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Lost Ark: These are the new skins, mounts and pets from the ARK

The April-Update 2022 by Lost Ark is there and holds the Arkesia heroes on trot. Not only thanks to the new quests of southern-vern or the class of lance carrier, which now wants to be released, but also by the freshly implemented Ark-Pass and the difficult to read (“cough”) Super Express Mission Event . But there was not only supplies for the recycling front, but also for fans of cosmetic gapes. On the official website of Lost Ark Amazon Games has now introduced the new skins, mounts and pets.


The lance carrier special package

This is a special package to celebrate the publication of the advanced class lance carrier. You can secure the following items about the new package:

  • Graceful Monkey Skin Set (Armor & Weapon Skins)
  • Riding “Glowing Gold Wolke”
  • Title “Spearträgerin”
  • Weapon Skins “Flaming Spear”

The lance carrier special package costs little supple 3,700 royal crystals (about 37 euros). The graceful monkey-skin set and the riding gold cloud are not bound and tradable. The title and the skin flaming spear are meant library.
Lost Ark: The new armor-skin of graceful monkey as well as the associated weapon. Source: Amazon Games

Graceful monkey skin set

This package includes “only” the armor of graceful monkey and the weapon-skin set. You have two ways to acquire these skins about the in-game store:

  • Royal Crystals : You can buy the package for 2,400 royal crystals. The skins also appear here without assignment and are tradable.
  • Crystals : You can earn the package for 1,000 blue crystals. In the case, the skins are character-bound and thus not tradable.

Skin Collection Nobles Banquet

About the Super Premium Ark Pass you can secure the skin collection “Nobles Banquett”. Also a purchase in the in-game shop is possible.

  • The Armor Skin “Nobles Banquett” is available individually for 840 crystals. The skin is characterized and is not tradable, per character only 1 possible.
  • The Weapon Skin Chest “Nobles Banquett” is available individually for 270 crystals. The skin is characterized and is not tradable, per character only 1 possible.

Source: Amazon Games Lost Ark: The Skin Collection Nobles Banquet Source: Amazon Games Lost Ark: The “Noble Banquet” weapons

New Mount and Pet Via Ark Pass

In our guide, we had already summarized you, Which rewards you can earn you over the three variants of the Ark Pass – including the nobles banquet collection. But there is also a fancy mount (in two color variants) and a pet (four choices. Which version do you like best?

Source: Amazon Games Lost ARK: For the PET you need the premium version of the Ark Pass. Source: Amazon Games Lost ARK: This new mount can you secure yourself via the Ark Pass for free.

According to Amazon Games, with the April-Update, there were other shop adjustments: the quantities of some items in Maris were adjusted, and some new crystal packages are available in the in-game shop. Do you use the shop at all regularly or enjoys your LOST ARK (Buy Now 19.99 €) All “Free2play”?

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What is GUARDIAN STONE fragments and how to get them?

Stone keeper – a great subject for late game in Lost Ark. You can use it to improve all gear except weapons. Usually they are issued as a reward for the dungeons of chaos, the main quests and bonuses for logging into the system. It is recommended that the players keep them until the end of Shushir when they need to increase their level of equipment.

Fragments of the keeper stone is another form of keeper stones. You can sharpen low-level equipment with fragments, but for high-level equipment requires whole stone crystals. It is good to save as much as possible a keeper stone fragments before completing Shushir, because the next quest requires you to increase the level of your equipment up to 460.

How to Get a Keeper Stone Fragments

How to get some easy Destruction and Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark! [Simple Guide]

Going to the dungeon of chaos or in the guarancy raid, you are more likely to find the keeper stone fragments. Repeat raids and dungeons give very little, but every time you will definitely get something. Several dungeons and raids are blocked depending on the level of the equipment, so you will need to repeat somewhat before you can do something. The icons of the raids of the guardians and the dungeons of chaos are shown below.

As a reward for the daily entry into the system, you will receive many keeper stones and fragments of keepers. In addition, you can get crystals that can be used to buy additional fragments of the keeper stone.

Over time and patience, you will be able to farm them only through the dungeons of Chaos and the Guardian raids, but do not expect that you get a lot for your troubles.

For more information about Lost Ark, Check How to get to Roendel in Lost Ark or What is Gear Transfer in Lost Ark? Right here, in Pro Game Guides.

