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Sonic Frontiers in Preview A hedgehog conquers the big world

Once upon a time there was a small game series called The Legend of Zelda. One day, I want to be quite big! And she decided that she wanted to be an open-world adventure from now on. Schwupdiwupp threw them a corresponding coat, called the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and went out into the world.

People liked this new Zelda, and gradually they came to make him their attention. Other games but saw Breath of the Wild and said I can do too!. And they turned and stretched and stretched, and in the end was there a completely long list of titles, which looked like Zelda, a little felt like that, but no one managed to get the coat so elegant in the same way to wear.

And then, when Zelda was about to buy a new, even larger Open World coat, there was Sonic The Hedgehog, therefore, called Sonic Frontiers and said Joey, I would then try. And the others who wore Breath of the Wild’s coat that looked at Sonic, and they took him; And people who have accompanied Sonic for a long time on his travels, looked at him and also took him.

For they all knew his many misfortunes, his years of the trustees and the catastrophic coatings, which had drawn his once good reputation. But then stood up and said, Look at him, his first impression is good, give him a chance!, And the, dear children, we want to do now.

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Border char

Sonic Frontiers in the preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world (2) Source: Sega Welcome back in reality, in the Sega on the occasion of Sonic’s 30th birthday and in the context of the Game Awards that made it officially, which has been rumored for a long time : Sonic returns with a new 3D adventure (this is the less surprising part), but that puts on a completely new structure. Open World means the motto, and so the first trailer, apart from a few seconds action, also exactly that: large areas with different diodes, large buildings, antique structures, everything accompanied by ambience music and a sense of in-itself Resting.

Our introduction did not come from about: just look at an eye, you could believe here just to see the launch trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from 2017. Incidentally, it is not new that the Sonic developers would like to look at Nintendo for inspiration: The original Sonic The Hedgehog was basically Super Mario in fast, Sonic: Lost World was Super Mario Galaxy in fast, and now just Breath of the Wild — Probably in quick.

Interestingly, Sonic trailers are often trying to create a gloomy, adult atmosphere. Why not just accept: does not work? Source: Sega good, the makers restrict the same time. They deliberately call Sonic Frontiers not Open World, but Open Zone. — This can mean much. The image that you get in mind is made of very large, freely deplorable areas, but not all contexts. De facto, for example, The Witcher 3 also goes the same way. Of course, how far the open areas will ultimately go, if more freedom in the first revelation trailer is prefixed than finally implemented.

Strictly speaking, some former Sonic games were finally Open Zone. Already in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for Dream cast and later other systems were trudged by cities, natural areas and other areas, which combined the levels together, including collection and secondary tasks. But those were very clearly, and the actual gameplay then found again in separate levels.

We suspect the big difference is that there are no longer this level division and will take place the entire gameplay directly in the Overwent. It will be exciting to see how the well-known and strongly scripted high-speed sequences can be transferred to a freely deplorable game world. To look back to the gladly used inspiration Mario: that classic bouncy gameplay can be combined with an open structure, the added add-on Bower’s Fury in the Switch Port of Super Mario 3D World. Whether Sega does that so well?

I am the Eggman

Of course, the question remains unanswered until the release, but otherwise you still have a surprisingly little to Sonic Frontiers. The revelation trailer is definitely good and consistent because of the Zelda nearby, but the act of Sonic Forces too, and we prefer not to lose too many words about this disappointment. In general, 3D-Sonic has built it in recent years, yes, more often in the last two decades, so much has been built as well, skepticism is therefore attached.

And the often used approach to putting any element or gameplay gimmick about the Sonic scaffold — this time Open World — has hardly ever worked for the last few times. But well, we remain optimistic first and now continue to summarize the facts. Sonic Frontiers is located in a world called Star fall Islands. Whether the part of Sonic is home to, or whether it takes him to another dimension or the like remains to be seen.

