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PlayStation VR2: apparently modern Warfare 2

At the exact same time, it is stated that this mode should show up along with PSVR2. Because the launch of “Modern Warfare 2” will be made on October 28, 2022, one or the other gamer can have the hope that the PSVR successor might be prepared for this year after one Magazine was anticipated in the coming year **

Nevertheless, a more collaboration with Sony would certainly not be a huge surprise despite the aim of taking control of the publisher Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. The expert Tom Henderson explained in a tweet that the agreements with Sony compete at the very least three even more games. As well as a “Call of Duty” experience would be an extremely draining point for PlayStation VR2.

While rather few have been announced until now, for instance, Sony on the first celebration video game “Perspective Call of the Mountain” , the report is haunted by the Internet that purchasers of Playstauion VR2 takes pleasure in a VR-will pertained to “Modern Warfare 2”. It needs to appear specifically and cost free for PlayStation VR2.

However the report for the unique VR mode of “Modern Warfare” is anything however verified. The insider Ralphs Shutoff, which is active on Twitter, supplied the spread, which in the past did not constantly enjoy the best credibility, however talked especially often and plausibly regarding the “Call of Duty” series.

According to the record (by means of Wccftech ), it is an independent mode in which the players go into battle as a pet 1 operator.

At least 20 crucial games need to be readily available for the launch of PlayStation VR2 that support the virtual reality headset. Several of these experiences will exist as component of a state of play in the coming week.

also Killzone virtual reality for PSVR2?

MODERN WARFARE 2 estará en PS VR2 REALIDAD VIRTUAL según un filtrador - Alka593

After years of advancement, Sony was not pleased with progression and also decided to start once more internally in 2019. It is as a result presumed that this “Killzone VR” job will certainly be among the launch titles for PlayStation VR2. Yet the complying with also applies right here: Such declarations are much from verification.

Another rumor for PlayStation VR2 game support turned up at the weekend break. Bryan Paul from PSVR Without Parole emphasized in the last Gamescast that Super large games was appointed to establish a “Killzone VR” ready the first PlayStation VR.

Additional records on PlayStation VR2:

We will certainly discover out which games are ensured for PlayStation VR2 in the coming week. In the program of the State of Play pointed out, Sony wants to offer a few of the upcoming virtual reality experiences. Details regarding the program are summed up in a previous message .

The expert Tom Henderson directed out in a tweet that the agreements with Sony run for at least three more video games. It is consequently thought that this “Killzone Virtual reality” project will be among the launch titles for PlayStation VR2. We will certainly locate out which video games are assured for PlayStation VR2 in the coming week. Details about the show are summed up in a previous message .

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Call of Duty Next: Infinity War teaser Ghost für Modern Warfare

Infinity became apparently preparing a revelation of the next Call of Duty game, which, according to numerous rumors, will be a continuation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from 2019.
The teaser was discovered on Twitter, publishing a new banner.
This was extremely black and could bring some light into the dark with a graphics program.
Further information was then also uncovered on Instagram.
On both teaser images, Ghost can be seen.
The character was presented for the first time in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Previously, Infinity Ward had announced the official development with the words “Stay Frosty”.

FIRST OFFICIAL CALL OF DUTY 2022 TEASER! (Modern Warfare 2 2022 Teaser)

Which game is exactly, the official announcement will have to show.
Until then, many more teaser information will surely be in the network.

The MW3 tournament of ilojuan, staxx and willyrex has made me as happy as when I was a child

Last Sunday, we had an appointment with a simpler, banal era and happy as it was 2011 . ilojuan He was able to gather the most mythical players of content creation 10 years ago and some of the present to create a Call of Duty tournament: Modern Warfare 3 . The result actually gave the same, because the important thing was to see different people again come together again to play one of the titles that gave YouTube in its beginnings.

And it is that it was not only the tournament as such, it was also the whole atmosphere that enveloped the competition and the laughter we threw with our institute friends when we saw the last video of Willyrex taking the Moab in Dome.

La Vieja and the new school: an explosive combination

It has always been a coup of nostalgia v olver to see our “idols” of our preadolescence in the games that we saw it grow exponentially as is the minecraft in Alexelcapo, League of Legends in Knekro or Revenant or, in This case, Staxx with Modern Warfare 3. But it has also been very beautiful to see as two totally different generations joined in a game where by active or passive spent quite some time within it.

ilojuan and his two colleagues, Guille and Andrés , were nothing famous at that time and all they did was see the video of their favorite youtubers at lunchtime, do their homework and join A game all three together to vitaries until dinner time. Now, These three teenagers play with whom one day were referents , and it is wonderful to see that big generation shock united by a game that was actually quite simple and unfair.

