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Digital Arts: $ 20 million much less annual salary for CEO Wilson

In the previous fiscal year 2022 (upright March 31, 2022), Andrew Wilson received $ 20 million less annual salary.
In the previous year, the Publisher CEO still got 39.9 million.
The reason for the significantly low salary was a no vote of the investors from in 2015.

There it was regarding the expensive incentives for managers at Electronic Arts as well as you could see that they had to be reduced or adjusted.
In the 2021 monetary year, Wilson still had just under 30 million as a division of stocks.

In 2014 there were only 18 million.
A common procedure for paying incomes is a mix of income, premiums in cash money and also share appropriations.
In spite of the cut, like all various other supervisors that have been employed given that 2021, Wilson received a bonus offer on the fundamental wage.
At Wilson that was 3.2 % to $ 1.3 million a year.

Ubi Soft Hacking … NVIDIA, Samsung attacked the organization?

Ubi Soft has been known to be late for the hacking crime damage. The incident was also a claim that NVIDIA and Samsung, has been called the crime group hacked.

On March 10 (Local Time), Ubi Soft said, “Last week’s cyber security incident occurred last week, a part of the game, system, and services were disabled.” In other words, the hacking events seemed to have occurred in the first week of March.

In the guide, ubivity was “analyzing the problem with external experts” “” I needed to reset the overall password in the enterprise, “he said.

Fortunately, the user’s personal information was not leaked, and Ubiva said. They said, “There was no approach to player personal information, or the basis that personal information was exposed due to the damage of this incident,” he said.

Ubi Soft did not share information on the subject of hacking. However, March 7, a hacking crime group, who steals a company information that has won Samsung to hack Samsung, has been involved in this case.

Ubisoft says there's been a 'cybersecurity incident' in which Nvidia hackers allegedly attacked

IT specialist more budgets received a report from one user of the telegram channel estimated to run as a lapars, and the ubi soft hacking events also appeared as a rabis.

“In the channel, Labsus in the channel shared the ubi soft hacking case of our media,” I raised a smirking emoji “smirking emoji”, and the incident also raised the possibility of the Labsus. “(According to the report), Labsus also said that it is true that it was true that it is not a fact that the ubi soft user personal information was not hacked.”

Meanwhile, NVIDIA hacking events, on March 1, are also estimated to be the same organization’s forces. At that time, the laps of the Lapswield took more than one terabytes of data, threatening its drivers and chip architectures to the open source to NVIDIA. When Nvidia reveals the refusal doctor, the lapsus gave damage, such as leaking the source code of the Deep Leaving Super Sampling (DLSS) technology.

FIFA 22: Fut Birthday Swaps – Tracker Tools Anniversary Ultimate Team

Celebrate the 13 years of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. Fut Birthday offers you two weeks of content to help you give your team a boost. From the special objects Fut Birthday player with five-star boost power boots or moves access bonus skills, SBC, Fut birthday exchanges and more, you are invited to join fountings in Fut 22!

Each Fut Birthday player will have a five-star update for his weak foot or for moves abilities, bringing a new exciting dimension to his game skills.

By exchanging Fut’s birthday tokens, you will have the opportunity to earn other rich awards.

Earn your first Token Fut Birthday Swaps by accessing Fut between March 4th and March 18th. You can earn up to 24 Fut Birthday Swaps tokens. Fut Birthday Swaps tokens will be available mainly in various challenges and goals.


  • ISA – First redeemable token by accessing Fut. Available until March 18th.
  • Hu Jinghang – Second reddatable token by completing SBC Fut 12 – Available until 7 March.
  • Sijaric – Third reddatable token by completing the SBC Tammy Abraham (spread wealth). Available until 11 March.
  • SERPEZIS – Fourth redeemable token by completing the objectives all crazy for the futter birthday (twelve in the field). Available until 11 March.


  • 22 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Player Pick (between 2 players)
  • 17 Tokens – Fut Birthday Ezequiel Ávila 90 Ovr
  • 14 Tokens – 86+ x 7 Player Pack
  • 10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius 89 Ovr
  • 10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Pack (a Fut Birthday Team 1 player)
  • 8 Tokens – Fut Birthday Cristian Ansaldi 88 Ovr
  • 5 tokens – Ultimate Pack

* 3 tokens – 83-90 x 6 Player Pack
* 2 TOKENS – Rare Players Pack

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

New World gets Story

The March Update for New World not only includes the next and last part of the current story, there is also a new weapon and a new endgame expedition. In addition, Amazon Games wants to implement further adjustments that many of the community have long wish.

NEW WORLD: “Heart of Madness” update comes in March

New World - Timeline of a Failure

The new Story Extension of New World titled “Heart of Madness” is to finish the main history around Isabella. There is a new expedition with “Heart of Storm Winds” . The 5-player dungeon is available from step 60 and should be entered from a 550 armor.

In addition to the continuation of the story, there will also be a new weapon. The thunderbuch is a hand-guided ranged weapon , which is aligned for short and medium distance. The thunder bushing of course has two weapons control trees. “ Enclosure” Gives you skills that you can get close to opponents and gets considerable damage there. The tree “chaos” is suitable for keeping opponents at a distance and cause space damage. The new weapon still has a special feature: you scaled with strength and intelligence and is suitable for close combating, but also for use with magic. Of course, a legendary weapon quest gets the thunderbench. (Source: Amazon Games).

In February, New World focused on improving existing content: _


New World turns the grind factor to the joy of the fans

Daniel Hartmann

Important adjustments on inventory and cooldowns

The March Update has again over a hundred small changes and customizations in the luggage, the details can be found in the current PTR patch notes. A few important innovations are available when inventory:

  • The inventory can be used soon
  • Ammunition has no weight more and no longer limits your load

  • If you die, no longer loses durability in the inventory
  • No more costs for transferring objects from a warehouse to another

In addition, daily cooldowns are now always reset at 5:00 am and the weekly cooldowns on Tuesdays also at 5:00 clock. Another useful change concerns the purchase of houses, you will soon get back 50 percent of the purchase price if your property sells again.

The March update is tested as usual first on the Ptr , starting signal is tonight (March 3, 2022) from 19:00 . As always, until a patch lands on the live servers, changing different things.

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“FGO” former developer Shio Kawakawa is developing RPG for PC. New Games Company Farren Hight 213 Site

Domestic game production company Farren Hight 213 (213) announced a new RPG project on March 1st. The compatible platform is PC. The company is scheduled to be developed and sold, and project names are underwhelmed. The company’s official site has also been published today.

Farren Hight 213 is a domestic game production company, Mr. Yosuke Shiochi serves a representative director. Mr. Shiochi is a creator who belonged to Square Enix Holdings and TOKYO RPG FACTORY, Dorite Works. He joined the Diwarite Works in 2016. The company has been involved with “Fate / Grand Order” as a creative director and creative producer. Dialight Works’ s game development department is transferred to the new company’s new company lace slice under the Aniplex. The game business and staff, including “Fate / Grand Order”, are inherited to the racingle. At that time, Mr. Shiochikawa has left the Diwarite Works at the end of January, and there was a report of developing a new game at a new company. This official site publication and project announcement show off his new company and new project.

The project “” being developed by Farren Hight is RPG for PC. The concept is fate, Earty. Projects and concepts seem to be intentionally blank. At the official site, several concept art and catch copy wrinkles “It is not a name, no name, no name.” The official site has a wording of “” newness “and” heating “, and the wording is created.”. “

The RPG project by Farren Hight 213 will start from 2022 for PC. In addition, the company’s official site has also been released to the announcement.

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