Anyway, his Old Refined Eggman (or Dr. Robotic, for the older ones among our readers), also with them, and how should it be different, he is listening to it: in a renewed attempt to conquer Sonic and to make the world subtitan, he attacks ancient technology back. However, the attempt to gain control of it is tremendous in the pants, and suddenly, Star fall Island faced with dangerous robot enemies, making the hunt for everything and everyone.

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Sonic Frontiers - Announce Trailer
1 2 3 Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world, page 1Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world, page 2 picture gallery to Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world

FIFA 22 becomes fairer brings important change to packs equal to the release

The packs in Ultimate Team have long been a criticism of the FIFA series. INFIFA 22 now returns an important innovation, the packs should already be made in FIFA 21 fairers, right back to the release.

What makes FIFA 22 different? EA Sports released some information, describe the new features in Ultimate Team. An important point: The so-called Preview Packs (or preview packs) will return to FIFA 22.

These special packs were first introduced in June 2021 with the Festival of Futball in FIFA 21 – so quite late in the FIFA season. Many players had the assumption that this would be quasi a degree feature or a test for the preview packs that is not permanent.

But in FIFA 22, the preview packs come back. And they will be in play according to Pitch Notes from the beginning: After the positive response of fans on their introduction to FIFA 21, the Preview Packs in FIFA 22 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X | S , Stadia and PC be available, the developers write in their contribution.

To the launch you can expect the following:

  • The Premium Gold Pack will be available for preview with a 24-hour refresh timer next to the non-preview version.
  • The Premium Silver Pack will be available for the preview with a 24-hour refresh timer next to the non-preview version.

EA Sports (via Pitch Notes)

will be available to what extent additional packs during the season preview packs remains to be seen. In FIFA 21, however, there were always promo packs that were previously visible – it is at least expected that this will be the case in FIFA 22.

What makes the preview packs in the Ultimate Team so important

What are preview packs? The preview packs differ in an important point of the normal packs: you can see the exact content of a pack before you buy it. Even the opening and WALCOUT animation can be viewed without having to buy the pack.

The content is worth the content because strong players are involved in, you can buy the pack.
If the content is unusable, you put the pack away. Then starts the 24-hour timer, until another Preview Pack. During this time, however, the already opened pack remains available – if you still want it.
If you decide for a pack purchase, the next preview pack is available directly afterwards. The timer is then skipped.

The price, whether with the replay coins or the real money currency FIFA Points is not different from the normal packs.

Why the preview is so popular: When the feature was introduced, it was popular with players. Because: Thanks to the preview you did not have to buy the cat in the bag. After all, you can not influence what cards are in a pack.


You still can not do that, but it is at least possible to keep the coins or FIFA points if nothing useful in the pack.

So you still need good luck to get good cards. But you do not lose everything in the same currency, which you have saved up, and it may later try again in doubt.

The problem with the packs: So far, the packs in FIFA made a lot of criticism – especially because of the gambling factor, which can cost money in the worst case.

Who at Ultimate Team has the best cards, is the advantage – accordingly critical the pack system is seen where you can not even see if you really get a good card.

Because of this topic, EA Sports fell into criticism more often. With the preview packs, at least something more transparency is created here. More about you learn here:

More about myMMO:

A former EA boss discussed the topic packs in Ultimate Team
In March 2021, a change of law regarding Lootboxen became the topic
A dish in October 2020 a penalty for Lootboxes in FIFA 21

Now the preview packs will be available for the first time from the beginning in a FIFA part. To what extent has an impact on the game, is likely to show in the first days after the release. It is at least conceivable, the preview packs that about impact on the exchange market in FIFA 22, when players only buy packs when also really worthwhile.

All information about FIFA 22 Release can be found here.

EA FIFA 22 also introduces preview preview before players

EA introduces a preview pack in Pipa 22.

EA released a patch note related to the release update through the FIFA 22 official website. The announcement mentioned that the preview pack function introduced in the previous work will be applied to the previous work, with the introduction of various contents, such as ahead of the coming on the 22nd.