Toxicity and unbalanced games, the true essence of Modern Warfare 3

We are not going to cheat, if Modern Warfare 3 came out today would be one of the most unbalanced and unjust _Shooters of today. If you did not have an ACR with a silencer (who did more damage than without him), a pp90 with Double charger or an MP7 with expanded charger you could not get hard enough games. In addition, if we add that the Matchmaking of the items was in some abusive moments we have a combination that has a common result: toxicity.

Because yes, MW3 was one of those games that were pure toxicity , and all of us were because the time incited to be. John’s departure in Nuketown in front of the Alphasniper team and company perfectly reflected what the game was in 2011: the first one that forces the spawn enemy won the game. The result? All John’s team commenting on the disgusting the other team ** and throwing rays and sparkles to all its rivals. Obviously everything was in a coña, but it is still funny as they were spoken by how unfair the game was.

Although they have removed they continue to have the touch

Tournament was finally for the STAXX team, SOKI and company ; Something that was enough to expect watching the piece of equipment that was each of them. Something I want to emphasize from both teams is, above all, the enormous level they have shown in the final, remembering when vitiated up to 8 hours a day to take a daily video. Willyrex is currently not a saint of my devotion by different topics, but seeing as a whole round with shield and Tomahawk touched me inside, like when Ratatouille critic tasted the soup made by Remy that reminded him of Moments of his childhood with his mother.

Each of these people have gone along a path or another in life, but I think that Iillo has managed to get that teenage spark of all of them with such a nostalgic tournament that hurts, since you see many of them very mature and you think that Life is going to happen just by all. See outconsumer Return to Modern Warfare 3 It makes me very happy, but it makes it much more when I see everything that has achieved and the family that has created throughout all these years. It never comes bad to look back And see how happy we were when our maximum concern was the examination of integrals, because seeing the dust that the world is currently, these little moments are those who truly deserve it.

Call of Duty 2022 allegedly leads modern Warfare 2

After Call of Duty is in front of Call of Duty: While now actually appears COD Vanguard, the community looks at the next year. For the coming franchise part there is now new rumors. Call of Duty 2022 is supposed to introduce a completely new Warzone Map, which is based among other things on multiplayer cards from Modern Warfare 2. In addition, a kind of PVP-and-PVE mode is to be planned, reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov or Hazard Zone mode in Battlefield 2042.

Call of Duty 2022 allegedly brings the next completely new Warzone Map

That s why it s about: As every year, 2022 will show a new Call of Duty again. This could cause rumors, speculation and alleged insider info to be a sequel Modern Warfare from 2019. In addition, it should be planned to bring with the release again a new Warzone -Map to start, but also allows a kind of hazard zone mode (via VGC ).

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more on the subject

Massive Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Leaks (COD 2022)
Call of Duty 2022 is not afraid of confusion and means allegedly modern warfare II

Possibly new COD 2022 info: The VideogamSchronicle website reports access to internal, anonymous sources that some rumors are right about COD 2022. For example, details such as mutilations and moral decisions or clamping weapons should definitely play a role, but probably only a small and non-solid, recurrent component of the gameplay.

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign: Call of Duty 2022 is supposed to put back on the Task Force 141 and send it to the fight against Colombian drug cartels. The whole thing should become more gloomy and harder than the last parts as usual and this time we probably see small helicopters and rubber boat as heavy tanks and jeeps.
New Warzone Map: COD 2022 AKA Modern Warfare 2 allegedly brings a new Warzone Map based on individual, already known multiplayer maps from the classic Modern Warfare 2. Similarly, as in 2019 at Modern Warfare and Warzone was already the case. That is, you can look forward to a map, which consists partly from well-known elements such as Favela, Quarry, Terminal, Trailer Park or Afghan.
Hazard Zone mode? The new Warzone map then allegedly not only serves as Battle Royale scene, but also gives a home to the new PVP and PVE mode. The should work in about like the Battlefield 2042 mode Hazard Zone and let you do certain tasks in teams, while you get it with Ki opponents, but also other teams from people.
Modern Warfare 2-Multiplayer: After praising for a long time that not only the campaign, but also the multiplayer of the original Modern Warfare 2-game receives a Remaster, seems to be tight that this work in Call of Duty 2022 Flow. The new shooter should bring back a whole series of classic cards and all in all, just as at Modern Warfare 2019 expire.

But beware! As always with such alleged insider information is also here that you are careful to enjoy. It is still just about unconfirmed allegations and speculation that does not have to vote (even if VGC is actually a fairly reputable and mostly well-informed source. But you should nevertheless not be happy too early.

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Activision Blizzard Scandal: The Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard has been at the center of various scandals for months. They turn around the apparently extremely toxic working conditions in the company, to sexism, harassment and that more. Recently, however, there were actually some promising measures taken, which could use the changes.

How do you find the possible new info? What do you want for Call of Duty 2022?

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