Lost Ark: DEVs about Argos, Skins, Roadmap, Bots, PVP

Although Amazon Games and SmileGate with Lost Ark (in the test) make a lot right, most of all, various construction sites were the focus of the community. The new Omen Skins did not get any good everywhere, the early implemented Argos raid tightened the Pay2Win debate, bots and goldsellers are a problem and all of them got all sorts of smaller errors, for example in the appointment displays of the countless Events ( The hotfix comes today ** on 17 March 2022).

Message of SmileGate and Amazon Games

The responsible persons of Amazon Games and Smilegate continues to seek open communication and has now been expressed in detail on the official website of the online role-playing game to all these topics. In the following, we summarize you the most important statements of the developers to the different topics.

Progression, Argos Raid, Roadmap, Skins

  • It was a conscious decision from developers to make the launch not only the Animal 1 and Tier-2 contents, but even many of the animal 3 content available. The first two content areas should serve as a way to get to know many systems of Lost Ark to prepare you as a kind of midgame prologue on the actual endgame in Tier 3.
  • The goal of the developer was that you play with your own speed through the content. Currently, most players are in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 area. Some have already reached animal 3.
  • In fact, the developers had thought about making the Argos Raid already available to the launch. However, this content is an important progression bridge between the previous content and the endgame challenges that are still missing in the EU version of Lost Ark. Therefore, they then decided to bring this milestone slightly later in separate form on the servers.
  • It was never the goal of developers to give the players the feeling that they absolutely need to achieve ITemlevel 1,370 as quickly as possible to play the Argos raid immediately to the release. In retrospect, the DEVs underestimated how much time would spend many players with the horizontal content (exploration, collections, quests) and how much bots and gold sellers would affect the availability of evaluation materials for the Tier 3 area. That was a mistake.
  • In the next update, it is therefore important to give the players better ways to experience Lost Ark without pressure at their own pace and simultaneously prepare themselves optimally to the upcoming endgame content. New content such as the Legion raids, new classes, other skins, islands and more will come, but only when this first goal is reached.
  • A detailed roadmap for April and May should follow in the near future.

Soon there’s more evaluation materials!

  • The appreciation of the equipment of the main character can be frustrating. Many players still have no twinks that obtain further evaluation materials for the main character. In addition, bots ensure that prices on the marketplace are very high, especially for animal-3 materials.
  • With the last spanned shaft and some adjustments in early gold sources you could put a heavy blow to the bot users. The bot activity has declined and there is less gold sharmed by bots. Nevertheless, the fight against bots remains a constant topic and it has the highest priority to make the use of bots as inefficient as possible.
  • With the update next week, the developers will make us players facilitate access to enabling materials: with additional rewards at the Grand Prix Event, a new casual guard RAID event (should run one month) and the first season for the evaluated PVP “Proving Grounds”.

Gifts for all on March 21 2022!

In the coming days, all players from Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) a gift package. When exactly? On March 21, 2022, after weekly maintenance. The gift pack contains:

  • New Animal Skin Selection Chest
  • Moccokon Pet Selection Chest
  • MOKO-Board Mount Selection Chest

* Appearance Change Ticket
* Pheon X132
* Menelik’s Tome X5
* Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest X2
* Jukebox Songs That Will Be Provided When Jukebox Content is released in The Future.

What do you think about the statements and plans of the developers? Are you looking forward to the adjustments of the coming week, the start of the first PVP season and the gift pack? Do you think it’s okay that the next endgame content should come a little later? Which construction sites should the developers still be tackled? Betray us in the comments!

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How to Get Giant Flower Petals in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is MMO from Smilegate RPG with a huge amount of content. This includes monsters, objects, quests and collectibles. The game has different collectibles that the player can find during the game. If you open the foliage adventure, you will see certain items at the top. One of them is the “giant flower petals” in the “Lost Ark”.

Where to farm giant flower petals in Lost Ark

You may be wondering where to find and process giant flower petals in a lost ark. They are located on the continent. Annika . These drops seem random and also does not apply to certain enemies .

Lost Ark - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players
We got your own from lunar shadow . The probability of falling seems quite low, so the filling of your folio adventure will take some time and will require you to kill many enemies from you.

This means that you do not need to farm mobs in one place. You can move through the game, killing enemies, and, in the end, you will collect them. Those who want to complete the adventure, will need to collect one giant flower petal.

Farming of any kind of mobs in Ainike should eventually bring you enough gigantic flower petals to accomplish this collective task. It may take some time due to low dropping rate. So ahead and successful hunting!