The preview pack usage is the same as the previous. After confirming the athlete configuration through preview, it is a way to consume free goods FUT coins or paid goods FIFA points if there is a player who wants. If it is determined that there is no worth not to purchase, it is possible to cancel the purchase from the spot, and the preview can be used again after a 24-hour cool time.

EA has been entirely introduced in the previous work with the introduction of previews. It was positive that it was positive because it was a product, such as a tee (large placard), stadium and a theme, a uniform, but a desired player. And the FIFA is notifying the announcement of the announcement, I decided to re-release a preview according to the positive response of the fans, and I will be able to introduce a variety of business models that have been trying to ahead of this preview I left.

The EA has attracted the position of the proporable item issue of the FIFA series tradition, and the business models that will be released this preview and future will be able to receive the positive evaluation of users, which are not considered gambling. .

The preview pack is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC platform.

Back 4 Blood beta makes a real cardboard on stea

The Spiritual Suite of Left 4 Dead, which you can read our preview on GameBlog is currently in beta. And this one is certainly very busy according to Steamdb. Indeed, the game of Turtle Rock almost had a peak of 100,000 simultaneous players, ** which is simply huge for this type of experience, especially when it is only questions of pre-ordered or drawn a lot. The open beta for everyone stands, let us remember, from August 12 to 16.

DO NOT Be Nice To This Homeless Veteran In Red Dead Redemption 2 Or Else This Will Happen To You!

Zombie massacre with shovel

When writing this news, 76,000 players have been defrainding zombie since the last 24 hours. Enthusiasm can be explained in many ways: the very clear wait for a LEFT 4 Dead 3, trust in the studio, which knows well, and love for the cooperative game LEFT-4-DEAD-LIKE .

It must be said that bridge developers very well done things and succeeded for the hour to offer the community a game that has been claimed for a long time. It remains to be seen if the title will continue on this momentum from October 12th. Especially since these are numbers for the PC and yet, Back 4 Blood is also planned on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X / S.

FIFA 21 No preview packs more for promo

Since Last June, EA Sports has spent the gambling allegations regarding FUT with the preview packs, which has already proclaimed the contents of the packages from the FUT-SHOP previously revealed. But in the meantime, the popular previews for promo content has been largely disappeared – how does the developer take a look at FIFA 22 in the future?

The Californian developer is faced with allegations that the pack mechanism of FUT should be gambling. In countries such as the US or the Netherlands, this was also underpinned officially. With the introduction of preview packs, where players could take a look at their content prior to the acquisition of card packages, EA Sports wanted to counteract the criticism. In the course of the Festival of Futball Events or at the beginning of the Futies promo, all packs were equipped with the preview option.

No sales loss communicates

Now it seems to give a turnaround. Currently, a premium gold player – as well as a rare-mega pack in the fut shop without a preview possibility are available, for which classic bronze, silver and gold packs, however, there is still a preview. Does EA Sports say goodbye to the new packs after just over two months? The fact that the virtual bags have a negative impact on the turnover of the FUT microstransaktions for EA Sports, was recently denied themselves (link: also EA satisfied: good chances of preview packs in FIFA 22). The more surprising is currently the removal of the preview packs.

Preview Packs in FIFA 22?


The well-known leader ‘Futzone’ wants to know more information and reports via Twitter that there will no longer be preview packs in FIFA 21. For this, the option should return to FIFA 22. The gambling discussion continues both the community, EA SPORTS itself as well as the authorities in breath. With the Preview Packs, the Californian developer seems to be an active step towards his critics after the company previously wanted to suffocate any gambling debates in the germ. The persistent pressure from the outside makes a return of the preview packs anyway more than likely to work. So far, EA Sports has not expressed itself to the new developments and the disappearance of the option.

WEADER GAMING NEWS AUST Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on earlygame .

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