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Taxi Driver & Shipping Company Management Sim “Urban Venture” Announced-Running Barcelonas town that has been reproduced and expanding business

Poland’s developer SIMTERAC announces an open world simulator “ URBAN VENTURE ” for single play set in Barcelona, ​​and announced early access to the fourth quarter of 2022 in the first quarter of 2023. did.

This work works as a taxi driver, while real driving and management simulation that leads the transport company to success. The player starts a carrier in the transport industry with one cheap car company as a taxi company driver. Traffic congestion and severe weather, and the driving in a vibrant large city, including bad passengers, and sometimes bad accidents. In addition, as a manager, we aim to manage businesses such as customer response, personnel employment, vehicle maintenance, and establish our own company.

The stage is the second city Barcelona next to Madrid. Players run customers in this city, ran, increase reputation, and expand their business. Barcelona, ​​which is the field, has a size of 20 square km, part of the actual city, more than 200 famous landmarks, historical buildings, parks and sculptures are reproduced. In addition, when it is raining, the speed of the car will be reduced and the speed of the car will be delayed, and the movement of the real world is also reproduced realistically, using the real-world traffic data and the AI ​​traffic simulation system. It is.

There are also rich characters and car customization patterns, and can upgrade vehicles to increase vehicle performance. Periodic maintenance is also important for regular maintenance as the car cleanliness and tire consumption may lead to customer evaluation.

You can also have free drive modes and play the city without purpose and collect the collection while searching freely.

“URBAN VENTURE” will start early access at Steam in the first quarter of 2022 in the first quarter of 2022. Early access is planned for at least one year, and it is said to be scheduled to present the roadmap and regular updates during the period.

Conquer the world with a monster Evil corporate management strategy Kaiju Commander announcement trailer released

Poland’s Developer Amharic announced the strategy Kiev Commander on November 26 and released the trailer.

This game runs a single-play work that operates evil companies that succeeded in breeding monsters in the sacrifice of many scientists and aiming to rule the world using monsters.

The game content is introduced to the seabed as the front stage of the world control. Earn resources according to the location of the base and enhance equipment. Upgrade while giving genetic manipulation and equipment to the monster and control the ground. Furthermore, it is said that the next base is installed, and the power will be expanding while making resource exchange between the base.

A unique Kiev Commander that can be enjoyed on the bad guys will be released in the future for PC (Steam). The release date is undecided, and the Steam Store page is currently expected to comply with Japanese.

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