finally gets its goal with the adjustments and that is part of the veinnian equilibrium changes that the developer has scheduled for this patch 11.21. Some of them, designed to solve the imbalances caused with the previous versions to the Worlds 2021 that slightly increased the variety of characters available in the World Championship.

Nor could the new aspects be missing, which on this occasion they come to give out a collection inspired by the dragons. On the one hand we will have a series of champions to domesticate them (Kai sa, Karma, Thresh and Volibear) and by the other to those who have joined the ranks of these mythological monsters (Yone and Yasuo). Very expected additions that are the anteroom to the arrival of the aspects inspired by Arcane that will arrive in the next version.

Summary of the patch 11.21

Although you can find the complete notes later, first of all a summary for the most lazy.

Changes to champions:

Bufos: Viego, Teemo, Lux, Xayah, Jinx, Sion
Nerfeos: Quinn, Graves, Akshan, Karthus, Miss Fortune

Changes to objects and runes:

Bufos: ingenious hunter, basic life rune
Nerfeos: Guardian, Conqueror, ChupasAngres, Voraz Hunter
Settings: Screensavers

New Skins:

Dragons: Yasuo and Yone
Dragomantes: Kai sa, Karma, Thresh and Volibear


Eliminated Global Chat (/ ALL)

LOL The hardest comparison for Riot with the most outdated mechanics that must change

League of Legends It has been updating as the years have passed. The new champions, skins or changes that receives the game help you maintain a good look that makes you look like a recently launched title. However, some of the most disastrous mechanics that came from its first days still cause problems to players and Riot Games have had infinite limitations when developing news that they have even made us raise the need for a new graphic engine.

The most odious comparison for League of Legends

One of the most desperate elements inherited from the initial stages of development is the difference of the sum invoker . Although many players are not fully aware of their effects, this can create visual imbalances in which it seems that a skill raises very far from us but ends up impacting or making the indicators of essential releases for the clarity of the game becomes completely invisible.

This situation has given rise to many problems throughout the history of League of Legends and delve into the deception that generates naturally the perspective of the camera. However, it would be perfectly avoidable. In Dota 2, the most powerful competition of the game, the problem has been resolved optimizing the indicators of skills and creating much more natural effects in which these spells can even make that unevenness.

Riot Games already has systems to make projectiles more understandable independently of the height at which the characters are located. However, the developer does not apply it to all skills so that there are some that can cause problems. Developers have made a meritorious effort renovating many functions, but there are always limitations that prevents perfect performance. Without leaving any further, Riot Games had to change the design of VEX at the last minute due to this type of compayments.

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