The following other collected items that you need to complete the foliary of the Aingen’s adventurist:

  • Epic Siena Tale
  • Foliary despair
  • Foggy pumpkin
  • Secret Kitchen Anikka

  • Sealing spells of virgin scrolls
  • Mask Demon

For more information on Lost Ark, read the sections “How to get a victory print in Lost Ark” and “How to make a print of an adventurist in Lost Ark” in the players for the game for professionals.

What gives rise to the level of your fortress in Lost Ark?

Players get access to their fortress after passing the eastern Lometer. Here they can use new mechanics, such as buildings, research and more. In their Stronghold there is also a level that can make players think about what it is needed.

Increasing the level of your fortress in Lost Ark gives you access to more research. . Research is how players can get new objects and improve old, study new craft recipes and much more. The level of their fortress can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is also a scale of Stronghold experience.

Full in depth Stronghold/Estate Guide - Lost Ark Housing

How to raise the level of your fortress in Lost Ark

To raise your fortress in Lost Ark, you will need to perform tasks . It can be Study of things, construction construction or implementation of dispatch missions . Any task for which you take will tell you how much experience is rewarding.

Increasing the level of your fortress is crucial for its promotion. New research parameters allow you to improve your crafts, mission and much more. So as the level increases, you can do more with your fortress.

For more information on Lost Ark, read the section “Where to find Song Of Resonance in Lost Ark” and “How to earn pirated coins in Lost Ark” in professional guides on the game.

At Lost Ark it pertained to a product

What occurred? In Lost Ark, there was a dupe where things from the Founder’s Packs and also Twitch Drops might obtain numerous times. A lot of liked it by chance, how an individual exposed in the online forum. He therefore has the second package not just opened up either (by means of Lost Ark).

In the discussion forums of Lost Ark, it is reported that some gamers get up to ten times their Founder’s packs and also have actually defeated make money from it.

In the western version of the variety Ark, today involved an item dupe. The stand in link with the Twitch Drops and also Founder’s Packs. Amazon now desires to approach SmileGate along with the programmer SmileGate.

There ought to be individuals who have actually recognized the “technique” exactly how to replicate these items.

Skins were marketed that are not in fact tradable

It is as a result not included in the Founder’s Packs.

From the point of view of lots of players is worse that the skins from the cram in the auction house for gold can be offered. Gold is the mainly rarer currency in Lost Ark and those utilized in the auction home for acquisitions.

But the sale in the public auction house is still possible.

Lost Ark 2021 First Impressions

What did that brought the gamers? The players who have actually opened up a number of Founder’s Packs have actually additionally obtained the benefits a number of times. These include a variety of crates with products and silver, one of the two ingame currencies.

Profession needs to not be feasible: Curios on the circumstance is that the skins from the Founder’s Packs can not really be traded. That says at the very least the device idea in the game.

Gamers who did denied the expensive founder’s packs can encounter in-game currency to the skins like the have and place approved the thankful. The duper subsequently is worthy of excellent gold.

Exploit impacted less than 4% of the accounts, Amazon, comparison

What claims In a discussion forum post, the developers said that there were some players who profited from Duplicated Things from Founder’s Packs and Twitch Drops. Overall, much less than 4% of the accounts should be affected and most of them ought to have only a few things to get two times. The real cash currency was not impacted by the dupes.

Well possible that the items are secured of the game today with the upcoming hotfix. The update is cool in objection due to the fact that it comes to an unfavorable time.

Does it come as a result of the dupes? No. According to programmer Roxx, just the duplicated things are eliminated.

The bug was currently dealt with as well as interacting with the developer smilegate to eliminate the added products.

It is unclear exactly how to deal with the deserved gold. In the developer’s contribution is formerly only of “products” the speech.

You get lawful a 2nd Founder’s Pack? Yes, yet only on a server on which you have not redeemed the first package. This is just one of the changes that Amazon wants to make the server expense much more eye-catching. Extra here:

Lost Ark satisfies huge player wish, makes the web server modification eye-catching

In the western version of the selection Ark, this week came to an item dupe. In Lost Ark, there was a dupe where things from the Founder’s Packs as well as Twitch Drops can get several times. The gamers who have actually opened up numerous Founder’s Packs have actually likewise received the benefits numerous times. In a forum article, the designers said that there were some gamers that profited from Duplicated Items from Founder’s Packs as well as Twitch Drops. ** You get legal a 2nd Founder’s Load?

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